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Is your character an expy of a popular character?

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    Lunar baby cthluhu, Solar Gorilla Grodd+Tarzan
    And tried Solar Zod, and ran a GMPC of Solar Yang Xio Long

    I did a lot of homebrew over here. PEACH.


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      PC- Ronin Chosen of Battles Captain Jack Sparrow. Wherever he goes fights just seem to happen, and boy is he lucky.

      NPC- Earth Aspect Immaculate Monk Daredevil.

      Raksha are my fae-vorite.

      Reincarnation of magnificentmomo.


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        The first character I played was pretty much Hellboy-as-Makoma, from the Hellboy story Makoma (or A Tale Told by a Mummy in the New York City Explorers' Club on August 16, 1993), red stone hand and all.


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          I've got a concept in the works with five sidereals and an antagonist. To make them perfect I've included their supernals, if the abilities line up correctly to allow it.

          A Sail-Supernal Journeys with a golden barque that can reshape and resize itself to travel anywhere it's needed, even inside people, if fate dictates it so.

          A Linguistics-supernal Serenity with massive hair and a soothing demeanor who stresses that anything you think is a mistake is good, because it's led you to this, the most perfect of moments.

          A Survival-supernal Battles who adopts all manner of animals and magical creatures after wrestling them into submission.

          A Performance-supernal Secrets who dazzles people with trivia while keeping the true mysteries of the universe safe.

          A Craft-supernal Endings who will do ANYTHING to destroy a false and harmful rumor, no matter how much firedust it takes.

          Together, they have to deal with some malign force that's unmaking important events from the history of Creation. Those who have seen her passage only remember her blood-red robes and massive, face-concealing red hat.


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            There's been no indication that Sidereals will have Supernal Abilities, or that Craft is being moved into Endings; moreover, how is Carmen Sandiego traveling through time when even the heights of sorcery don't allow for it?


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              I try not to make characters that are expies. I just want to be creative on my own

              Then realize the OC I just made is just Samuel L Jackson again....


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                Just started a new game. This one's something between Sherlock Holmes, Leone Abacchio and O-Ren Ishii


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                  The Sidereal NPC circle in my last game were the main characters from My Little Pony... (excepto for Rarity: she was a Goddess in the Bureau of Destiny and their Supervisor, and never appeared in the game)


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                    Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
                    There's been no indication that Sidereals will have Supernal Abilities, or that Craft is being moved into Endings; moreover, how is Carmen Sandiego traveling through time when even the heights of sorcery don't allow for it?
                    Replace 'supernal' with 'they have a lot of it' then, since if there are no supernals than caste vs favored doesn't matter. How would you make Adam Savage as a Siddie?

                    Not moving through time - unmaking things now. It's a subtle distinction, but I think it's close enough to what I've picked up on as the remit of Getimians that I'll be able to fix it when the rules come out.


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                      None of my most recent characters have been, but I shamelessly steal from media for NPCs all the time.

                      I also find it a very useful tool for helping people make their daunting first steps into Exalted.

                      Exalted Behind a Screen of Jade, Savant of the Immaculate Texts, No Moon Scholar, Seeking Awakened, Cloaked Changeling, Disciple of the Antler Crown, Wraith, Good Sitting Dog, Best Lurking Cat with Bones, Pioneer Pooch, Scion with Shield of Knowledge, Director


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                        One of the players in my modern game deliberately based his character off Harry Dresden. It was his first Exalted game, we were spitballing character ideas, and he was rather pleased at how well the system supported having "Wizard PI" as a character concept, so he just went with it.

                        As for me, I asked myself, "What if Mrs Tiggy-Winkle from the Beatrix Potter tales was an ancient Lunar sorceress?" And then I made it happen because I was the ST and no one could stop me. She's a kindly old lady who likes baking and sewing and who firmly believes that there are few problems in life that don't look better after a good cup of tea. For everything else, there's magma kraken. Eat your vegetables.

                        "Measure of Hope is right about everything." - Wise Old Guru

                        Currently running an Exalted 2.5 Abyssals game in a homebrew modern shard because I value neither my time or my sanity, and I'm loving almost every minute of it.


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                          Not myself, but I'm prepping a new Lunar game, and the PCs I've been sent include Gorilla-Tarzan and Druss the Slayer-Walrus.

                          My characters:
                          Dr Soma Vaidya, viper-totem Lunar and kung-fu doctor
                          Brother Alazar, Zenith occultist and last survivor of the Black Monastery of Leng


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                            I've never really done that for other systems that I can recall, but the last Exalted campaign I played in, I played a Chiaroscuran Night Caste based on Dave Strider, with shades of Batman. My ST also read Homestuck, and loosely based his immediate family on Dave's relatives. It was a good (and anxious) time.


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                              I GM and have caved to my desire for referential touchstones with NPCs on occasion. Most egregious at least as far as barely bothering to reskin though was looting Super Kami Guru to be an ancient, half mad Terrestrial occultist and clan leader who nobody can tell if he is some kind of beast man, wyld touched plant man, or of a demon bloodline.

                              Usually it is a lot more subtle, I swear!