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    I also enjoy the readthrough threads, and yours is great.


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        Here are the Three dot Artifacts:


        Oh? What's this?

        Ok, full disclosure here. I'm working on a college project to build a 3-D printed prosthetic hand right now, so this is right up my alley way.

        Awwww. I'm sad for Firethorn but I'm happy she'll..... Dammit! I hate when the project takes too long!

        Oh. A note for any wannabe cyborgs out there. The human body is an amazingly complex process made from nanoscale living machines. You will not get a better replacement than your original limb until we conquer nanotech. So don't do what Firethorn does here. I mean it. Put that knife down RIGHT NOW.

        Awww. I hope she was happy.

        Hmmm... No Era note here.

        Good sidebar on prosthetic artifacts. I'll likely build my own.

        I like the Evocations but I find them a bit sad.

        Neat arm.

        Carnelian Phoenix

        Artifact horse armor. Interesting.

        I like the story. Oh, Swan Dragon.

        ...I fear what would happen to a horse if the rider uncommitted the motes.

        Nice protective effects

        And some good attack charms.

        Dragon Tear Tiara - so actual tears of a dragon were infused into this? Huh. I bet the collection process was interesting. I like the effect. You guys just really don't want anyone going around with All Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight up all the time, do you?

        The Golden Hounds

        ...OHHH. See, I thought these were going to be more automata.

        I wonder if she ever got her brother back?

        Again no era call out.

        Celerity? Are we Vampires now?

        I feel like the Chosen of Mercury should be Resonant with these.

        Ok, those are pretty crazy. I like them. For anyone who wants to just move and run, it's gotta be the shoes.

        Illusion Shattering Mirror- nifty. You can always see the truth. Oh? You can break a Solar's disguise charms, send away personas, and reveal everything about them, but you can't see that the Mouth Of Peace's assistant is Chejop Kejak? Or why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

        Jade Steed - ok, very serviceable entry. I kinda feel like the color of the jade should give powers, but an automaton steed seems like the kind of thing that it would be easy to justify Evocations for, so one that makes your blue Jade steed weigh nothing and then fly seems entirely legit to me.

        I appreciate the notes on alternate forms of artifacts that have been included in these writeups

        Resplendent Satchel of Healing - I like this one. Not too powerful, but definitely useful. The restocking rules work nicely. I'd kinda like to see what Evocations it would produce.

        Second Shadow Drum

        Ok, we finally got a musical instrument in here. I'm a little surprised we haven't had one yet. I know, I know, it's a book of military artifacts and we did have Irino's Bell. But, still, I thought bardic concepts were pretty common and it would have been fun to see a sanxian in here.

        ...we also haven't gotten any craft artifacts either. I was hoping for a hammer that boosted craft and combat. Well, ok, the Distaff was fun. Still.


        The hide on the drum is Human skin? Ewww.

        No era listing again.

        I would have liked a social focused musical instrument, but I suppose that such a thing is easy enough to create. Arguably, if you gave Heartsong's Evocations tree to a sanxian or panpipe, you'd be 80% of the way there.

        Base bonuses look good.

        Evocations only work at night. Got it.

        ....oh. Ok. It IS a social focused musical instrument. Just a hella creepy one. Able to influence the base souls of the living and the dead.

        Zombie drum!, really. My understanding of Voodoo (limited at best) is that Zombies are people whose souls have been stolen by a houngan who can then give them commands. So. Zombie drum.

        ....owww. 7 dice of agg damage! Ow!

        Ok, I like the drum. It's hella creepy, but I like it. I kinda feel like there should be a way for a mortal sorcerer to use the Evocations, but I think it works as is.



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          Four dots Go!

          Brass Legionnaire

          I remember these. Lets see what they're like now.

          Her Blazing Majesty? Hrm.

          And this is why only Ebot could command his stone army. Or so it is said.

          If the legion had been primed to explode, you'd think they'd have done it by now.

          Yeah, they would have been hella useful during the contagion and balorian crusade

          Very interesting story. I like how some of them count as retainers instead of artifacts.

          The evolution of the brass legionnaire.

          Stats look good.

          Repair info will be very useful.

          Looks good. I like them.

          ...oh. There should be a note somewhere about what background they count as if you want to get a bunch of the legionnaires. Or does artifact 4 get you a battlegroup of them? If so, what size?

