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  • Silly Unhelpful Math for Exalted

    So, Exalted 3e has some seriously helpful math to use. The most basic piece of math being that 1 success tends to be roughly equal to 2 dice. But we can always take this math even further to get to silly math.

    Silly math isn't nearly as helpful as piratical helpful math. But it's fun.

    Today I'm going to do some math to see how many dice on a withering attack roll equals an entire health level.

    So, first things first, we'll work backwards. It takes a success on a decisive attack to take out one health level. Now, decisive attacks don't normally have double 10s to their dice, so instead of 2 dice equaling one success, it's 2.5 dice equaling 1 success. (1 Decisive damage die is equal to .4 a success instead of .5 a success, so that's 2.5 dice equal to 1 success). 2.5 Decisive Damage dice is equal to 2.5 initiative. 2.5 initiative is equal to 2.5 successes on a withering damage roll (kind of, this is where I really fudge numbers). So, that's 5 withering Damage dice. Now, when you make a withering attack, threshold successes give you extra damage dice. So 5 withering damage dice equals 5 threshold successes on a withering attack roll. Back to our favorite piece of math, we'll find that 10 dice on a withering attack roll is equal to 5 successes. So...

    10 Dice on a withering attack roll is equal to 1 entire health level.

    Of course we can also apply another level of helpful math to get to another honestly unhelpful piece of math. 1 Mote equals one die. That means that 10 Motes equals 1 Health level.

    Of course I said I fudged some numbers, what did I fudge? Well, fist off, even if you do no damage on at attack roll, if you hit, you get 1 Initiative automatically.If one wanted, you could only concern yourself with needing 1.5 threshold success (which would make it 6 dice equal to 1 Health level.) But there's also the fact that withering damage doesn't just give you Initiative, it takes Initiative from your enemy. REGARDLESS, 10 dice on a withering attack is roughly equal to one health level.

    ...So long as you ignore the fact that that's across at minimum two actions. It's not perfect math, but it's perfectly silly to worry about.