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  • Mask of winters (PEACH)

    This is my attempt to do Mask of Winters; the idea is that he is at the low end of Deathlord power spectrum but still a fearsome foe to a young circle of solars if alone or against a medium esence circle if acompained by deathkights and/or his army.

    Essence: 7; Willpower: 10; Join Battle: 10 dice
    Personal Motes: 120
    Health Levels: -0x5/-1x10/-2x10/-4x4/Incap.
    Actions: Command: 11 dice; Feats of Strength: 13 dice
    (may attempt Strength 7 feats); Read Motives: 11 dice;
    Prayer: 11 dice; Senses: 10 dice; Shape Sorcery: 13 dice;
    Social Influence: 11 dice; Strategy: 11 dice; Underworld Lore: 11 dice

    Appearance 5 (Hideous) or Appearance 3, Resolve 6, Guile 8

    Attack (Soulsteel daiklave): 11 dice (Damage 21,
    minimum 6)
    Combat Movement: 9 dice
    Evasion 4, Parry 6
    Soak/Hardness: 21/10 (Soulsteel articulated plate)

    Cult 3: the terrified people of Thorns and crazy cultist in the Scavenger Lands.
    Two Faced Mask: Mask of winters can decide if he has Appearance 5 (Hideous) or Appearance 3 by chosing the face he shows. The mask gives +2 to guile (already factored)

    Offensive Charms

    Chilling Touch (7m; Supplemental; Instant; Witheringonly; Essence 1) (p. 504)
    Flying Time Technique (15m, 1wp; Reflexive; One scene; Perilous; Essence 2) (p. 506)
    Accursed Wraith Body (2i; Reflexive; Instant; Perilous; Essence 4) (p. 507)
    Clinging Shadow Miasma (5m, 4i, 1wp; Reflexive; One scene; Perilous; Essence 4) (p. 507)
    Dawn of Dead Stars (10m, 1wp; Simple; One scene; Psyche; Essence 5) (p. 507)
    Soul Destruction (5m, 1wp; Supplemental; Instant; Aggravated, Decisive-only; Essence 5) (p. 508)
    Thousand Deaths Curse (8m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Psyche; Essence 4) (p. 508)
    Blood Chain of soul stealing (10m 1wp; Supplemental; Instant; Decisive-only; Essence 5): The decisive attack doubles 10s, and if it makes at least 3 levels of damage creates a blood chain that drains 3 motes from the character every turn till the end of the scene or till mask of winters is disarmed. no character may be victim to more than one blood chain.
    Soul siphoning (12m; Reflexive; Essence 6): If Mask of winters kills a non trivial character or empties the magnitude of a battle group he may Join Battle and reset his turn; if the charcter was a victim of a blood chain he also gains half it remaining motes.

    Defensive charms:

    Aegis of Death: (4m; reflexive; Instant; Essence 3): -1 post soak withering damage.
    Broken Mirror Tragedy (7m, 4i; Reflexive; Instant; Psyche; Essence 4): (p. 508) but roles 11 dice.

    Miscellaneous Charms

    Hurry Home (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 5)
    Materialize (50m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 4) but its considered material in all shadowlands.
    Necromantic potence (2m+; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 6) The deathlord gains 1 succes to any roll to inflict pain, misery and death. The limit is based on the necromantic energy of the area (1 succes on creation; 2 on a battlefield; 3 on a shadowland; 5 in the lands of the dead)

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    If you want him to stand up to a circle of Solars there's two immediate things to consider.

    -He requires onslaught immunity, without that a Solar Brawler with Falling Hammer Strike can solo him.
    -It's also important to have something to play around with the number of withering attacks he's making a round otherwise it's going to be multiple PCs attacking him and him only hitting back once.

    Assorted homebrew goes here.
    Please help the Ex3 wiki grow. Even if it's just posting existing homebrew there so there's less chance of losing it.


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      Yeah, you did exactly what I did, I need a powerful Deathlord-y/Abyssal-y bad guy, so I'll take the Nephwrack and combine it with the Abyssal QC! It worked for me. I expected the same problem as Lioness covered in the above post, namely that you need Onslaught Penalty negators or you'll die to proper Solar combatants, and also you need extra-attacks. To make that work, I just straight up gave my bad guy a few Essence 1 Solar Melee Charms, namely One Weapon Two Blows, Peony Blossom Technique (which I adjusted so if you dealt actual damage, you could trigger it reflexively, not by discharging your anima. One per scene ofc. Just felt more suitable), Dipping Swallow Defence, and Solar Counter-attack. Just meant he could do more rather than get pounded on, and also survive against multiple attacks.


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        I can understand the not wanting to add the "And all Solar Charms of X Ability" that characters like the Deathlords have had in prior editions, but I've got a few things to add.