          Good sidebar.

          Collar of Dutiful Submission - kinky. If I send a Wyld Hunt after my players, I'll need to give them a couple of these, just in case they win.

          Shadow-Casting Jewel - ok, this is cool. Definitely more interesting than the standard mirror of opposition. I might give it to a mortal sorcerer as their sorcerous talisman and let them spend banked sorcerous motes to activate the power. That could be fun. Sure, the shadows would only have 1 hl, but it'd be hella entertaining.

          Sorcery-Capturing Cord - I remember this item too. Interesting. You can't just instantly release a spell anymore, it's like casting it. But the cord can handle a spell of any circle but only one. I wonder what kind of evocations this would produce? Well, if we get a sorcery book, here's hoping.

          Wings of the Raptor

          Short history, but sweet. No era listing.

          Ok, so this Evocation is the base power for the item. Hmm.. could you justify a blue jade, soulsteel, or starmetal version, I wonder?

          Probably not, since Lunars can already fly and Solars can mostly fly, but it's likely to really change the power balance for other splats.

          Evocations look good. Solid item and better than the merit.

          The Golden Viper

          Ok, five dot items now.

          I remember this guy.

          What does "dangerously free willed " mean? They don't do what you want?

          "Ichor condensed from the invisible radiance of the moon's hidden face."

          .....I feel like whoever built this one should have included a better option for changing ownership.

          So, HOW much is gold worth again? I mean, ok, yes, it's kind of gruesome, but you could always have it bite mice or squirrels or something.

          I'm surprised its Guile isn't bigger.

          So, it has an effective Evasion of 5 against humans and they suffer a two success penalty when trying to notice it. Which means that, if you find a corpse that's been turned to gold, start training an attack cat or see if you can get a Mouse of the Sun to protect you.

          So, yeah, this guy is scary. I almost want to reenact the Adventure of the Speckled Band in the Realm somewhere now.

          The Veil that Holds back Time - Butterfly Star? Will the Sidereals book have info on the night sky of Creation, because I've become much more curious about it after reading this book. Simple effect, but powerful. I kinda want to have ancient Solar King Arthur be found underneath one of these.
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            Siege Weapons, Vehicles, and Hearthstones, Go!

            So, the Siege tag just marks it as a siege weapon and uses the siege weapon rules?

            As regards the sidebar, how exactly is the gunner on a siege engine supposed to get enough successes to be able to even have a remote chance to succeed on a demolition roll that requires strength 10+? Do you add the damage bonus from the weapon to the roll?

            You might want to specify that it only allows charms that are explicitly compatible with RANGED attacks made with any ability. Otherwise, I could imagine someone trying to argue that you can use Thunderbolt Attack Prana to enhance a siege weapon attack.

            Should Fire Projectors have the Slow tag?

            Harbor cannon are pretty scary.

            Lightning Ballista

            Art 4 uses First Age Artifice. Because throwing lightning is ok when gods and demigods do it, but not when a box on the ship's deck does it.

            Requires attunement and a hearthstone and an Evocation. Mortals are not going to be operating one of these things. A sorcerer might.

            ...ok, you get the evocation for free. Still.

            I admit, I still like that Artifact/Manse thing from 2e that did this:

            But this one is scary too.

            Implosion Bow

            Aggravated? Wow.

            ....ok, that's a pretty impressive attack, yeah.

            So, you just can't move, right? But you can still pull out a powerbow and continue shooting normally while it recharges?


            Horizon Endeavor

            I love the history on this one. "The entire seraglio-palace of the Four Corners Suzerain"

            I like the weapons. I do think that Naval Combat should be revisited if we get a book where that makes sense.

            I miss that the Evocations were cut.

            Chariot of Aerial Conquest

            Hmmm... cool, but I'm a little surprised it doesn't have any integrated weapons. Good notes on how it all works, but it would be nice to have specifics on what gambit you'd use to disable the engines, breach the sides, or what have you. Also getting a speed in mph would be nice.


            Hmmm... No introduction or advice on building hearthstone powers. That's probably something I should ask about.

            ...I don't think I'm gonna do all of these.

            Hmm... some just work, some specifically say they need to be in an artifact, and those with the Dependent keyword need to be in an artifact with another hearthstone.

