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Blazing Lotus Flower Style 3e (Hadoken Mage, DFO/DnF Nen Master)

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  • Blazing Lotus Flower Style 3e (Hadoken Mage, DFO/DnF Nen Master)


    I am always in awe of those of you who feel the power of Essence within.

    Being an Essence Master is nothing short of remarkable. But you yourself know that your true power has yet to be unleashed. If you allow Essence to flow freely through your body, surrendering your corporeal connection to the world of mankind, you may be able to Awaken into a Blazing Flower.

    Let your Essence loose. Let it seep into your muscles and your mind. You may not quite understand this quite yet, but I know that one day you will achieve such power that with every step you take the pure petals of Essence shall alight from the ground and swirl around you.

    This blossom will be your awakening as a Blazing Flower.

    - Master Wind instructing his beginning students in the knowledge of the Blazing Lotus Flower Style.

    This style of Martial Art was originally practiced in the aftermath of the Primordial War. With the titans vanquished, many questions now arose in the minds of of the new heroes. They may be rulers, but how should their connection to Creation be? Would it be possible to achieve complete harmony as they knew it? To test this, a young Solar and a Sidereal set out to study the patterns of essence to see if there was a unifying pattern that all things had. It's unknown if they actually found an answer, but they did manage to produce this style as fruits for their labor.

    In the Second Age, such a style has often fell out of use due to the imagery this style represents can be mistaken for Anathema magic. Those who are accepted however are known as Wisemen and Demon Hunters for many towns and cities over.

    Blazing Lotus Weapons: This style can only be used unarmed. When the Blazing Lotus is still sprouting many of them will use Wave Motion Fist to attack their enemies from afar, but as time goes on they learn how to strike opponents from nearly any distance.

    Armour: Blazing Lotus Style isn’t compatible with any armour.

    Complementary Abilities: A high Intelligence is key to effectively using the Blazing Lotus Style as it affects many charms within the style.

    Q: Isn’t this style a little on the strong end?

    A: YOLO. That said I can't help but feel its lacking something. If you have an idea please tell me.

    Cost: -; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Mastery
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: None

    One of the first steps on the path of the Blazing Flower style is to harmonize yourself with your inner essence, learning how to project it out from your body in a wave with a simple motion of your fist, which often leads to it being called the Wave Motion Fist. The attack is a projectile attack that must be done while unarmed and uses the same stats as a light thrown weapon with tags of Bashing, Flame, and Thrown (Short). The attack at range is always aimed with (Dexterity + Martial Arts). If the user has Blazing Lotus Form active, the damage on the attack is lethal instead.

    This attack is primarily used by uses of Blazing Lotus Style, but it has limited use in other styles. Those who know Kaiser Champion Style can use Muscle Shift to chain directly into or from Wave Motion Fist while other styles that care little about what ranged weapons they use such as Danmaku Dancer style may also use this.

    Mastery: The attack uses the traits of a light artifact weapon.

    Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Mastery
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: None

    With quick and elusive movements the Blazing Lotus can make her general location appear uncertain to the opponent, finding their attack suddenly hitting only air. This charm may be activated in response to an attack increasing the Blazing Lotus’s dodge by one. If the attack itself misses than the opponent hits only an afterimage, allowing the Blazing Lotus to ignore the point of onslaught that would come with the attack. Alternately she may use this charm to gain a single automatic success on a disengage roll which if successful gains one point of initiative.

    Mastery: Each time this charm is successfully used in a turn the cost of it reduces by 1m per use, minimum 0m.

    Cost: 5m; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Mastery
    Duration: One Scene
    Prerequisite Charms: None

    The Blazing Lotus harmonizes herself with the energy and pulse of the world, allowing her to better resist the forces that seek to harm her. When the Blazing Lotus activates this charm she is surrounded by a faintly shimmering golden aura, reinforcing her flesh against attacks. This invisible energy force helps protect her against attacks that slowly builds up over time. Activating this charm immediately grants the character (Essence/2) additional soak which increases by +1 per turn to a maximum of the character’s (Intelligence).

