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    Hello every one,

    i'm building a martial art based on a mix of real drunken monkey/ lost monkey and notes from drunken master 2 movie ( only from what i have look up, not a real practitioner) . This is for my night caste player who is a monkey ( true mutation) and a drunkard.

    not shure if its well balanced and would love to get your opinion on this one

    i took a couple of ideas and charm from other similar martial art but modified them for my player:

    drunken master from Octopoid:

    celestial monkey style from momo is a good girl:

    Drunken monkey Style

    Practitioners of Drunken Monkey's emulate the movements of a monkey that accidently took alcohol and found himself in a foreign group of primates. For a moment they look dizzy or unbalanced; they take faltering steps, and might even waddle and look, well, lost. Part of the effectiveness is found in the way that it offers the attacker a highly skewed view of practitioners- making them look susceptible- which allows them to launch a devastating attack.
    Style Weapons: Practitioners of this Style fight mostly unarmed, but they can also use staffs and spears or improvised weapon and anything filled with alcohol, such has a bottle or keg. Unarmed and improvised weapon can be stunting to deal lethal damage

    Armor: Monkey Style is incompatible with armor.
    Special: Drunken Monkey Style Charms will often reference 'Alcohol' and increase or decrease the user's Alcohol levels. This refers to the number of doses of alcohol (see sidebar below) currently in the user's system. Each time he increases is level means he drinks alcohol.

    SIDEBAR: Alcohol
    Alcohol uses the rules for poisons found on page 232 of Ex3. A dose of alcohol has the following statistics: Damage/Interval 1B/3 hours, Duration 3 hours, Penalty -1, Vector Ingestion. Unlike most poisons, alcohol’s Penalty is cumulative with each dose taken. With tree or more success on a save the martial artist receives no damage or penalty but still receives one level of alcohol for limit and charm purpose. Should the accumulated penalty exceed the target’s Stamina; he must take a Miscellaneous Action that cannot be flurried in order to vomit. This action need only be taken when the penalty exceeds the target's Stamina - subsequent doses do not force subsequent expulsions. As a practical limit, a drinker cannot have more than (Stamina + Essence) doses of alcohol in her system at a time. If she consumes more doses than this, she must make a (Stamina + Resistance) roll at a difficulty of (1 + the number of doses in her system beyond the practical limit). Failure means she passes out immediately. In general, drinking a dose of alcohol is a miscellaneous action which cannot be flurried.

    Cost: 3m
    Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: withering-only, perilous
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: None

    the martial artist moves with fluidity and unpredictability, seemingly looking relaxed and off guard one moment only to strike the next. At the start of your turn, if your target has not acted yet and you have at least twice his initiative. You supplement a withering attack making it unexpected.

    Drunken god Lan:
    Special form activation cost: 2 doses

    when an unexpected attack fails to hit, you can reflexively disengage even if you have already move this round.

    Cost: 2m
    Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1
    Type: reflexive
    Keywords: clash, withering-only
    Duration: instant
    Prerequisites: none

    always careful in nature, the drunken monkey always leaves a window of safety in his movement. enemy not careful enough will fall in his trap. When you successfully disengage or rush a target, if he attacks you before your next turn, you can reflexively make a withering clash attack.

    Drunken god Lü
    Special form activation cost: 2 doses

    all your movement roll receives (alcohol dose\ 2 round up , max essence. adjust at the end of martial artist turn)

    Cost: 5m, 3 alcohol doses
    Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Form
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisites: Monkey tail distraction strike, curiosity of the scared monkey

    adopting the true form of the drunken monkey, he releases the tensions of the world, and focuses her attention on enjoying the moment. The martial artist lifts her hands in half-hearted defense, swaying on her feet as though about to pass out. Her eyes cross and uncross, struggling to focus, but in this bleary-eyed state, she moves with almost accidental instinct.
    For the duration of this form, he applies penalties from alcohol only to social attacks and defenses and receive +1 to parry and +1 evasion and soak equal to alcohol dose\ 2 (round down , max essence.adjust at the end of martial artist turn). All drunken monkey withering-only charms can be used with decisive attack until the form ends. The maximum alcohol level is raised by two.
    Additionally, the martial artist may reflexively increase is alcohol level once per round without penalty for flurry.

    Special drunken gods: each charm has an associated god that can be activated when in your form. When using a drunken monkey charm, the martial artist can also pay the dose cost to have the god activated. Only one god can be active at a time and ends when a new god is activated, this forms end, or the scene ends.

    Special Activation Rules: Whenever the martial artists defend against an attack and has at least two alcohol levels in her system, she may reflexively enter Drunken Master Form.

    Cost: -
    Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2
    Type: permanent
    Keywords: supplemental
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: curiosity of the scared monkey

    Running, rolling, tumbling is all part of a monkey’s life. You are at home in all terrain and at all heights. the martial artist ignores penalties from ungainly terrain and takes no penalty to parry and evasion from being prone. Additionally, he receives (essence/2 round up) to all athletics check to climb and balance.