            ....which incidentally means that the difference between 0 and 1 hearthstone slots is huge, the difference between 1 and 2 slots is large, and the difference between 2 and any bigger number of slots is relatively tiny. I mean, given the resources required to make them, who is really going to have more than two hearthstones? This isn't FF7, where materia were handed out like candy on halloween. I'll grant that Mnemon could have as many as she wanted, but it would mean depriving the rest of her house of useful resources, so even she probably sticks to 5 or less.


            Eiderdown Gem would go nicely with Wings of the Raptor.

            I like the wind blade

            Purifying Mercy is useful in various places.

            Far seeing stone is a neat version of the wizard's eye concept.

            Hmmm... In general, these kinda feel like the sorts of powers you could end up with from a Working or the reality warping you might see in a demesne.

            And then there are the ones that grant Evocations.

            Ok, just so I'm clear. Twilight Alice has a Gem of Sapphire and Emerald and knows both Evocations. Alice has 6i and an antagonistic sorcerer with 12i shoots at Alice and her cohorts with Obsidian Butterflies on his turn. Alice reflexively activates Frozen Sorcery to stop it.

            Now, because rolling to disrupt the spell is an action, it should stay frozen until the 6i tick regardless. At that tick, Alice attempts to break the spell. If she fails, the spell thaws over the next round and finally takes effect at the beginning of the next 6i tick, before she can do anything.

            Is that correct?

            Presumably during that round and a half everyone had where the spell was frozen, they could have all just ...walked out of the way, right?

            Root-of-the-earth gemstone. We Thor now.

            Can you socket the Stone of the Ram's Horn into a ranged weapon? I thought ranged Smashing attacks were a potential problem?

            Can you use the Caryatid Orb to disguise yourself as a statue?

            Looking good, looking good

            Should the Passion Unbinding Stone be a greater? It's a standard but seems pretty powerful.

            The Sapphire Duck Stone is neat.

            Honestly, several of these stones are ones I just want to bury somewhere and then build a village where that's just how things work.

            I like the stone of aquatic prowess.

            And you slot the Stone of the Vanisher into Mistweaver.

            Bloodstone is Niiiiice!

            Liking the wood manipulation.

            Ooh. I like the Stone of Resilient Bamboo. Parrying Lethal barehanded is nice.

            I remember the Gem of Incomparable Wellness and how broken it used to be. Let's see how it works now. ...... Ok, that's....not what I expected. That's really not broken? I would have thought that would be too powerful.

            I suppose this means we need to check all dead people for hearthstones now.

            Oh ho! Lantern-Soul Diamond is nice!

            Jewel of Hero's Panoply is also nice.

            Ooooh! Extra control spell!

            Can you interact with the other dreamers in the Dream Palace? I feel like this stone and a steady supply of Dreamstone could make someone rich.

            I kinda wonder if the Twin Crescent Stone should be Greater?

            We really need more spirits and other entities that can possess people.

            Stone of One Voice is interesting.

            And ...done with hearthstones.

            Next, the thing everyone has been waiting for....




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              Will you be doing each Warstrider individually?


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                Almost certainly, yes. Anything I should look for?
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                  Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
                  Almost certainly, yes. Anything I should look for?

                  Nothing in particular, but if you are doing them individually, then the warstrider rules deserve their own section, instead of being folded into the first one.


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                    I have a final this week, so updates might get a bit more sparse. That said, here's a random thought to tide you over and to show what Anime I've been watching:

                    Sono has Rainwalker, Togo has Sirrush AND Sekhem, Yuuna has the Heaven and Earth Gauntlets, Kirin has Razor Dancer and Wise Steel, and....they didn't have any grand daiklaves or string weapons, so we'll give The Fist of Titans to Fuu and Irenio's Bell to Itsuki.

                    Ok, Itsuki can have the Distaff if she wants.

                    And I might well try to figure out how to do the various Mankai effects as peak evocations on homebrew artifacts. After I finish building Graf Eisen of course.



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                      Warstriders. 'Nuff Said.

                      Ok, first lemme put on some mood music:

                      ...No. I like Escaflone and it IS appropriate, but we've been hearing it too much lately. Lets go for that post-apocalyptic mecha series with the mind screw ending.

                      Chapter fiction

                      ....oh, my. You mean, she doesn't know? Well this will be interesting.

                      .....ok, she's wearing a Warstrider. That evens things up more.