    This charm is greatly enhanced with Blazing Lotus Form, the energies surrounding the Blazing Lotus become tangible and dangerous to all within close range of her. This environmental hazard has a damage of (INT/2)i per turn with a trauma of (Essence or 2, whichever is higher).

    Mastery: The user’s enhanced harmonization with energy allows for a greater level of protection over them. Increase the amount of soak provided by this charm by +2 against any attack that is primarily made of energy or intangible force. Examples include but are not limited to Wave Motion Fist, Voice of the Night Bird, Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Form’s short range attacks that are stunted to be energy waves, Glorious Solar Saber, Elemental Bolt Attack, or Essence Cannons. Environmental hazards that are mainly composed of energy add an additional automatic success to the trauma roll. As an exception to Mastery rule, Dragonblooded may use the Mastery benefit of this charm if an attack is both largely intangible force and is the same as their aspect (So Fire aspects may gain these benefits against fire attacks).

    Cost: 8m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 1; Type: Simple
    Keywords: Form, Mastery
    Duration: One Scene
    Prerequisite Charms: Wave Motion Fist, After-Image Doppelganger Technique, Spiral Essence Waves

    The Blazing Lotus enters a relaxed pose as she opens herself up to the energies in the world around her, allowing them to flow in and out of her body as easily as one breathes, allowing a far greater control of the energies of the world. The user’s fists crackle with barely contained energy, increasing the damage of all her unarmed withering attacks by (Essence), including the Wave Motion Fist. The strength of her mind and knowledge of the world trumps pure physical strength, allowing the Blazing Lotus to use Intelligence in place of Strength for unarmed attack damage. Lastly the range of Wave Motion Fist is extended out to Medium range, aiming actions required as per normal to shoot that far.

    Secondly whenever the Blazing Lotus deals damage with her form/Wave Motion Fist (Withering must be at least [10-INT] while decisive needs to be at least [5-ESS, minimum 1], crashes/incapitates a non-insignificant opponent, or get hit by an attack that is largely composed of energy the user gains a single floating orb above their head to a maximum of (2 or Essence, whichever is higher). This orbs may be spent in order to empower certain charms within the style, but passively increase the minimum damage of the Blazing Lotus’s attacks by +1 per additional orb.

    Mastery: The user enters this form with a single orb floating above their head already.

    Special Activation Rules: Whenever the user completes an action that would energy an energy orb they may reflexively activate Blazing Lotus form.

    Cost: -; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Blazing Lotus Form

    Once one becomes one with the world, all one needs to control others is a light touch and where to apply it. This charm permanently upgrades how the Blazing Lotus grapples someone when in Blazing Lotus Form, allowing her to use her Intelligence in place of Strength for all intents and purposes when it comes to grappling. Savage actions can simply involve shocking a person to death with energy while slamming them into the ground with a slam action can be stunted to be blowing them away with a point blank Wave Motion Cannon (Like description wise, not crunch wise). The Blazing Lotus gains a bonus to her control roll equal to the amount of orbs she currently has. If she has an equal or higher intelligence than her opponent then spending one orb allows her to double 9s on the Control roll.

    Mastery: The user gains an amount of bonus dice to the gambit roll equal to the amount of orbs she has.

    Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Dual
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Blazing Lotus Form

    By focusing the energy between her hands the Blazing Lotus can fire blasts of energy that wash over opponents like that of a roaring tide. By paying the cost of this charm along with an aiming action the user begins to collect energy in their hands, allowing them to fire a Wave Motion Fist that is much bigger than more lethal than what they normally are. This charged shot travels one further range brand than what it can normally travel (which stacks with the form, allowing for Long ranged attacks). The attack also deals an additional 3 automatic successes on withering damage rolls and a likewise amount of additional decisive damage dice.

    Instead of spending a turn aiming, the user may spend an orb gained from Blazing Lotus Form, allowing them to fire off the Wave Motion Cannon instantly without need of an aim action.