        Now, I get that there's not exactly one for one conversion when dealing with prior systems, but when looking at the mock-up here, this is easily the weakest the Mask of Winters has been across any prior edition. His accuracy is lower than either prior incarnation, despite being in the system with the most generous accuracy bonus (an 11 placement roll on a combat attack with a Daiklaive would put his Dex+Melee+Specialty at 8) Things he has been master of in the past he's on par with mortal excellence, and that's about it. I get the Mask of Winters is the "youngest" of the Deathlords, but he's still the vengeful ghost of a first age solar that has been honing his craft for centuries and fueled by the energies of the Neverborn.

        As someone who's used the Nephwrack stat block for things in the past, a decently skilled circle will ROFL-stomp this particular incarnation. If that's what you're looking for, then hey, all the more power to you, but personally I'd recommend grabbing his stat lineup from 1E or 2E and then tweaking as you feel needed from there. Easier to start more powerful and scale back than start low and try to scale up. Measure twice, cut once and all that.

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          Using Flying Time Technique, if he goes before someone else in the initiative he gets +2 to auto-successes on the attack roll, and if he's in a Shadowland he can use Necromantic Potence to add an additional 3 successes. Accursed Wraith Body is double 9s on any combat roll, and doesn't cost motes but rather initiative, which is both good and bad. So in a Shadowland he can be adding +5 auto successes to an attack roll if he goes before you (and his JB is pretty good, e can boost it with auto-successes, plus Flying Time Technique gives him +3 to his initiative for determining who goes when). He's rolling double 9's too, so his attack is going to generate about 7 successes plus the five on top. That's 12 successes, which is heinously accurate!

          Now admittedly, that's in a Shadowland. But he lives in one of those, to be fair. And in the Land of the Dead, he's horrifyingly powerful, just adding five successes to his roll to do anything mean to the PCs (which is a lot of things) plus Flying Time plus Accursed Wraith means he's on 14 successes, which is basically "I hit you, whoever you are." So his accuracy is not bad at all. His Evasion is a bit low because he can't easily boost it, but he's got some solid defensive charms and loads of health levels plus he has a way of getting initiative by slaughtering your back-up and friends. I just think he can't make enough attacks and is too vulnerable to onslaught penalties, hence "just give him some Essence 1 Solar Melee Charms."

          Potentially I'd give that Daiklave some evocations too. Just feels suitable.


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            Lioness: very good points, thank you!
            SamuraiMujuru: Acc should be 12, because it uses a great daklaive. Yet it has several tricks to boost his accuracy as described by solar. I dont want to use the stats from 1E or 2E they where horrible. And i think its easier to power up than down. But yes this is not the final product and it does need a bit more.
            Solar: The idea is that the power of the deathlords goes down dramatically as the go into the world of the livign.

            Acc should be 12 (dex 5 + melee 5 + specialty + 1acc of the grand daklaive)

            New defensive charm:

            Dark lord´s rebuke: (7m; reflexive; round; Essence 4) the deathlord can transfer his onslaught penalties to any enemy that has attack him, if he is at -3 onslaught he can spend 1 willpower to initiate a counterattack agains the last attaker.

            *Copied from the fairfolk cataphract, can turn weakness in strength and can became more dangerous the more you push him.

            New ofensive charm:

            Red Edge Booldlust (evocation): (5m; reflexive; instant; dual; essence 3) after crashing a non trivial opponent the deathlord may pay 5 motes to immediately follow with a decisive attack; after inflicting 3 or more health levels on a non trivial opponent the deathlord may pay 5m to immediatley follow up with a withering attack.

            *The idea with this is to allow the deathlord to be more dangerous, now it can attack, gather initiative and follow up with a punishing decisive attack, but also it can follow a decisive attack whit a whithering attack to escape base initiative.

            Note: Dawn of Dead Stars already provide a good way to constantly drain initiative from low integrity+wits characters.


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              Originally posted by SamuraiMujuru View Post
              I can understand the not wanting to add the "And all Solar Charms of X Ability" that characters like the Deathlords have had in prior editions, but I've got a few things to add.
              Well, it may sound silly, but i always liberally interpreted that kind of statement as "All Solar Charms in the 1e corebook the NPC has the skill requisites for", what in itself diminished considerably the charm glut and could lead to some peculiar things - like 1e Filial Wisdom being an awful general as 1e "war charms" were in Presence (that he sucked at), but an awesome manipulator/brainwasher (very high Socialize), what along with the cannibalism made me imagine him as a superpowered Hannibal Lecter/Colonel Kurtz in my old games, among other things.

              Humongously huge Essence is cool but kind of silly if one does not have some specific charms tied up on it, one of the reasons i mostly downplayed, if not downright ignored, 2e Essence 8-10 Deathlords, that 9 times out of 10 would worked just at Essence 5-6, at most. quick recovery, essence draining and such can be far more effective - and tactically entertaining - than bloated stats for "final bossiness" sake.