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Essence Storage Devices and other tropes

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  • Essence Storage Devices and other tropes

    Hey everyone

    Me and my friends have been playing Exalted for some time, first we played 2nd edition and now we have gone to 3rd.

    Now we have always had a lot of fun analysing manga/anime tropes in our games.

    One of the tropes I often have stumbled upon is the amount of ample buxomed maidens in manga and anime, so I came to the only conclusion that the bosom are the storage for essence in some female characters so that the more essence the more buxom.

    I was wondering if others have found other fun tropes and how best to apply them to exalted?

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    ...I'm not very helpful...

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      *opens mouth*

      *closes mouth*


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        Came in expecting something about essence capacitors.

        Got the second coming of Jen.


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          I will take this post and accept it for what it is.

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            Fun and giggles :P?


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              I stopped giggling about boobies back when I graduated from high school. But I admit I still laugh about dongs. The dong is, without a doubt, the most hilarious part of the human body (sorry ladies but none of your body parts will give me a giggle to the degree that a good old fashioned penis does).

              Anyway, on topic back in 1st and 2nd edition in the martial arts style Celestial Monkey, we were introduced to the idea that Essence would find itself stored in the body at certain nexus points called the Gates of Virtue. These locations were the Crown of Temperance (head), the Chalice of Compassion (sternum), the Throne of Conviction (stomach) and the Root of Valor (groin). The Charm, Four Halo Golden Monkey Palm would let you deal more damage by targeting one of those locations. I ended up making a character who would kill dudes by literally kicking them in the dick. That was always good for a giggle.

              So based on this idea, if we look at very sexist sterotypes about men and woman which hold that women are more compassionate and men are more valorous, then much of a woman's Essence would be stored in her sternum (chest) while the guy's would be stored in his groin. But, of course that would just be a sexist stereotype and the reality is that men and woman could equally have their essence stored in different places in their bodies.
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                I'm now imagining an alchemical with chest-mounted auxiliary essence storage banks.