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MadLetter's Dragon-Blooded Charm Cascades

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  • MadLetter's Dragon-Blooded Charm Cascades

    Hello folks!

    It's this time again! With access to the first few parts of the Charms chapter from the Kickstarter, I already set out to work on the Dragon-Blooded cascades.

    As per usual I will focus my updates on reddit, easily found here: Link

    At the moment, I have finished the first cascade, and I will try to get one up per day at least (day-job work being relatively demanding at the moment) until the weekend rolls around. And here's the quick link list: Let me know what you think. I'll be more regularly looking into things over at reddit, but I'll check back here too.

    Cheers, folks!


    Addition: I have set up a GoogleDoc for people to leave feedback in case I typo something or accidentially fall prone to other errors. At the end of the document there is also a place to leave likewise input on the Solar cascades. I lost a lot of the feedback given earlier to me due to an HDD crash, so if you wanna help go ahead and gimme that input!
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    Just a minor microscopic question: did you think of using white for the Earth signature's border? I think you didn't used it because probably the name of the charms wouldn't read very well given the light yellow background. While I understand why you chose brown, my inner Exalted purist (which should not be taken very seriously) wanted to see the classical elemental colors.

    But this doesn't mean it's a problem or that I dissaprove in any way. Your charm trees have been an incredible aid for me and my players. Thanks for doing this!

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      Nice! Indicating the Balanced keyword along with Elements and Aura would be helpful. A scale pan symbol would seem appropriate.
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        Quick nitpick: neither Earth's Jugment Awakened nor Fang-of-the-Depths Draw is Aura Keyworded (which make those two Charms at least usable).


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          You are hereby rewarded with over 9000 internet point


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            Eyyy, nice. OVER NINE... aehm.

            Anyways, I've done Athletics today, see main post for link.

            Thanks for the input so far, guys. Athletics has a Balanced indicator now. Using the Exalted-Colorscheme doesn't quite work out for the elements, sadly, since black is already used, as is white. I may try some ideas, but this is most likely the color scheme I will use for now. I will fix Archery tomorrow, focused on getting a new cascade out for today, had a bit of a hard workday.

            Cheers and till tomorrow for Awareness!


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              More things added, Brawl is up. Did some fixes here and there, let me know if you folks find anything else!


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                I am now up to Dodge inclusive and have set up a feedback document for people to leave notes in case I mess up somewhere:


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                  Just wanted to say thanks for these,Mr. Mad. They help a ton when I'm trying to get a 'feel' for a tree, and I really appreciate you making them.


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                    Yes, thank you, much appreciated!

                    PS: Was wondering if you are still updating the Solar Trees, as there are some minor corrections I'd like to point out if you are, no big deal though, if you aren't!


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                      MadLetter you are the hero we need.


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                        I like the manner in which the Signature Charms are set apart.

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                          Thanks for all the kind words, folks! I am happily working away at the cascades when I get the time, but for now I am stuck doing them after work. Come the 28th - if I should be unable to finalize them till then - I will have more time, two weeks of time off from work.

                          If you wanna help me out, make note of any typos, errors, etc. on the GoogleDocs file I use:

                          Note TGUEIROS that the file contains a section for the Solar cascades. Once I am done with the DB ones, I wanna go and fix all the issues remaining with the Solar ones. While back I lost a lot of the "to do" list for those cascades to an HDD crunch, so this time around Ima be safe and just put it up in the cloudy heights. Thanks for your efforts and look forward to me posting more cascades!

                          Note: I will only update this post every couple cascades to avoid spamming. Normally I should get at least one Cascade done per day. Cheers folks!


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                            Thanks a lot for doing this. Looking forward to the rest now that the other half of the Charms chapter dropped.

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                              First one from the new batch! Larceny is going up!