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2.5 Combining charms

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  • 2.5 Combining charms

    do Scar-Writ Saga sheild, gotten via Primordial Principle Emulation, and Invincible Essence Reinforcement stack?

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    in what books are those charms from?

    could you write them up here?

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      from Ink Monkeys Blog:
      InVInCIble essenCe reInforCeMenT
      Cost: —; Mins: Resistance 3, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
      Keywords: Stackable
      Duration: Permanent
      Prerequisite Charms: None
      Undertaking a grueling regimen of endurance training, the
      Solar folds Essence into his body until his skin becomes hard
      enough to turn aside blades. The Lawgiver’s natural lethal and
      bashing soak calculations become (Stamina + 3). This Charm
      may be purchased up to a total of (Resistance) times; each purchase after the first adds 3 to the character’s natural lethal and
      bashing soak.
      With Essence 4+, the Solar also gains natural lethal and
      bashing hardness equal to the number of times he has purchased this Charm.

      and from Manual of exalted power:infernals:

      Cost: —; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
      Keywords: None
      Duration: Permanent
      Prerequisite Charms: By Pain Reforged
      Malfeas does not quietly accept his tortured inversion,
      but builds up calloused layers and folds them in a vain attempt
      to seal his wounds and inoculate against future injury. Such
      efforts cannot achieve their goal, but incidentally toughen
      the Demon City further. The first purchase of this Charm
      raises the character’s natural lethal soak to her Stamina
      rating (rather than half) and gives her bashing Hardness
      equal to her Stamina.
      The second purchase of Scar-Writ Saga Shield requires
      Essence 3+ and adds the character’s Essence rating to her natural
      bashing and lethal soak. Her Hardness remains unaffected.
      An Infernal needs Essence 4+ to buy this Charm a third
      time, at which point her natural bashing and lethal Hardness
      increase to match her natural soak. Additionally, attackers
      with a permanent Essence at least four dots less than the
      Infernal can no longer inflict minimum damage to her with
      their attacks if they fail to penetrate her soak.

      and scroll of errata on that one:
      sCar-writ saGa shield
      (pp. 109-110)
      The Essence 4+ purchase of this Charm grants the warlock
      a bashing and lethal Hardness equal to his (unmodified Stamina + Essence), rather than setting them equal to his natural
      soak. Magical attacks have their minimum damage reduced by
      a single die (to a minimum of 1), rather than set to zero, by the
      Essence 4+ purchase


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        Only the highest single source of hardness counts in general. Soak boni should stack though.

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