CITIZENS OF THIS FAIR FORUM! I am the Sandstone Knight of Justice! Because as a child I was nursed on the milk of justice, and as I grew up I acquired a taste for justice! Now once against as I grow older, I again desire the taste of justice! But I cannot find the milk! So I go to Starbucks and get a coffee! But its not the same thing! IT SUCKS! IT'S TERRIBLE! WHY DID I ORDER IT!?


The Proto Rider (Artifact 5 Moonsilver Full Plate Armour)

The Proto Rider was made by the Moonsilver Alchemical known as Righteous Avenger who lived during the horrific Isle of Voices incident. Like many Alchemical subjects he was implanted with a soulgem, given a suit of prototype armour, and told to keep fighting and performing tests until he died. When the chance for his freedom finally appeared, he did not sink into the depths of human despair like so many before him. Wearing an armour thought to be forever cursed with bloodlust, he fought not for revenge but for justice. Justice that one day the horrific crimes of the Heptagram Institute would be exposed to the light. Justice so that one day people would not look upon the Alchemicals with an expression of fear, but one of hope. Bearing the brunt of crushing trauma and heartbreak for many months made the cursed armour undergo a radical change, switching to Righteous Avenger’s own ideology from then on. Shortly after leaving the Isle of Voices behind Righteous Avenger left the armour behind, claiming that he did it all for the armour’s sake, and only wished for the armour to spread the virtues of justice across the world in this darkened age.

The Proto Rider itself appears as a normal moonsilver shirt in its inert and default form, minor adjustments such as colour and design capable of being tailored to the user’s own whim but in the end still appearing nothing more as a mundane shirt. In this form the armour functions as a form of light moonsilver armour and cannot access any of its evocations. Instead the armour’s true form is activated only when the user has 10i or more initiative or upholds a major or defining principle related to justice (or tie if doing it on behalf of someone). By striking a single pose the user is surrounded briefly in a blinding silver light in which a second later the user now stands in place, clad in a brilliant suit silver armour with a brilliant white halo that allows him to met out karmic retribution against all foes. This power comes at a cost however, as keeping it active drains the user’s own inner reserves of spirit, draining 1i per turn the user keeps this armour active (2i per turn if dissonant).

Attunement: 6m
Type: Heavy (Soak +11, Hardness 10, Mobility Penalty −0)
Tags: None
Hearthstone slot(s): 2 [Transformed Mode Only]
Era: Isle of Voices Incident

Attunement: This armour can only be activated in its heavy mode by taking a miscellaneous action to transform when at +10i or whenever upholding a defining or major principle or justice (If both are true, the transformation is reflexive). This armour costs 1i per turn to remain activated and deactivates if the user is crashed. The armour takes action to move with the user, allowing movements to seem fluid and seamless, imposing no mobility penalty on the armour itself.

The impact of each of the user’s blows are greatly increased wearing this armour, allowing the user to treat the punches and kicks of this armour as if they were made with smashfists. Light, ACC +3, DAM +10B/3, DEF +0, Tags: Brawl, Natural, Smashing, Worn.

Fiend Caste Infernals can never attune to this charm, for their souls are devoid of righteousness.

Cost: -; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite charms: None

By yelling forth their resolve to the world, the Proto Rider surges towards those he wishes to protect or the ideals he wishes to uphold. This charm may only be activated when a Modern (Mark III) Alchemical transforms from human into an Alchemical as part of their join battle roll, adding an extra (3 or Essence, higher) non-charm dice to the roll.

For Lunars this charm functions differently, the transforming armour allowing them to use the benefits Warform charms without adopting their form. The merits of the normal warform are lost (EX: Heightened Sense of smell from a Wolf Warform), but the character keeps the ability to use evocations from this armour or any other compatible Martial Arts.

This charm can only be learned by a Lunar or Alchemical Exalted.

Special Activation Conditions: This charm is automatically unlocked when the user transforms into an Alchemical to uphold a defining or major principle of justice for himself or on behalf of someone else. For Lunars it is the same but involving Warform.

Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Perilous, Resonant
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite charms: None

A shimmering silver aura shines around the wielder protecting him against harm from all who seek to end his crusade. This charm grants the wielder 3 ‘burner’ points of initiative that can be used to absorb the damage of any withering attacks made against him. This extra initiative cannot be used for any other purpose, including turn order. This charm can only be activated alongside transformation into the Proto Rider armour and lasts the same duration as the transformation.

Resonant: If a three die stunt is made during the scene then increase the amount of burner initiative this charm provides by +3.

Special Activation Conditions: This charm is unlocked automatically when the user recovers from initiative crash against an opponent who opposes justice.

Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Dual, Resonant
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite charms: Luminous Justice Shield

Drawing on those the user holds dear, he is able to protect himself from even the most horrendous of blows. Upon being struck by an attack, the user is able to add an amount of soak or hardness equal to the resolve bonus she’d get if she used it to add to her Resolve, which may be activated after the user is hit. Intimacies used this way are counted as being used as a decision point for social influence, thus when used the user cannot use them again for the rest of the scene, even socially. Additionally, when using a defining intimacy to bolster her soak or hardness then Luminous Justice Shield adds +1 to its burner initiative amount, to a maximum of +2.

For clarification, this charm can be used as part of a stunt to reflexively transition into Proto Rider form.

Resonant: An intimacy may be reset if the user undertakes significant hardship or danger in order to uphold it.

Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Uniform
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite charms: Luminous Justice Shield

The heroes fist of justice strikes at the source of injustice, dealing such a blow to evil that all of the unjust feels it. Any hostile opponent within close range of the struck opponent immediately takes an amount of unsoakable damage dice equal to the damage done on the original target up to a maximum of (Strength) if the attack roll also exceeds their defense. Against battle groups this ignores any bonuses to soak due to size. No initiative is gained from damaging other targets.

At Essence 3+ if the character stands against an opponent of Legendary Size to uphold an intimacy or justice then this charm allows them to ignore the damage cap against a legendary opponent.

Dissonant: Damage is capped at a maximum of (Essence or 2, higher).

Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Dual, Resonant, Stackable
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite charms: Righteous Impact

When the hammer of justice crashes down upon a foe’s head it is their time to reconsider repentance. This charm adds an amount of post-soak damage on a withering attack equal to the resolve bonus on an intimacy the wearer is attempting to uphold or protect and a likewise amount of threshold damage on a decisive attack. If a major or defining charm is used then the character adds +1 automatic success to all withering damage rolls and +1 bonus decisive damage against opponents for the duration of his transformation when Righteous Impact is used. Intimacies used in this fashion are counted as being used through decision points for the duration of the transformation. This scene-long damage bonus can be stacked twice, three times at Essence 5 or if the user makes a three die stunt that somehow promotes his brand of Justice.

Resonant: An intimacy may be reset if the user undertakes significant hardship or danger in order to uphold it.

Cost: 5m 1WP; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Decisive-Only, Resonant
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite charms: Reaffirming Hammer of Justice

With the virtues of justice espoused all that is left in the battle is a single daring strike that leave the enemy reeling before an explosion that blasts apart their inner essence reserves. This charm enhances a decisive attack which allows the user to double 10s on the damage roll. For each stack Reaffirming Hammer of Justice has this number lowers by one, allowing to double 9s or double 8s. The maximum target number that can be lowered by this charm is 7. The strike this charm provides is typically a signature move developed by the wielder, often a kick.

Resonant: If the user is at iconic anima level, then that also lowers the target number by 1.

Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite charms: Proto Rider Strike!