    Cost: - (2m 1WP); Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Mastery
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Wave Motion Cannon, Grasping Lightning Hold

    The Practitioner learns how to channel an overwhelming amount of essence into each and every one of his blows as they roar out towards their opponent in powerful waves of essence. This enhances the Blazing Lotus’s unarmed attacks granting them the reach tag. Additionally all unarmed attacks gain an additional automatic success against opponents and +3 withering damage and +1 additional defense against any opponent within close range as the Blazing Lotus makes the most of her attack’s additional range and power or closing the distance immediately if the target uses some sort of ranged weapon. The bonus defense disappears if the opponent has a weapon with the Reach tag. Lastly all attacks double 10s on decisive attacks, including that of Wave Motion Fist/Cannon.

    Mastery: The user’s attacks also gain the traits of light artifact weapons.

    Cost: 4m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Perilous
    Duration: One Turn
    Prerequisite Charms: Blazing Lotus Form

    When danger approaches the Blazing Lotus is quick to react, immediately erecting a barrier of force in order to blunt and dampen incoming attacks. This charm immediately creates an amount of defensive initiative equal to her (Intelligence). The initiative can only be used to take the damage of withering attacks, it cannot be used to determine turn order, damage for decisive attacks, gambits, or anything else.

    The Blazing Lotus may also spend orbs to enhance the protection she receives, each orb paid along with the charm adding an additional (INT/2) defensive initiative. She may spend up to (Essence) orbs at once.

    Cost: 8m 4i 1WP; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple
    Keywords: Perilous, Terrestrial
    Duration: (Essence or 2) Turns
    Prerequisite Charms: Blazing Solar Shield

    By tapping into vast sums of energy flowing within her and the land around her, the Blazing Lotus is able to throw out a shimmering golden barrier to protect all of her allies from harm. This barrier extends out to close range around the Blazing Lotus and affects all allies inside of it. The barrier takes damage in place of any player inside of it and has an amount of ‘health’ equal to (Intelligence + Martial Arts + 3). It takes damage just like a battle group does in combat, including absorbing environmental damage. There is no choice on whenever to decide to let the shield absorb damage, if a friendly target is damaged within the shield then the shield must take the damage in their place. Gambits still go through fine in this shield. Area of Effect attacks can quickly wear down the shield, and in case of an attack like Death of Obsidian Butterflies hitting everyone inside the shield, the Blazing Lotus can decide what attacks the shield takes for targets before breaking.

    The user may spend orbs in order to increase the amount of protection this bubble shield has, each orb spent granting (Essence or 2, higher) additional health to a maximum of (Essence) orbs spent.

    As a note if Blazing Solar Shield is used while this charm is active, the Essence Shield’s health damage takes priority over Blazing Solar Shield.

    Terrestrial: This charm may only be used once per scene. An exception to this rule is if she wants to activate Sparking Phantasmal Essence Shield, listed below, which may be done so long as she has the orbs needed.

    Cost: -; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Lightning Tiger Flash, Phantasmal Essence Shield

    With the Blazing Flower's training nearly complete, she has learned such harmony with the world that seemingly none may touch her, wise and otherworldly beyond all measure. Normally inactive, this charm only springs to life when the Blazing Flower activates Blazing Lotus form. When active, the martial artists is surrounded by a bluish gold haze, occasionally making shapes of that of Lotus petals. Once per day so long as Blazing Lotus Form is active the user may automatically dodge any one attack before the attack is rolled so long as it is not undodgeable. Once the defense is activated the user gains an (ESS/2) bonus dice to all Intelligence based rolls (including damage on his attacks), (ESS/2) dice on all matters related to speed in addition to doubling 9s, and lastly may see all charms as obvious to his senses. These bonuses last for the Blazing Lotus’s (Intelligence) turns.

    Mastery: The user can use this charm to dodge any and all attacks.

    Terrestrial: Rather than automatically dodge attacks the user adds (Essence) to their defense which doesn’t count as bonus from a charm.

    The capstone of the Blazing Lotus Style has several different branching points, each of them imparting a lesson that previous masters of the style have learned and passed down over the ages. Only one of the following four charms can be selected as the capstone for this style. Not just a mere capstone charm, each of these charms opens up new specialties in how the Blazing Lotus will choose to engage her foe in combat. Orbs cannot be gained on these super attacks. As a developer note you probably could do something like pick which path you want to lock down earlier, but since these bonuses are powerful I was worried about front loading them. At least until Essence 3 or something.

