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EX3 - Poisoning Weapons and other Toxin-related questions

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  • EX3 - Poisoning Weapons and other Toxin-related questions

    So the Core EX3 book (on page 232 or thereabouts) give a half-dozen sample poisons along with Interval, Penalty, Duration, etc.
    There is mention within Chapter 9 (with regards to Thrown Weapons with the Poisonable keyword) that pg. 232 has more information on Poisoned Weapons - but aside from the discussion of the Vector of Poisons and the fact that weapon delivered poisons require a Decisive Attack to do so, there are no other rules/discussion of Poisoned Weapons

    So my first question is this - what is actually required for an Exalt to apply Poison to her Poisonable weapon? Is there some form of Attribute+Ability roll needed to keep from contacting/poisoning yourself while trying to apply it to your weapon? Is there some manner of handling required in order to not poison yourself while readying/throwing your weapon (particularly for things like Shuriken where I would assume the poison would coat pretty much the entirety of the weapon?

    Second question - non-weapon-related. In the half a doze sample poisons given, no mention is made of other toxins or intoxicants and what their typical stats might be - things such as various alcoholic beverages, opium or other drugs, etc. It is implied within the "Toxin Resistance" Merit, that these would fall under the perview of Toxin as defined by the merit, just like other poisons, but where do we get stats for these and how they might affect someone that didn't completely resist them?

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    Poisoning yourself trying to poison a weapon makes you look stupid, so exalted tends to ignore such a possibility.

    For intoxicants I guess you could model them as a toxin that does 0 damage an hour, with the duration being based on how strong the drink was, and have the penalty be the meat of the mechanics. Reducing the duration would simply mean you got over the penalty faster.


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      You could ask this in the Ask the Devs thread if you want an official answer.

      That said, I also wouldn’t require a roll to apply poison to a weapon and would have intoxicants do 1B an hour with, yeah, the penalty doing the most of the work.