    Cost: 8m, 1wp
    Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 2
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Decisive-only,
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Drunken Monkey form, monkey tail distraction strike

    Like the curious monkey, you poke and grab to understand your surroundings. This Charm supplements a grapple gambit, reducing the difficulty from 2 to 1; the extra successes are added to the control roll dice pool. The martial artist retains his Initiative upon a successful grapple. She may also choose to reflexively increase her Alcohol level by one.

    Drunken god Cao:
    Special form activation cost: 1 doses

    when grappling, you do not suffer -2 to your defense

    Cost 5m, 1wp
    Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 2
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: counterattack, Decisive-only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisites: drunken monkey form, monkey tail distraction strikes

    it is difficult to predict the movement of the drunken monkey, for even he does not know where he will go. This Charm supplements a Distract gambit, adding his (Alcohol/2) to the Initiative transferred to the drunken master’s ally without increasing the difficulty of the gambit. She may also choose to reflexively increase her Alcohol level by one.

    Drunken god Xiangzi:
    Special form activation cost: 2 doses

    while your initiative is higher than your target, you can counter when you successfully parry

    Cost: 5m, 1wp
    Mins: Martial arts 3, Essence 2
    Type: Simple
    Keyword: withering-only
    Duration: instant
    Prerequisite: curiosity of the scared monkey, drunken master forms

    The drunken monkey feint falling-down but instead jumps Hight and attack while flipping and is followed by a second one would the first fail, ending prone. When using this charm, if your initiative is higher than your target and you miss your withering attack, you can re-roll your attack. If the first roll is successful, the target ends prone. If only the second roll is successful you both end prone. If none of the rolls where successful you end prone.

    Drunken god zhang:
    Special form activation cost: 1 doses

    When prone, you can reflexively get back up or stay prone and increase your alcohol level.

    Cost: 3m
    Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: decisive-only
    Duration: One Grapple
    Prerequisites: falling monkey kick

    when the drunken monkey has had too much, everyone around her knows it. She leans heavily on her friends (or foes) for support, as she can barely keep her feet. This Charm is a grapple gambit, which can only be used to inflict a Restrain/Drag effect. Until the grapple is broken, she adds her Alcohol level to control rolls and loses only one round of control for each Restrain/Drag effect inflicted. If she deals any damage to the target, the grapple immediately ends. She can, however, choose to throw both her target and herself to the ground, dealing no damage but knocking both prone.

    Drunken god Han:
    Special form activation cost: 2 doses

    If a target attempts a rise from prone action when in close range of the martial artist, she may impose a penalty equal to (alcohol dose\ 2 round up , max essence.) to her opponents dice pool.

    Cost: 3m
    Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3;
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Counterattack
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisites: helping the inebriate home

    It is bad luck to strike a man while he is drinking, and the drunken master is nearly always drinking. This Charm may be activated when the martial artist is struck by an attack. As a reflexive counterattack, the drunken master may attempt a special gambit at difficulty 3. If successful, the martial artist spews a mouthful of alcohol into his opponent’s eyes, blinding her for the remainder of the scene (-3 situational penalty). This penalty can be removed if the opponent spends a miscellaneous action, which cannot be flurried, rubbing the alcohol from her eyes.

    Drunken god Li:
    Special form activation cost: 2 doses

    counterattack charms can be used against clash attack

    Cost: 10m, 1wp
    Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Counterattack, Decisive only, Terrestrial
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisites: holding monkey paw, impaired monkey weaving, sloshing spittle prana

    Normally happy and convivial, the drunken master can become grumpy and belligerent in a heartbeat, especially if someone comes between him and his beer. This Charm can be activated to respond to any attack against the martial artist with a special-counter attack, using grapple or distract gambit.

    Terrestrial: This counterattack counts as the Dragon-Blood's combat action for the turn. If they have already acted, it counts as their combat action for the following turn.

    Drunken god he:
    Special form activation cost: 3 doses

    all gambits reroll 1 and double 8’s and 9’s

    Cost: -
    Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3
    Type: permanent
    Keywords: supplemental
    Duration: scene
    Prerequisites: drunken monkey form, plastered idiot’s mien

    The drunken monkey is used to lying on the ground, often in gutters or similarly undignified locales. With a grin on her face and a bottle in her hand or leaning heavily on her weapon, she hardly seems to mind. While prone you don’t suffer penalties to your attack. You can use drink a dose of alcohol two times if you flurry it. Your maximum alcohol level is raised by two level. You can have (essence) drunken gods activated at the same time, if you use all the required charm in the same round and paid all alcohol dose. your soak is now equal to alcohol dose, max essence.
    additionally, anything he drinks, expects for water or any stimulant. Will counts has alcohol for drunken master charms. All effect of specific drink must still be roll and applied normally.
    Last edited by devaking; 02-26-2018, 01:51 PM. Reason: made some final touches to the style. starting testing it soon but my player only has the first 3 charms. if anyone test its , please share your balance or experience.