With the retribution of justice finished, evil fiends are left to ponder if the path of justice is indeed the correct way. This charm enhances Proto Rider Strike!, in which if the user of the charm manages to incapacitate an enemy with it they may elect not to kill them, but rather instill a defining intimacy within them that goes against what the Proto Rider defines as unjust. A human trafficker will spend days nursing his thoughts over in seedy bars while a Raksha Raider may begin to see the merits of co-existence rather than dominance and subjugation. So long as this intimacy remains evil-doers will have a -3 penalty on any action from their old evil ways, their inner soul in turmoil of what is right path.

Special Activation Conditions: This charm can only be unlocked when the wielder uses the charm “Proto Rider Strike!” with double 7s to defeat a significant opponent who holds views opposite to what the wielder believes in. If this condition is met, then this charm can be immediately applied.

Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite charms: Reaffirming Hammer of Justice, Adamantine Fists of Battle/Claws of the Silver Moon/Electric Onslaught Dynamo

Those who follow the path of evil fear the fists of the Righteous. This charm upgrades Adamantine Fists of Battle/Claws of the Silver Moon/Electric Onslaught Dynamo, allowing such charms to activate. So long as they are activated then the unarmed strikes of the suit count as unarmed for all intents and purposes for Brawl charms or charms that benefit unarmed attacks. Lastly Reaffirming Hammer of Justice’s scene long damage bonus applies to the unarmed attacks of the use so long as Adamantine Fists of Battle/Claws of the Silver Moon/Electric Onslaught Dynamo is active.

Martial Arts charms do not count for the purposes of this charm.

Cost: -; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite charms: Luminous Justice Shield

The user’s own blows gain the ability to strike those who seek to flee or cower from the forces of righteousness. This charm allows the user to fire out blasts of energy from his hands, having the same traits as his unarmed attacks with a range out to medium with the Thrown accuracy table. These attacks can be made using either the Brawl or Thrown ability. If used with Brawl, then no brawl charms may be used to supplement it. Evocations of this suit can always be used to supplement these attacks regardless of ability used.

Resonant: A Solar using Brawl may use this charm to fire out Essence 1 Brawl charms at a cost of 3i per attack. Alchemicals and Lunars have greater flexibility, using no surcharge if their charms can supplement both ranged and close range attacks.

Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Uniform
Duration: Until next turn
Prerequisite charms: Wave Motion Fist, Righteous Impact

The Proto Rider charges up the very energy of justice in his hand to smite evil-doers from a distance. Some may say that justice is not a ‘real’ energy source, the Proto Rider doesn’t let minor issues like that stand in his way. This charm is activated when the Proto Rider takes an aim action, allowing him to charge up an enhanced blast of energy that is treated as being a heavy thrown weapon and automatically enhanced with the effects of Righteous Impact for free. The user must aim for a full turn for these enhanced benefits otherwise this charm will not fire.

Cost: 10m 3a 1WP; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Simple
Keywords: Decisive-Only, Dissonant, Resonant
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite charms: Proto Rider Strike!, Righteous Justice Missile

The Proto Rider gathers his hopes, his dreams, and all of his sorrow into a ball crackling with energy between two hands, charging up the final and ultimate strike of righteousness he can use against an opponent. For a single turn the user does nothing but take a stance as he begins to charge up this charm. At the beginning of his next turn the user unleashes this energy in a tidal wave of white energy in an unblockable decisive attack. This attack is one range brand in diameter and extends out to long range using either the Brawl or Thrown ability. Any enemy struck by the attack takes an amount of damage equal to ([Initiative/2]+Strength), battle groups and opponents of legendary size instead taking the full amount of (Initiative) instead. Opponents who are hit by this charm are blown away from the massive amount of force it has, in which even if they somehow block are pushed back to the edge of this attack’s range. Ships are not safe either, as ships which are impacted by this charm take one level of hull damage for every three successes rolled on a full initiative roll.

Dissonant: Dissonant users only do [Initiative/3]+Essence) to opponents hit by this charm. Everything else remains the same.

Resonant: During the charge up period this charm can be used to clash any ranged attack made against the user, in which case they gain an additional amount of non-charm successes on the roll equal to the stacks on Reaffirming Hammer of Justice.