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    Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
    Ah, those aren't insults though. Medieval mystics having slightly sexual visions of Jesus or Mary isn't something they thought of as blasphemous. It's numinous..
    I was aware, I was pointing to at as an example of "God+Sex" not equalling a bad thing in actual religous literature.
    The rest is good points too. I did some googling to try and find examples of swears like these and...couldn't find one(Unless you count "by Christ's bones", I was suggesting, probably not well worded, that the idea came from:
    1.There are a number of swears that are to some degree blasphemous/religously charged(God damnit, God's wounds, Christ's Bones)
    2.a conception of sexuality as obscene, and thus blasphemous to mix with gods
    3.Therefore referencing sex acts by a god is an obscenity.
    It seems like point 2 is not actually commonplace at all in the world, or ever in the time frame of creation, and so point 3 doesn'tfollow.

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      The story teller of most of the exalted games I've played usually go with "What the Malfeas?" instead of "What the hell?"

      In my exalted comic I've gone with things like "what the scrap/void", "Exhaust port" is one I've used instead of "asshole", "broken" I've used instead of "idiot/stupid/dumbas" and similar for Alchemicals.
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        The simple explanation is that referencing in-setting divinities adds "local flavour," while the sexual or vulgar aspect gives the terms weight as profanity.

        A Harbourheadite calling someone a lion-starver (or perhaps lion-feeder) is good for versimilitude, but it lacks the sting of the insults we're used to.


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          I also think there's this weird thing where that kind of fantasy insult is a staple of fantasy fandom to the point where I don't really know who started it, but its kind of self-referential. It's like how D&D promulgated the idea of a cantrip as a magical trick and how you'll read fantasy novels referencing it as if that's not a thing the author accidentally pulled from D&D.


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            Yeah, I kind of agree. I think it's just a default assumption. It'd be entirely reasonable for people to say the (translations of) "fuck", "shit", "cunt," etc, but maybe fantasy authors feel that seems too like our world.

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              Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
              Yeah, I kind of agree. I think it's just a default assumption. It'd be entirely reasonable for people to say the (translations of) "fuck", "shit", "cunt," etc, but maybe fantasy authors feel that seems too like our world.
              Speaking personally, I'm of that persuasion. A few things I find are helpful to consider.

              Hell is always apropos. Even if you say it as hell, (which Malfeas is still understood as naysayers!) Naraka, Jigoku or Kuzimu.

              The Romans loved to curse by excrement, but especially the clitoris.

              People tend to curse about things they care about, so someone from an Immaculate culture will likely blaspheme, unless they're devout. So back to the Romans, it's why it was a concern to them, and thus all the sexual ones. Like The Wizard said, seldom do people cross divinity and profanity,

              Often times, comparisons to undesired animals are common. "Stop being a goat's ass." or words to that effect.

              I've always liked personally the sorts of curses that tell you about the culture of the person; like when someone tells another "The Devil take you" or the ever popular "May you live to see interesting times" "May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your pubic hair." and speaking personally, I especially love the implications that Arms of the Chosen has given us with things like "It sounds like you've been cut by the Sword of Forgetfulness" and similar turns of phrase to that effect, so I imagine there'd be alot of the typical sort of mythological, un-deity related sort of curse.

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                IRL, many English swears and insults revolve around sexual acts and organs ("fuck!", "you dickhead") or excrement, French also does but... slightly differently (translated literally, "this is a real brothel", "this is a whore of a nightmare" or "this guy is such an en-shitter" are extremely common), and Dutch revolves a lot around diseases. French also used to have a lot more religiously-related swears, which have largely fallen out of use or lost their insulting meaning ("Depardieu" ["from and by God", roughly"] being one such swear, as well as the name of a famous French actor, whereas "nom de Dieu" ["name of God"] is still used but has lost a lot of its vulgarity, and is very regularly deformed into a mumbled onomatopoeia, along the lines of "rogntudju").

                Taking all of that in account, I do think we can think up new swears and insults for Creation, beyond the extremely universal direct references to specific sexual acts and excrement.

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                  Eastern peasent's insult of choice: "Go bugger a rice-field!"

                  context: it being the east, with all that wood essence everywhere - something might actually come of it, which would be a horrible abomination, so you really shouldn't do it. It's basically like saying "Go play in traffic"

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                    The other avenue one could take is coming up with terms for questionable acts that are possible in creation but not on earth.

                    Like, I dunno, having a three-way with a ghost and said ghost's reanimated corpse.


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                      In Sweden, swear words are traditionally religious in nature. "Helvete" (hell), "fan" (the Devil) and "jävlar" (devils) are the most common, and strangely enough some of the most powerful ones, which is odd given Sweden's secular society. They're about equivalent to fuck. Genital swears like "fitta" (cunt), and to a lesser extent "kuk" (cock) and "röv" (ass), are also on about this level. There are also bodily function swears, like "skit" (shit) and "piss" (exactly what it looks like), but they're slightly weaker. You can also combine them, like "fan i helvetes jävla kukfitta", to increase the emphasis.

                      Words referencing the sacred or divine rather than the unholy and profane are also used as emphatic expressions, but they're much weaker in terms of emphasis. Saying "gud" (god), "åh herre gud" (oh lord), "gud i himmelen" (god in heaven) or "Jösses" (a variant on Jesus, not the official Swedish name) would express exasperation rather than rage. However, they also serve as alternatives when something truly tragic has happened, as more reverent ways of putting emphasis on something.

                      Of course, swears differ from insults, which more often reference your sexual morals (or those of your mother), your sexuality or your intellect. They also tend to be more creative and adapted to the audience.

                      I think there's more room for creative "fantasy swears" in the insult category than in the swears category. "Your face is saggy like Mela's tits. Rough night yesterday?" would make more sense (at least to me) than exclaiming that phrase in the heat of the moment.
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                        There was an interesting discussion of the topic over on the Sufficient Velocity forums a while back.


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                          Just remembered the best one of these I came up with a few weeks ago: "titsucker" (as in implying the subject still breastfeeds) instead of "cocksucker" in the Realm, since I can't really see them using the latter.


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                            There is room for cocksucker though. The one who takes it is in the less dominant pisition during the act, so could be seen as weaker or inferior to those who dont. This has precedent. The Greeks had no problem with male homosexuality but free men were not to be the catchers (that was for boys and slaves)


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                              You're right that the nature of that insult has nothing to do with homophobia; rather, the reason you won't hear it in the Realm is because it has everything to do with patriarchy and male dominance. The idea that the receptive sexual partner is the inferior one is fundamentally incompatible with a culture that places women above men.


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                                Not one for profanity, but the thought occurs to me that calling someone a "Lunatic" may have a different meaning in creation (aka "Worship the god Lunar, and her Demi-God Exalted, and their Beastmen Children - to the point one behaves likes a Beastman despite having no traits of one; a degree of madness).

                                Another take could be to reverse a term used for a more Creation-Compatible Insult = Bitch of the Sun! (aka "a slut who obsessess over the Sun; considered a gold-digger; leans on success and fortune given to her instead of earned").

                                The "Bitch of the Sun" could also have evolved from/into "Butcher the Sun (Bitch-Or The Sun)" implicient of the Usurpation - suggestive of a term "Solve a Problem at any cost; or the consequences in repercusion will be dire"
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