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  • Essay Collection?

    Hey guys, I was recently looking through the stretch goals from the original ks and saw that there was this one:

    “At $360,000 of contributions, every backer at Scholar of Lore or higher will receive a free PDF of Exploring the Age of Sorrows: Essays on the World of Exalted, a 250+ page, 6" x 9" retrospective collection of essays and art, as described here: First published in 2001 the Exalted Role-Playing Game has had over 80 supplements, 10 novels, a comic series from UDON and entertained thousands of fans across the globe. Exploring the Age of Sorrows”

    I thought it sounded like a great way to try to get back into the setting and maybe push through the hard crunch of this new edition to try and run something, but I don’t remember hearing anything about it since the campaign ended. I know “Exploring the Age of Sorrows” was the name they used for the Fiction Anthology but I don’t think we ever got the essays? Is that still going to be a thing or, having moved onto a new dev team, are we just moving past it? Looking forward to the Dragon Blood KS!

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    The last I spoke to Rich Thomas, it was still intended to be in the works, and that was only a few months ago.

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