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    Originally posted by MrCroquemitaine View Post
    The larceny charm Terrifying Forest-Devil Mask give me an idea. What about a very little group of outcaste, a family line who's history's build around the figure of a legendary local Hero (like . Everybody think he is immortal but in fact, this is a figure that pass from generation to generation, the thin-blood of the family not habitually allowing them to have more than one or two dragon-blooded at the time.
    ‚ÄčA kind of Exalted version of the Phantom, and a different take on the approach to Chosen in the roles of local culture heroes. It sounds neat, and an interesting way in which a bloodline might maximize the impact of the limited Terrestrials it produces.

    Originally posted by MrCroquemitaine
    What could be fun is if a second member of the family exalt, one who have different views about the decision the Hero must make. It could bring some cool vendetta stories.
    ‚ÄčThat does sound fun. Legacy heroes having rivalries or schisms based on who gets to carry the mantle or what the meaning of it is can be one of the more compelling things that is done with such heroic identities, and the backstory that you're postulating creates this nice image of the family being completely shaken by an unprecedented situation.

    Originally posted by MrCroquemitaine
    Also english is not my native language and I don't no yet how to write that in my sign so sorry for my grammar.
    Honestly, it's pretty good; the errors are minor, and the sentence structure is all accurate, so it's quite easy to read. Don't worry about it.

    I have approximate knowledge of many things.
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      Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post
      Honestly, it's pretty good; the errors are minor, and the sentence structure is all accurate, so it's quite easy to read. Don't worry about it.
      It's funny because when you speak French natively, it's pretty obvious that he and I are from France, because the structure of our sentences are first thought out in French and then put into English.

      Which makes me think, there totally should be a Linguistic Charm that let you know where someone comes from just by hearing him. I guess a Solar version would allow you to speak in sentences that only this person could understand the meaning, while to outlooks it seems like a regular conversation (I think there is a Lore Charm that looks like this ?). for a DB, it would probably allow you to gain a specialty in the regional culture the person is from, that you can then use with said person in future rolls.

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        No big ideas, truth be told. Might redo my homebrewed cadet house from previous editions, the Sinasi, to better fit with their portrayal as "dynasts gone native" ruling their own pieces of Threshold - something me and my friends sort of glossed over, not to say completely ignored, while writing them back in late 1e/early 2e.

        (Kind of justified in that they were actually a branch of the Iselsi - or worse - completely faking it, but i digress)

        One thing that comes to mind, somewhat inspired by Rutanjali from Aspectbook: Wood - is the idea of a dragon-blooded outcaste so immersed in the interactions of one or more elemental courts that the line between exalted and spirit has been blurred many times over and forgotten between long-lived heroes and immortal descendants ascended into godhood through the eras.

        Maybe some lone dragon-blooded sorcerer that went really stir-crazy playing with demon and elemental summoning both in isolation, leading to sybaritic debauchery and all kinds of peculiar experiments and strangeness, that take on a life and direction of its own after centuries of service even after the founder's demise.
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