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Is your character an expy of a popular character?

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  • Is your character an expy of a popular character?

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    I've done expies of mythic and historic characters before (Orpheus based Zenith Caste, Tesla based Twilight, Julie D'Aubigny based Eclipse), but not expies of pop culture IP characters. I mean... some of them are INFORMED by pop-culture IPs, like I'm considering a Zorro and Batman influenced Dynast who's living a double life as a folk hero fighting the Realm - but considering she's a fox-masked Fire Aspect with warfans, she's not that close beyond some broad strokes.

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      My sorcerer character got his name and affinity for spiders from one of the characters in Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys, but it branches off in a pretty different direction.

      One of my players in an old game, though, made no less than three Captain Ersatz characters, because one of the other players misinformed him about the nature of the game prior to his playing.
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        In the game I ran:

        One guy played a drunken, lecherous, tattooed ex-Immaculate monk with a bit of an anger issue. He'd joined the Immaculate Order to get out of being prosecuted, but kept breaking the rules so they sent him to be a missionary in the Scavenger Lands, where he promptly joined a band of bandits (I assume 108, never checked). He had an extremely heavy staff, probably weighing 62 jin, but sadly it was not a spade.

        Another player has a dragon-riding princess who reaps blood and souls in the name of Adramelch, a forbidden god of flame. Her evil cousin controls her old kingdom (famous for its dragons), so she's now founded a new one, full of sorcerous, tall, fine-featured, white-skinned mages, and a bunch of dragons (more gryffons though, those being much easier to make with sorcery). Sadly, Arms of the Chosen was not yet out, so she does not wield Soulfarer.

        A third has a genetically-engineered super-warrior designed by the God-Emperor of the Djala who was cast into the Wyld by dark forces. He eventually returned to reswear his loyalty to the God-Emperor of the Djala (actually a different guy, but the Wyld was confusing so he assumes the God-Emperor is immortal), and leads 100 genetically-engineered super-Djala who he grows in tubes in his ancient First-Age monastery. They're kind of warrior-monks, and wear white tabards over their heavy armour. He's now been named Warmaster of the Djala, though I suspect Hero-Ur, his number 2, would be very happy to take the job.

        If you get the references, you'll see that the tone of the Expies is very, very different.
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          It's interesting how there are degrees of expy-ism. Like, I've never watched Full Metal Alchemist, but one of my fellow players had, and made a character who I believe is partially based on Scar. I looked into the show a bit at that and found out that my characters past is surprisingly close to that of Shou Tucker. Neither are straight out 'the same character', but looking at them with the appropriate lens... *hums*


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            Well, I've had some fun trying to stat the protagonist/Joker from Persona 5 as a Night Solar (without Arsène, but he can be modeled very easily as a spirit familiar).
            It was surprisingly easy.
            ... now I want to play that character.

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              I do it a lot with my NPCs though I take less-obvious routes with portraying the characters that sometimes makes the connection less obvious.

              This is one of my more overt ones.
              Knockdown and Breakout in Transformers Prime are one of my all time favourite antagonist duos. I'd naturally make them Alchemicals, right?

              Not exactly.
              The reasons why I like these characters that have nothing to do with the fact that they turn into cars. In fact there's some great artwork online depicting Transformers characters as humans while still retaining their essence.

              "Doctor in the House~" Knockout

              "Never run when you can fight" Breakdown

              Ended up with The Sculptor of Life and Death a narcissistic Daybreak necrosurgeon and his Dusk Caste partner The Falling Hammer of Oblivion. It took moments of hearing Sculptor talk for my players to figure out he was Knockout.

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                Granted, though, that I usually finish her capsule description with '...if she ran off to join the Black Company rather than picking up the sword.'

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                  I tend not to; if I can see the seams, so to speak, it tends to take me out of the story.

                  That said, in games I've run and played in, one player had Dawn's directly inspired by Saitama and Jet Li's character from Unleashed.

                  On the other hand, there was a player who couldn't come up with an original name to save her life, and this she gave us Dr. Buffy Summers, Dr. Hermione Granger, and Bilba Bagginzoid the boggan.


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                    In 1e, my group had a lot of expies. Though I find that's pretty natural in new games with unique settings. When you're still trying to wrap your head around Creation as a setting, expies can be a useful mental shortcut.

                    By mid-2e, an expy was a rare thing (note the TVTropes definition calls for expies to be deliberate design choices) as we grew more comfortable with the setting and creating unique characters inspired solely by Exalted's setting and plot hooks. Though I'm particularly prone to characters that look like expies but I was completely unaware of the popular character at the time (we had a whole West focused game before One Piece got popular in our social circles that in hindsight looks like One Piece knock-off central).


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                      I've got a new one.

                      I found Westworld's Man in Black really compelling because of how terrifying he must seem to the Hosts. From their perspective he must sound completely insane, talking about the world like it's some mystery that was created for him to unravel. A version of the truth is that he's basically one of the Gentry who enters their world to amuse himself in ways he never could in his own with the most disturbing part being that he seems to consider his actions as in service of a greater good where he liberates everyone from the shackles of their reality.

                      The NPC I made also draws upon the Saint of Killers and Randall Flagg for inspiration of what he is, what he can do and what he ultimately wants.

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                        Since I never get to play and I really want to go all in with Solar Brawl, I have every intention of basically making Goku, complete with Super Saiyan transformation, if I get the chance. Some details with change to fit the campaign.

                        More interesting characters can come with me getting to play rather than ST regularly.


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                          My current Eclipse is an Expy of Batman, albeit one where I ask, "What if Batman fabricated Bruce Wayne wholesale?"


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                            My Water Aspect is a bit of a Captain Ahab Expy, though he has a replaced arm rather than leg. His White Whale is also the Lintha rather than any specific beast, cause those demon summoning bastards keep calling up more monsters for him to hunt.

                            Other than that I don't use too many, though I do have NPCs use some aspects of popular chatacters. Usually from Blizzard games as well (an Abyssal based off Arthas, a Dynast King Leoric, etc.)


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                              So far I’ve done characters based on Kamina, Hassan-i Sabbah, and a Spike Spiegel/John Wick hybrid.