    Cost: 10m 1WP; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple
    Keywords: Decisive-Only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Floating Essence Flowers


    With this charm the user has learned to channel his Wave Motion Fist into a force that annihilates anything in its path as a beam of pure energy annihilates all in its path. This attack is a single unblockable decisive attack towards all opponents in a line out of long range. The Blazing Lotus divides all of her initiative equally amongst all opponents hit by his attack except battle groups which take the full damage without needing to divide.

    Alternatively she may spend all of her current orbs she has in stock with Blazing Lotus form (Minimum 3) to charge this attack to incredibly destructive heights, selecting a single target before discharging her attack in an incredibly display of destructive force. A beam with the width and length of a single range brand tears across the battlefield towards a single unfortunate foe. The Blazing Lotus may elect to make a single attack against anyone within the path of the attack be it a withering attack with +3 accuracy that deals (Intelligence) unsoakable damage which initiative taken is added to the final damage of the attack or a decisive attack where the user donates up to (Intelligence) initiative on an attack, refunding all initiative used in the attack if it defeats the opponent. The final target of this attack is subjected to an unblockable decisive attack that adds an amount of automatic successes equal to the orbs the Blazing Lotus had before firing this attack off. Anyone who dies by this attack is vaporized completely, returning their bodies to the essence that sustains the world. Alternatively they may make a single unblockable decisive attack in a line out to long range, dividing initiative amongst all hit as they please with a base damage of (Intelligence). The second form of the charm can only be used once per scene unless they manage to build up the maximum number of orbs and build their initiative up to 15 or higher.

    For all intents and purposes, this does also work like a siege weapon strike.

    Upon coming one in the endless cascade of energy upon learning this charm, the following charms in the Style are now permanently altered when in Blazing Lotus Form:
    • Wave Motion Fist fires out beams of energy allowing it to overwhelm most of an opponent’s defenses. Any parry based defense takes a -1 penalty to defend against such attacks and grants the piercing tag.
    • Wave Motion Cannon fires off larger beams of energy, giving the piercing tag for free when activated. Once per scene all the character’s current orbs may be spent (minimum 3) to ignore all of a character’s soak.

    Cost: 10m 1WP 3 orbs; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple
    Keywords: Decisive-Only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Floating Essence Flowers

    “I’ll blow you and this entire planet TO DUST!”

    Taking a lesson from the Mighty Daystar, an object seemingly forever out of reach yet who's energy gives life to all of Creation, yet at the same time possesses an unfathomable amount of destructive force. The user learns how the correct flow of Essence works behind this principle, and therefore learns this charm. By collecting all of her orbs into a sphere above her head, the Blazing Lotus makes a miniature sun which she throws at her opponents to annihilate them utterly. In order to use this attack they must use all of their current orbs in the attack, minimum 3, and select an opponent out to medium range. From then on it operates in the same way as the Implosion Bow evocation Collapsing Point of Destruction with the following alterations:
    • The Blazing Lotus is immune to the effects of this charm. She can throw it point blank at her feet and suffer no attack from this charm. Her allies are not so lucky.
    • The sheer speed of the attack and burst of light at the impact point make the attack undodgeable instead of unblockable.
    • The base damage of all attacks is (Intelligence) before initiative is spread.
    • Anyone who is damaged or crashed by this charm immediately becomes blind as a crippling effect. This lasts for the end of the scene for supernatural beings, but mortals and First Circle Demons are blind until they receive medical attention.
    This charm can only be used once per scene unless the Blazing Lotus gains the maximum number of orbs possible in battle and build her initiative up to 20 or higher.

