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Matt the Bruins fan's Exalted art

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  • Matt the Bruins fan's Exalted art

    I've got a couple of pieces of Exalted character art worked up to the point that I'm okay with showing them to people, so I figured I'd make a thread for posting them and others I may come up with moving forward.

    First up is the first potential character I made for 3rd Edition: Unfortunate Kelp (Lintha Sennong falong Cousin Tang to those who know him well), a Lintha pirate who's usually based around Wu-Jian doing smuggling work and other endeavors of questionable legality for the family.

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    And this is Late-Flowering Plum, a Vanehan minstrel who wanders the Scavenger Lands and beyond bringing news, entrancing crowds with her songs, and laying low evildoers with the razor sharp notes of her tanpura.

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      And here's Unfortunate Kelp in a scene with panoramic background. I may tweak this one some more after revisiting, but I'm happy enough with it at the moment to display it.


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        Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed them!


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          Here is Screams-Devouring Youth, a pseudo-Infernal sorcerer prince of Ysyr.


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            These are great. Do you have any more?


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              I decided I didn't like the face on that last one (too caucasian-looking), so I reworked it and put him against a background.