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Dealing with Supernal Investigation

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  • Rouharu
    started a topic Dealing with Supernal Investigation

    Dealing with Supernal Investigation

    I’m wondering how to deal with Investigation in a good way, the type of craziness I should expect and make sure is possible.

    In my game I have a Supernal Investigation Solar, and I want to make sure that I don’t short-change the player of the character.

    He’ll soon have Ten Magistrate Eyes, based on his planned purchases, but already now, he’s packing quite a lot of Investigation through charms.

    How do you play out high-powered investigation in your games?

    For instance, let’s say the character wants to identify the local spy from some enemy country. With Watchman’s Infallible Eye, if he spends some time going about this investigation - the likely hood of Meeting someone that is partially involved somehow seems pretty high - so WIE would ping and he can roll.

    Doing a Case Scene or Profile Character rather quick, and probably with a bunch of threshold successes, would you typically have this give enough direction so that he’d know where to go next? (Like seeing some clue leading to the pub where who ever the spy is and the Profiled character typically meet or some other similar case.)

    How much information do you give for a Profile Character?

    Any thoughts on how you run this, or even some examples on What you allow to be done with high-investigationc?

  • nalak42
    How well known of a detective is the character? Because it would not be unfair to invoke things like "Yeah not like a spy might pretend to be someone they aren't."

    So WIE only gives if the person is giving off a vibe that makes the investigator want to focus on them. For example a spy who's cover is someone who would normally be giving off the vibes of hiding things might be able to fool the profile by not having it go far enough. So a spy who's a drug dealer, like actually dealing illegal drugs as their cover, might turn that up in the profile on a low to moderate check. A higher one notes oddities in the behavior that suggest more than just a dealer.

    Then of course there's using mystical elements to get the player to do the investigator rounds of talking to experts. Like a murder being done in a particularly screwed up and horrible manner and yet it is missing evidence that should be there for that kind of work. Which leads the player to have to go and deal with a Bloody Hand or some other spirit that cleaned up the evidence in exchange for things.

    And of course there's always the classic of start low and then when you're dealing with a cult that thinks that resurrecting a Neverborn can be done with the proper amount of bloodshed and the player can just sit there screaming "I was trying to find a missing wallet!"

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