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[White Elephant for Alumintrioxid] a Menagerie of Lunars

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  • [White Elephant for Alumintrioxid] a Menagerie of Lunars

    Merry Belated Yuletide! You asked for Lunars, and I was only too happy to oblige. Here are a bevy of NPCs that may help or hinder your PCs, and hopefully will spice things up for you and your circles; they sure have for my games! I hope you enjoy them. If I had one regret, it was I felt I wasn't sure if I was ready to tackle the crunch of Lunars without the charmsets handy, so I left things vague, with more a description of them, their personalities and the thrust of their skills and aptitudes...

    So, without further ado, here they are!

    Mastodon, the Mammothherd Warlord
    Deep in the North, those with aspirations of conquest and warfare are nothing new. The Bull of the North, the King of Fists, Sho, and the Bloody Little Sister of Mars, Tamarinn Flugelhund, all vie for that throne, but one man goes above and beyond these petty ambitions, seeking to wage war even into the icy depths of the northern Wyld. This isn't for any slighted honor or because he is seeking to rebuild some lost empire. No, his empire-building is entirely secondary to his desire for war. No, the stocky man whose furs and his enormous, hairy body which seem to meld together, has said before that,” Those who conquer my realms offer me rare opportunities, for they allow me to wage war for a land twice.” To this end, this superlative general doesn't fight for anything more than his desire to wage war. No one knows where he comes from or who Mastodon truly is, as he never offered any insight into his life. What is known, however, is that he is bored. Supremely bored of the warfare he's seen across Creation's face. No on knows how long this war has gone for, or even how old Mastodon is, as some recall him mentioning such far-off events as the Iconoclastic Anathema Dweemor the Insane's rampage across Cherakh, defacing Immaculate shrines, or even the Ice Campaigns of the Cathak Legions trudging across the tundra and laying waste to the nomadic Haraldii nation over four centuries ago.
    Mechanically, Mastodon is a Dire Mastodon totem Essence 3 Full Moon Lunar, with a focus on combat charms, both for single combat and army combat. He has little use for diplomacy magic, but he does have a smattering of Intelligence and Wits charms to assist him in his ability to outhink his opponent. However, when push comes to shove, Mastodon utilizes his immense physical strength and strength of character (And the Never-Melting Icicle Axe, Rime Doom) to win the day for him, and for his fanatical devotees, this is often enough to achieve victory.

    Flaros the Sea-Lion, Western Sub-Mariner
    The central oceans of the West are rarely visited, for the lack of large landmasses and ports, and often dangerous threats one will encounter out there. From the Storm Mothers, to the dangerous troupes of Faeries, or the mundane threats of bad weather and lack of food. However, one such threat is the dangers posed by a flamboyant man and his dream of circumventing the threats of the West. Once a trader-captain, the likes of which one would see across the West, Flaros was caught in a storm caused by a triad of especially ornery Storm Mothers and a troupe of Sirens laying claim to a particular nearby island, and found himself the sole survivor of his vessel. Swimming for hours and hours, Flaros found himself on an island, that turned out to be hundreds of miles away. Finding a nearby village, the locals worshipped him as a god, for in his sleep, he apparently had swam unceasingly for over a week, crashing himself across the shore with the silvery light of the moon over him as he finally collapsed from his exertions. Invigorated that his life was spared for a special mission, he decided to conquer the West's dangers and continue to trade from one island to the next. Utilizing the locals, he built a new ship, one which could escape the dangers on the surface by fading into the depths, blessed with air spirits and the sea itself to hold back its wrath. Thus, with his new vessel, the Needlefish, he set out, expanding a now-massive network of trade from Coral to even the Skullstone Archipelago. Now, the captain with his unruly golden mane, dazzling smile, and complete optimism turn his eyes to the Wyld and the endless opportunities for trade and adventure there, as he continues his restless journey for greater and greater dangers to overcome.
    Flaros is an Essence 2 Lionfish Changing Moon Totem. He has a smattering of physical charms, especially in stamina, but his main claim to fame is his incredibly friendly and magnetic personality, which he uses to not only win over his enemies, but also strike incredibly good bargains. When in a pinch, he utilizes his golden mane of venomous barbs to his advantage, before resuming his talking, if he can.

    Mazaar Gorren, the Desert Fox of Outer Sanctuary

    The Summer Mountains have always been a source of contention for the Realm, and indeed the Shogunate. Ever since anyone can remember, the Dragonblood Hegemony could never conquer that area, citing erratic bouts of bad luck, sabotage, poor supplies, and recalictrant natives who chafed constantly under the rule of their Betters. Legends tell of an ancient heroine, Joyous Cobra, who made this land into the nation of warriors it is today, but the current head of the peoples of Outer Sanctuary is none other than Mazaar Gorren, the so-called Desert Fox. Few could guess that Gorren was in fact, a former member of the selfsame Realm military he fights against; in his old life, he was Nellens Eksar Jellod, but after a humiliating defeat against the superlative sniper, Tetsel the Executioner and his slingers, Jellod was faced with the terrible choice of seeing his men killed before his eyes, or suffer dishonor and death to shield those under his command. Jellod chose the later, rallying his forces and beating a retreat, which lost him three chariots under his person. However, as he fought on, he became separated from his forces, lost in the scrub, before he found a trio of pyramids. Inside one, he found a lavishly decorated tomb, along with the cap of a ancient military commander. Donning the hat to shield himself from the heat, he found his ability for military command to skyrocket to new heights, all while his identity of himself shifted. No longer was he Nellens Jellod, but, the thin, serious-faced Realm man was now Mazaar Gorren, and this was his homeland. The locals were unusually accommodating of the newcomer, seeing him as the return of their ancient goddess, swearing their lives to his cause as he united the Summer Mountain tribes once more under his command. Before long, even those across the Dreaming Seas and on faraway nations banded to his cause, and the 'Will of Cobra'; the last words that Joyous Cobra, the the first leader of Outer Sanctuary ,wrote:

