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ReImagining Exalted: Abyssals, Deathlords, and the Neverborn

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    Originally posted by Matt the Bruins fan View Post
    Weren't the Deathlords already supposed to be some of the slain Third Circle souls of the Neverborn, grafted onto the hun souls of Solars who died in the Usurpation? I thought that was the mechanism for how the latter became so powerful in their new, un-Exalted state.
    That's...kind of presenting it backwards, IMHO. There was certainly SOMETHING greater than a verbal agreement and a handshake between the fallen Primordials and the fallen Solars, as actually killing the Deathlords permanently is certainly harder that the average spirit, or even the Primordials themselves (To quote Jenna Moran, "[T]he Deathlords have immortality v.2.0, developed in response to [Neverborn] complaints that immortality v.1.0 was buggy").

    However, the idea that this power came from a perverse sort of Exaltation and the precise mechanism for it, were a 2nd Edition addition. Whether this matters is up to the individual ST.

    I'm not fond of it, because in a way it suggests that the Deathlords, like the Exalted themselves, are empowered primarily through their masters and potentially replaceable. I prefer them being dangerous mostly by dint of being the vengeful wraiths of ancient god-kings, which are in much shorter supply. They're still knowledgeable, charismatic, and more powerful than other shades, given an extra, but not insurmountable, edge with the backing of their ancient enemies.


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      Originally posted by Aretii View Post
      That is a very cool realm design, Maudova!

      One nitpick: the mapping of souls to roles (defining, reflective, protective etc.) is purely for the seven souls of a given Third-Circle Demon; as far as we know, there's no role-based ontology for the mapping of 3CDs to their Primordial, apart from the fetich.
      Then maybe I’m misremembering how Primordials are made up. Regardless, that’s how I’d do it. In fact I might make that a thing overall in my game, though the deathlords will remain deathlords and abyssals Exalted of the almost dead. At least for now.

      Craft rewrite.
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