    After harnessing the explosive energy of the world inside of her body, the following charms in the Style are now permanently altered when in Blazing Lotus Form:
    • Wave Motion Fist now produces small explosions on contact, making them more lethal and harder to dodge. A -1 penalty to defense is applied if the opponent tries to Dodge the attack while the damage is increased by the number of 10s that appeared in the attack roll.
    • After-Image Doppelganger Technique leaves behind essence clones that explode upon impact. If a dodge using this charm is successful then the opponent loses 1i which the Blazing Lotus immediately gains. Terrestrial users do not gain this point of initiative.
    • Wave Motion Cannon makes an explosion upon the impact point, comparing its attack roll against everyone within short range of the attack which if hit they take (Essence) unsoakable withering damage which the Blazing Lotus does not gain. Additionally if she hits a target while in crashed or crashed a target using this charm she may blow them back one range brand.

    Cost: - (10m 1WP 3 orbs [minimum]); Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Floating Essence Flowers

    When the Eternally Rising Sun wished to protect all that he held dear by the threat of the Lintha Cartels early in the first age, he took the destructive energies of this style and harnessed them into a method which allowed him to protect the ones he loved. This charm upgrades Phantasmal Essence Shield, replacing its cost with that listed above in addition to all the orbs the user currently has, minimum 3. When activated in this form the Essence Shield now expands out to a radius of short range around the user. Secondly the amount of damage levels the shield has is now (Intelligence + Martial Arts + 5 + [Essence x5]). Any opponent inside the shield who damages another character inside of it with a direct attack immediately takes the Blazing Lotus’s (Essence/2) in unsoakable withering damage which she does not get. Lastly the shield affords greatly increased protection against area of effect attacks, taking only an amount of damage equal to the greatest amount of damage rolled amongst any one target and one additional level of damage per additional opponent hit (Battle groups protected cost an amount of levels equal to their size). This charm can only be used once per scene, but may be reset by getting the maximum amount of orbs the form can hold back and using Blazing Solar Shield to soak 15 points of damage.

    After learning to harness the protective energies of this style, the following charms in the Style are now permanently altered when in Blazing Lotus Form:
    • After-Image Doppelganger Technique is upgraded. When used as part of a Defense Other action on another character the Blazing Lotus may use her dodge rather than Parry in order to protect someone.
    • The orbs gained in Blazing Lotus Form now begin to orbit her when Spiral Essence Waves is active, increasing the amount of soak that charm provides by the current amount of orbs the wielder has. Additionally the damage of the charm is no longer an environmental effect, any opponent in range taking 3 dice of unsoakable withering damage per turn.

    Cost: - (6m 3 orbs [minimum]); Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Mastery
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Floating Essence Flowers

    The Blazing Lotus known as the Lion of Suju was a hero who existed during the Aftershock War. When faced with a malaise which decreased his formidable might, he opted for the path to burn bright and fast than to perish as a flicker. In order to activate this charm the user must have Blazing Lotus form active and spend all available orbs (minimum of 3) to supercharge the charm Lightning Tiger Flash. For the duration of the charm his body crackles as barely contained energy swells up around him, illuminating the area as if he had a bonfire level anima banner. In addition to the base benefits of the charm the Blazing Lotus’s unarmed attacks and Wave Motion Fist deal damage as if they were a light artifact weapon with the Smashing and Piercing tags. Unarmed Withering attacks ignore up to (Intelligence) soak from the opponent while all damage rolls cascade 10s. The downside is that this strength consumes energy rapidly, so no energy orbs can be gained while this charm is active. Additionally the following charms are altered in various ways:
    • Wave Motion Fist: Hitting an enemy with this attack causes their body to seize up in painful shocks. This reduces their mobility until the end of their next turn by an amount equal to the Blazing Lotus’s (INT/2). If the target is crashed this increases to (INT). The downside is that this charm can no longer fire out to medium range with the form, only with Wave Motion Cannon.
    • After-Image Doppelganger Technique: The successes that comes with this charm is no longer counted as a charm based bonus.
    • Spiral Essence Waves: The charm no longer allows a roll to resist, instead dealing 3 dice of withering damage to targets within range which the Blazing Lotus does not receive. The Blazing Lotus may also abandon the defensive soak bonus this charm provides in order to throw the waves of essence out much further in which everyone within short range is subjected to the recurring damage.
    • Grasping Lightning Hold: The Blazing Lotus always doubles 9s on control rolls and treats herself as having 5 orbs all the time.
    • Wave Motion Cannon: This charm no longer costs any orbs in order to instantly charge. Spending a willpower surcharge gives this charm a vacuum effect, which upon hitting a target the Martial Artist rolls (INT+MA) against all opponents in short range resisting as if making a disengage roll. If they fail they are immediately dragged one range brand towards the shot.
    • Phantasmal Essence Shield: This charm may be used reflexively but only lasts one turn. This remains the same whenever the user is in Lion of Suju mode or not.
    Mastery: Instead of getting artifact traits a second time, each withering attack turns one dice of damage into an automatic success while all decisive attacks have their damage increased by (ESS/2).
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    neat concept

    and yes - OP as hell - but they look fun - and an MA that requires high INT is a novel concept.

    If anything I'd argue that the last three charms should be Essence 5 - they are simply so much more powerful than what normal ess 4 charms allow for, especially in how they upgrade previous charms

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      Originally posted by webkilla View Post
      neat concept

      and yes - OP as hell - but they look fun - and an MA that requires high INT is a novel concept.

      If anything I'd argue that the last three charms should be Essence 5 - they are simply so much more powerful than what normal ess 4 charms allow for, especially in how they upgrade previous charms
      So long as it doesn't bypass Single Point in terms of damage, I think I'm safe. Hell I'd argue that Righteous Devil actually has better damage output than this style until the capstone charms.

      As for ESS 5 capstones, I'd really rather not since we've had enough of that in 2e. If you can point out the specific bits where you believe it is OP I'd be thankful.

      Also note the charms after Floating Essence Flowers? You can only pick one of those. Think of it like Even Blade in this sense.

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        Originally posted by Sandact6 View Post
        Also note the charms after Floating Essence Flowers? You can only pick one of those. Think of it like Even Blade in this sense.
        After reading this note I went back and read Floating Essence Flowers and it your statement is not clear in the charm text. Stating there's 3 capstones says to me as a player that there's just 3 more charms I can buy.

        That said, a cool style!

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          Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post

          After reading this note I went back and read Floating Essence Flowers and it your statement is not clear in the charm text. Stating there's 3 capstones says to me as a player that there's just 3 more charms I can buy.

          That said, a cool style!
          I'll make a note and adjust that then.

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            Huh. I really like the idea of a martial art that uses Intelligence and this looks like a very interesting interpretation of that! I can't speak to balance (I'd probably allow it in a game, but I also think Single Point is largely fine) but there are a few things that could use clarification:

            After-Image Doppelganger Technique: this doesn't actually say how much it increase the martial artist's Dodge by.

            Spiral Essence Waves: does the cap of character's (Intelligence) apply to just the additional +1 per turn Soak or the total Soak? Also, does the hazard that activates when in Blazing Lotus Form hit everyone including the user's allies, or is it selective?

            Lightning Tiger Flash: what does the (2m 1WP) cost apply to? It's a Permanent charm that doesn't seem to modify any specific charm. Also, do the bonuses apply to Wave Motion Fist/Cannon attacks or just "regular" unarmed attacks?

            Phantasmal Essence Shield: is this fixed in-place when created, or does it move with the user?

            Lion of Suju: is the (6m) cost for this committed on top of the cost for Blazing Lotus Form?


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              I think Single Point only has one really busted charm, the rest are pretty good. If you beat a Single Point user in join battle they're kinda screwed. I know as when my Dawn had an unlucky roll vs an Abyssal they nearly flat out killed me. Thanks for the catches in this style BTW, I'll update this tomorrow after work.

              After-Image: Increases Dodge by +1.

              Spiral Waves: Yes the soak increases up to the cap of Intelligence. It is also selective, allowing it to only hit enemies.

              Tiger Flash: Adds +2m 1WP along with the form charm's usual cost, Tiger Flash is activated along with the form. All the bonuses work only with unarmed (hand to hand) attacks, except for the double 10s on decisive as noted.

              Essence Shield: Locked in place on the brand it was created on.

              Lion of Suju: On top of Tiger Flash, so activating the Form, Tiger Flash, and Lion of Suju costs 16m 1WP and 3 orbs.

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