                      I can't help but think that, if a group of Anathema are sending one guy against an army and Warstrider that has just defeated their army, you should be more careful when dealing with that one guy. Especially if said person has a fearsome reputation.

                      And Volfer is just as reverent as always.

                      Ok, so she DOES know. Why isn't she more worried?

                      You tried fire before! Why would you think it would work now!

                      Why won't you just die!?!

                      Oh, THAT'S neat! DB animas can produce dust and presumably other things.

                      Oh Dragons! It's on my face! Gettit off! Getitoff!

                      He's getting in! He's learned how doorknobs work!


                      Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!

                      Ok, I was wondering if that joint was going to be a big repair job or not. Apparently not.

                      Chapter 5: Warstriders

                      Hold on, let me savor this.


                      Ok, ready.


                      Hmmm... If you guys ever do another Shards book, toss in a world that's like a cross between Escaflone and Monster Hunter. Lots of giant monsters that threaten humanity and the response was to build armor on the same scale to fight them. Naturally there are fights between the Warstrider pilots over resources and land as well. Because these things are cool as heck, but they're hard to use in most campaigns.


                      30ft tall or taller. So at least five or six times the height of a normal person.

                      Destroy everything

                      Nearly all date from First Age

                      So, all the Exalted needed to be working together to achieve this stuff? Will that be reflected in the rules? Are there charms that can help others reach new heights of artificing? Or is it more of a "all of us working together built a lot of infrastructure that enabled us to improve the economy to build things that would beggar a king in this modern fallen age" sorta thing?

                      15m is steep, but worth it.

                      And now I'm imagining a Warstrider that, no matter where it goes, everyone in the area speaks Old Realm. Or something else funny like that.

                      Same as the preview here. The "larger scale" of their Evocations worries me a bit, since, you know, I've SEEN the scale some of these other artifacts operate at now. Mistweaver can blanket a kingdom in fog and Stormcaller can summon a storm to cover an entire battlefield. What do these things do? Or do they do the same things, just ...more often?

                      Hmmm.... I wonder if you could build a Warstrider that was operated from outside?

                      I like the variety of control interface options. Gives me some ideas.

                      So, -3 to all actions, unless you have both specialties. Got it. If doing a Warstrider specific game, you should probably just give everyone both specialties to start with.

                      I could imagine a control system that had built in fast attachment as a bonus. Probably shouldn't reduce it to below what Whirlwind Armor Donning Prana does though.

                      I still feel like Siege Weapons should get a bonus to feats of strength. Or something. I mean, I get it. One catapult stone probably shouldn't knock a wall down, or even a big enough hole for a person. But, if you're good enough to keep knocking them into the same point, it should have a cumulative affect. And I feel like this should be represented by more than just "keep firing! Eventually you'll roll tens on all your dice and get enough successes to hit that "wall fall down" result you wanted!"

                      I dunno, maybe they should use the extended action rules or something.


                      Warstrider strength rules look pretty good!

                      Good info in the sidebar.

                      HOW MANY health levels!?! Oh man!

                      Oooh. Custom gambits.

                      Immune to environmental stuff. Good to know.

                      I feel like there should be a Daiklave that was owned by a Warstrider pilot that can grow to be the correct size for a Warstrider.

                      Devastating Actions are crazy. Appropriate but crazy. Would not want to send an army at one.

                      Ok, so a Warstrider can escape one human for free, but multiple humans it either has to roll to escape or roll to kill them.

                      So you need 25+ withering damage dice on one attack before you can crash a Warstrider. Good to know for the driver.

                      Seems like the lone assassin is the scissors to the Warstrider's paper and the army's rock. It's not perfect obviously, but...

                      Ok, now I want to see one of those mystic wire-fu action fights between two Warstriders, complete with standing on the tops of trees.

                      I'm also imagining the elation of an army when the enemy Warstrider steps on the hidden sinkhole they've rigged...and their despair when it just walks right over it.

                      I think Mardav qualifies. If she can figure out how to unlock Glass's Lorestone she could start learning that craft.

                      Well, or the upgrade to CNNT.

                      So, if you want to take down a Warstrider, follow it, harry it any time it stops, ambush anyone who's accompanying it, and just keep it running and away from help until it stops moving. People will die but it might be necessary.

