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How to promote a God with no domain?

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    Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
    Take beauracratic actions to get the god hired. Basically it seems Creation is set to auto replace gods, often by creation of new gods wholesale. But you want to have it the river was absent of a steward for a year. Normally to have a god replace another rather then a new one being created I have it that patrons set a standing order to have replacement in place.

    So go talk with a ranking god in the area and make official request to lobby a god to be replaced. If you absolutely need to you can take it to the Censor of the Direction, or you can go to a higher up in Yu-Shan.
    As Greyman already pointed out in a previous post, it ain't quite like that actually... also, there's the matter of how many other gods, sids & other might intervene with agendas of their own.