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    Does anybody ever come up with excerpts from philosophical writings, religious scripture, or works of in-character fiction that characters might quote as a means of illustrating a point or citing a precedent, or just establishing a common literary background?

    ​Has anybody ever come up with an example of that device of the villain who frequently quotes things as a way of making them sound more pretentious?

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    Funnily enough considering my Twilight is a philosopher in the Confucian sense, yes. At one point I'd even had an entire philosophical treatise outlined for him, but I don't much care for alot of the assumptions I'd made for it.

    Though who knows, maybe someone here will get something out of it; The Five Truths of Wu Duxun of the Realm.

    The universe is a song, and all things sing within it, and should celebrate their uniqueness, because it is every thread in a pattern that makes the pattern, just as harmony, not homology makes music beautiful.

    Some threads shine brighter than others, with their own fire, but to be ones best to one’s ability is not pride, but satisfaction in their place. The great are driven to be great, because it is the nature of the talented to do great things. The true sin is not hubris, but cupidity of self, and to misunderstand order for its own sake as virtue.

    Good is that which promotes the fullness of life, evil is that which harms it. To take pleasure in doing good, yet not blind to one’s faults shows that one’s soul is aligned with goodness; it feels good for a man of virtue to do good, because it is in the nature of men and women to be drawn to good, and desire to do good things. One becomes good by doing good and evil by doing evil.

    By becoming greater than the man one was the day before, their make their family greater, and in turn, their village becomes greater, and their nation, and the world becomes better for every small deed of goodness.

    Magnanimity and Hubris are not one and the same, for in being magnanimous with one’s wisdom or power, generous to those who do not possess the same skill or might as one who does, one’s self-improvement becomes the improvement of all men, by bettering one’s self and acting virtuously they give back to the world.

    A leader is a servant to his followers; their love is his reward, just as a mother’s care is rewarded by her children’s love.

    The Two Kinships are the relationships in which the Five Truths are exemplified. In the relationship of Student to Teacher, the student embodies duty, by respecting his teacher and learning from him, and his teacher exemplifies magnanimity by teaching his student, a charge for which he should take no fee, as giving generously of his wisdom is his duty for gaining it, and wisdom is a candle which is undiminished by lighting another.

    In the kinship of parent and child, the child rewards his parent with love and support, even when they can no longer support themselves, for their care and service to him, proving that those who love are loved in return.

    Thus, a king should be at once teacher and father to his people.

    As I'm sure you can imagine, his writings are banned on the Blessed Isle. It's basically the stuff from Confucianism and Buddhism that the Immaculate Order *would* have a big problem with.

    That said, Koans are always a good source of this sort of thing. Along with Kakita's The Sword from L5R
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      While working on my drawings for the Incarna, at the end of the posts on DA I did little stories or poems or something which were often name-swaps for characters in other media, namely The Gods of Pegana, Lord of Light, and American Gods that I thought fit the goddess involved. For fun, here's the list:

      Once, as Saturn went her way athwart Creation and up and down its cities and across its plains, Saturn came upon a mortal who was afraid when Saturn said: "There is always an Ending."
      And Saturn said: "Were the Ages before your coming intolerable to you?"
      And Saturn said: "Not less tolerable to you shall be the Ages to come."
      Then Saturn made against him her sign and the Life of the mortal was fettered no longer with hands and feet.

      - The Deeds of Saturn

      Original version was a few lines from "The Deeds of Mung" from Gods of Pegana.

      And Venus said: "Lest mortals grow weary down on Creation through gazing always at a changeless sky, I will paint my pictures in the sky. And I will paint them twice in every day for so long as days shall be. Once as the day ariseth out of the homes of dawn will I paint the Blue, that mortals may see and rejoice; and ere day falleth under into the night will I paint upon the Blue again, lest mortals be sad.

      "It is a little," said Venus, "it is a little even for a god to give some pleasure to mortals upon Creation."

      - The Deeds of Venus

      Also from Gods of Pegana, this time "The Sayings of Limpang-Tung".

      For a tenth charm, I learned to dispel sorcerers, to spin them around in the skies so that they will never find their way back to their own doors again.
      A twelfth charm I know: if I see a hanged man I can bring him down from the gallows to whisper to us all he remembers.
      A fourteenth: I know the names of all the gods. Every damned one of them.
      A fifteenth: I had a dream of power, of glory, and of wisdom, and I can make people believe in my dreams.
      A sixteenth charm I know: if I need love I can turn the mind and heart of any mortal.
      And I know an eighteenth charm, and that charm is the greatest of all, and that charm I can tell to no one, for a secret that no one know but you is the most powerful secret there can ever be.