                      Though depending on the Evocations and the rest of the opposing army, it might not be possible.

                      Ok, looking at these gambits, the faster way to do it is send someone in who can perform a Breach Frame gambit and then have your snipers unload into the pilot.

                      Alternately, deploy traps in advance and make like Ewoks. At the very least those should give bonuses to disable leg gambits.


                      ...ok, we needed different music for this section. Because this is about fighting against a Warstrider, so...

                      Pretend I was listening to that earlier.

                      The "I Want One" sidebar is good cautionary advice for anyone considering using one of these. However, there isn't really any advice for what to do if everyone at the table is like "HELLS YEAH!!! Warstriders are awesome!" And the ST is like "....ok, so ....what kind of game are they /good/ for anyway? What should I run that isn't just T-Rex Punching?"

                      And that ends the general rules. Honestly these things would be scary even if they were just what I've read so far. Evocations are going to seriously take things up several notches.

                      Hmmm.. yeah. Use the base rules for a "real robot" Warstrider, and add the Evocations for a "Super Robot" Warstrider.



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                        Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post

                        I still feel like Siege Weapons should get a bonus to feats of strength. Or something. I mean, I get it. One catapult stone probably shouldn't knock a wall down, or even a big enough hole for a person. But, if you're good enough to keep knocking them into the same point, it should have a cumulative affect. And I feel like this should be represented by more than just "keep firing! Eventually you'll roll tens on all your dice and get enough successes to hit that "wall fall down" result you wanted!"
                        They do get a bonus. The bombard tag means you get four bonus dice on demolition actions.

                        But also what I realised recently is that you don't need to get enough successes for a strength 10 FOS for them to be useful. You can take down gates and drawbridges at lower successes, much closer to what a mortal can manage. You have to just use them tactically. The strength 10 stuff is really for exalted, so they're not forced to use artifact weapons to get any benefit from their charms, I think.


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                          Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
                          The "I Want One" sidebar is good cautionary advice for anyone considering using one of these. However, there isn't really any advice for what to do if everyone at the table is like "HELLS YEAH!!! Warstriders are awesome!" And the ST is like "....ok, so ....what kind of game are they /good/ for anyway? What should I run that isn't just T-Rex Punching?"
                          Fair Folk invastion, with a bunch of behemoths. Go full Pacific Rim and cancel an apocalypse.


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                            I really feel as though battering down a wall with a sustained barrage of projectiles should be an extended action. Not just for the sake of being mechanically feasible for people who don't actually have Strength 10, but because that's how siege engines actually worked. You would never, ever punch through a stone wall designed for military purposes with a single hit.

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                              The difficulty 15 feat says "slowly bash through the stone wall of a fortress". That doesn't sound like a single hit, that sounds like sustained fire. In other words, exactly what your saying they should be doing.

                              But yeah, in combat it might be better to call that a goal number.


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                                On to the Warstriders

                                All-Conquering Colossus

                                Oh, yes. For review:

                                I like that you didn't name her Invincible Sword Princess.

                                Yeah, trying to date the Invincible Sword Princess is kinda tricky. Even going out fighting with her could be a problem.

                                Yeah, that's the usual reaction to kill stealing.

                                Nice! I like Ulyana already.

                                Ok, artists, fan fic writers, I want a comic of that reunion. Make it happen.

                                I salute you, Last Pilot of All-Conquering Colossus. Your sacrifice was not in vain.

                                Really good story.

                                Stats are mostly normal. Heavier armor and more hls, but slower.


                                It strikes with the infinite power of the cosmos as it's SECOND Evocation?


                                I think Hell and Heaven is a combo of Heaven-Forged Titan Attack and Thunderbolt Attack Prana.

                                Does the attack double damage preroll, before you apply Hardness or post roll and double HLs?

                                And now I want to see someone playing behemoth football. The behemoth gets to be the ball.

                                You can use the devastating attack on creatures with legendary size now.

                                Does Indomitable Eternal Nova count as your action for the turn?

                                God-Metal Fortress Stance. I love it.

                                Honestly the flavor on these is evoking giant robot anime so well that I'm not really even paying that much attention to what they do.


                                Ok, sorry. I admit I was wrong. You need to activate Embrace of the Celestial Aegis first to do the Hell and Heaven combo properly.


                                I have no words. I think I'll just leave with this: