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Tell me tales of Goldenseal and the Cinder Isles!

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  • Tell me tales of Goldenseal and the Cinder Isles!

    After casting about for a while for a starting location for our upcoming Chronicle, I've been drawn to the Cinder Isles. Or, more specifically, the tract of coastline between the Cinder Isles and An-Teng. We'll likely have a character strong with Sail, and one who's interested in flight, so a land with sea and mountain peaks would be very nice. I like the cultural notes and adventure seeds in An-Teng, from the Ex2 Compass book. There would most assuredly be Linthas to beat up.

    Before long, we'd be moving on to grander concerns, but to start with, I'm contemplating a beautiful but troubled land; several disunited kingdoms huddled together between mountain and sea. I imagine a few ruins or tombs. Maybe an abnormal dragon line. A local variety of alcohol and a ridiculously spicy native dish to go with it. A distinct style of clothing. A Satrap and his agents, or extortionate pirates. In other words, quite ripe for a Circle of brand new Solars to stomp around in.

    A plus and a minus is that I can't find much of anything at all about the Cinder Isles, or about Goldenseal. That gives me a blank canvas to paint on, awesome!

    But since I've gotten active here, I know you guys & gals have a whole lot of colors to paint with.

    So, what comes to mind for y'all, for an area like this? Canonical information welcome. Informed speculation welcome. Wild whimsy very welcome, and reminisces of games past set in similar locales too.

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    There will be a 2-3 page entry for Zhaojun (of which Goldenseal is the capital) in The Realm. One of my playtest games was set there:

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      Well, that escalated quickly.

      Also, wow... thanks!

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        Aha! I knew I'd read something about Goldenseal somewhere, but I couldn't find anything about it in the book.

        Can you tell us a bit about it? The location and picture there give me a South-East Asian feel, but obviously the names are more Chinese.

        (Also, interesting that the Crown Princess has Mnemonrai in her name.)

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