    “To all who read this, know this is the last I, Joyous Cobra, will write before my passing. This land, my 'Sanctuary outside the Shogunate,' is my home, and while I battled my entire life for a land where all can live in peace under the right and proper, Deliberative, form of rule that was set forth by the Gods, this will not be in my lifetime. So, until the War is won, I promise this land, these people I called my Children, and those who I loved and trained, my Sons, I extol you all....
    Fight. Fight until there is nothing of you left. Know this battle is nearly impossible, but if we can build a bridge to this future, then surely, our children's children, or their children, can reach this impossible dream, even if they must step on our bodies to do so. If that is what needed, then I will have no regrets, and those who follow me surely feel the same way. So, until we all meet again in that golden future, we must continue fighting...”

    However, all is not sunshine and rainbows for Gorren. Secretly, he suspects that all is not well with his favorite hat. He has remembered conversations with people he discovered to be long dead, and even recalled his favorite food to be a fruit from the far West he couldn't even pronounce the name of. Some days, he wonders if he ought to cast off his cap and live as himself, but, the power it offers him is an intoxicating tool indeed.
    Mechanically, Gorren is a Essence 3 Fennec Fox totem No Moon Lunar, who specializes in Charisma and Wits based attributes. He is no stranger to single combat, and in such situations, he will fight utilizing his daiklaive, the Fox's Fang, a moonsilver slicing blade with the unnerving ability to weave in the air, making it difficult to read in combat.

    And lastly, I opted to give you a character you can use regardless of direction or location, as her home is in the Wyld, and thereby you can plunk her pretty much anywhere...

    Kardalla the Librarian

    Kardalla “The Librarian” Flugelhund
    Legends tell of a faerie princess who commands a veritable army of servants from her palatial estates, and those who disturb her dreamy slumber, often find themselves her dinner. However, those who entertain her receive gifts of lavish books containing knowledge outisde the ken of Man since the earliest ages. Few could guess that such a being not only exists, but also is far more dangerous than one would guess.

    Born on the floating pleasure city of Tzitli, Kardalla was part of the service staff, and survived the mandatory cheerfulness police and the premeditated spontaneous murder investigations that plagued the mortals who doted on their Exalt masters' every needs. However, in her scant free moments, Kardalla devoured books, dreaming of the fantastical joys of the faeries and the Exalts who encountered them. Little would she guess that after surviving a workplace accident that hurled her out of the city and to the ground several thousand feet below, she would not only survive, but also join the esteemed ranks of those she looked up to, using her wits to devise a maekshift parachute to navigate to the relative safety of the grain silos of the farmers far below. Once recovered, the young Lunar was christened a No Moon Sage, and discovered her appointed Holdings in the East, alongside a dashing young Dawn Caste named Towering Falcon. The two fell in love, and eventually wed, although in the intervening centuries, this passion was forgotten for cold, pragmatic maritial loyalty, as Kardalla found Falcon's insistence on plumbing the depths of infernalism for secrets unsavory, and Falcon found Kardalla's imaginative cruelty towards her fae staff as she set herself up as the very model of a faerie princess, to be deplorable in its own way. With the death of Falcon not long before the Usupration and hidden in her Wyld Manor, Kardalla escaped the Sidereal Pogrom on their fellow Celestial Exalts, retreating into fairy tale slumber to while away her centuries.

    Roused an age later by her fellows in the Silver Pact, she assisted them in escaping the ravages of that bizarre realm, using her unique insights, before retiring once more. Every so often, Kardalla is awakened once more, asked to train young Lunars, or to offer insight to her eons of experience and magical power, but more importantly, are her books, as she possesses perhaps the largest collection of the written word in or outside Creation.

    If one were to observe her in her usual state, she would appear to be a young girl just on the cusp of adulthood, however, this is merely a mask she uses to entertain herself, as she surmised long ago that princess must be cute and not glamorous, as her true form is that of a tall, womanly beauty.

    Mechanically, Kardalla is an Essence 7 Polestar Wolf totem No Moon Lunar, with her tell being her impressive mane of sky blue hair. Kardalla has little use for physical capabilities, possessing basic combat charms, relying on her impressive attributes to carry any battle she may need to participate in. Instead, she possesses terrifyingly powerful aptitude in intelligence, wits and perception, possessing spells and oneiromancy not seen since the age of the Solar Deliberative, and with occult knowledge often ignored in the Modern Era. While she often turns away those who approach her, those who appeal to her either as a princess or as an esteemed academic and master magician will find her to be an mercurially eccentirc but extremely polite and talented mentor.
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    Characters without stats are just an opportunity for me to stat them myself! Thank you (and I will post those stats here when I'm done)!

    Evocations for the demonic tattoos gained from the Pact with Mara sorcerous initiation || Pyre-Kindler (Soulsteel and Red Jade Grimscythe, Artifact 3) || Tenebrous Descent (Stormcaller's Black Jade Reaver Daiklave cousin, Artifact 5)
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      the stocky man whose furs and his enormous, hairy body which seem to meld together,
      I'm gonna tame this man and make him my husband~

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