      - The Charms of Jupiter

      Basically repurposing some of Mr. Wednesday from American Gods for Jupiter's purposes. While Odin is associated with Mercury in actual correlations of Norse to modern astrology, he as a god has a shitload related to her worth stealing I think.

      It is because of Mercury that the worlds are never still, for the moon and the stars and the comet are stirred by the spirit of Mercury, which saith: "Go! Go! Go!"
      The footfall of Mercury has been heard at evening outside the houses of mortals, and thenceforth comfort and abiding know them no more. Before them stretcheth travel over all the lands, long miles, and never resting between their homes and their graves—and all at the bidding of the Maiden of Journeys.
      The Mountains have set no limit against Mercury nor all the seas a boundary.
      Whither Mercury hath desired there must Mercury's people go, and the worlds and their streams and the winds.

      - Of Mercury, the Maiden of Journey

      Pegana again, this time Roon, the god of Coming and Going.

      It is foolish to speak of last great battles, for the last great battle is always the next one.
      - The Proverb of Battles

      Something short and sweet. A tweak of something said by Kali in Lord of Light.

      And stuff.
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        And as a bonus, i had something not unlike Arian Dynas for a character, but based on the Chinese philosopher Mozi instead of on Kongzi:

        I was once angry at my disciple Shin.
        Shin asked, “Aren’t I better than others?”
        I said, “Imagine I am going to Ama-ni-Traya, and a horse or ox will pull my cart – which would you suggest?”
        Shin said, “I would suggest the horse.”
        I said, “And why would you suggest the horse?”
        Shin said, “Because the horse is more capable.”
        I said, “I also think you more capable.”

        And stuff.
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          I'm trying to imagine passages from the Immaculate Texts. Guessing the ones Fokuf reads would be a lot like quotes from 50 Shades of Grey


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            Isn't "Song of Solomon" in the Bible kind of imfamous for that kind of interpretation? I'm sure something can be lifted from it in that area.

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              Fire wants to burn
              Water wants to flow
              Air wants to rise
              Wood wants to grow
              Earth wants to bind

              The Wyld wants to devour
              - Dynastic training adage

              (based on the Magisterium series by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black)

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                During my longest running campaign i scribbled a bunch of bits that were ostensibly written by a sage of one of the prehuman races. It was a fun little thing and when players met the actual sage as he had become a Primordial Exalt it had an added effect.


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                  Anyone have any suggestions for things a heretical priest of the UCS might say? Asking for a friend.



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                    just look up stuff from Evangelical sermons. then adjust for the proper deity


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                      The whole thing came about because I kept thinking of the example in Final Fantasy of Genesis.

                      ​Fucking Genesis; you know that you're a tool when freaking Sephiroth finds you insufferable.

                      Originally posted by Blaque View Post
                      Isn't "Song of Solomon" in the Bible kind of imfamous for that kind of interpretation?
                      ​Interpretation nothing; that whole sections is openly and explicitly about a pair of lovers engaging in sexual acts. Later, more puritanical Christian readings had to use an interpretive approach to act as though it was a more allegorical thing concerning the love of God.

                      ​There are a number of Hindu religious texts that also describe sexual encounters between certain individuals in rather racy terms.

                      Originally posted by vampire hunter D
                      just look up stuff from Evangelical sermons. then adjust for the proper deity

                      I don't think a lot of that crosses over very naturally.

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                        The entirety of the poem Thunder, Perfect Mind reads like a Sidereal sutra:

                        I am the knowledge of my inquiry,
                        and the finding of those who seek after me,
                        and the command of those who ask of me,
                        and the power of the powers in my knowledge
                        of the angels, who have been sent at my word,
                        and of gods in their seasons by my counsel,
                        and of spirits of every man who exists with me,
                        and of women who dwell within me.
                        Give heed then, you hearers
                        and you also, the angels and those who have been sent,
                        and you spirits who have arisen from the dead.
                        For I am the one who alone exists,
                        and I have no one who will judge me.
                        For I am the first and the last.
                        I am the honored one and the scorned one.
                        I am the whore and the holy one.
                        I am the wife and the virgin.
                        I am <the mother> and the daughter.
                        I am the members of my mother.
                        I am the barren one..
                        ...and many are her sons.
                        I am she whose wedding is great,
                        ...and I have not taken a husband.
                        I am the midwife and she who does not bear.
                        I am the solace of my labor pains.