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(2e) Why would you want to lift the curse on Denandsor...

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  • (2e) Why would you want to lift the curse on Denandsor...

    ...before taking it for everything it's worth?

    That is, presuming access to the sort of absurd dodge mdv or charms that'd let you treat it as a playground.
    Once you lift the curse, every two bit scavenger king can flood in and get access to the wonders inside, but as long as you're the only ones who can go in, you can loot it for wonders of the shogunate and first age without worrying about other people. Even the hearthstones are free for the taking.

    I just don't see why you'd go through with Solar Circle Countermagic-ing the Dissonance Engine before you've looted it to your satisfaction, and were ready to welcome people back in to what is (presumably) now your fief and restart production.

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    My players just Reworked the dissonance engine so it doesn't affect them and anyone else they configure it to not effect. They just use the city as a hard to access bank and forge.


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      IIrc, being immune to the curse requires a specific and higher essence Integrity charm, which not everyone can be expected to have. If you’re traveling with non-solars the issue only gets worse.

      Alternately, if your objective is to rebuild the city instead of looting it, then you’ll need citizens, an army, etc. all of which means you’ll need places for them to live and everything.

      Keep in mind that disabling the curse doesn’t automatically tell everyone that Denandsor is open for business either. Even if all you want to do it loot it, you should have anywhere from months to years before anyone tries to jump your claim, unless you were amazingly obvious about both your intent and ability to carry it out before you left civilization.

      Also, if someone DOES try to jump your claim? You’re Solar Exalted. Teach them what happens when they try to mess with you.



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        An enlightened mortal built for SHEER BALLS can have such a high dodge MDV naturally that they could make it through a whole day unaided and unstunted, relatively reliably, without being WP tapped even assuming they have no way to restore it.

        I really don't think you need something telling you 'congrats on being immune' in order to loot the city relatively well.


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          In one campaign I was in, our Circle had a large number of followers, an army, etc. We needed a good base of operations. Denandsor was perfect since it essentially gave us an untouched First Age city with functional infrastructure. After we removed the curse, our followers moved in and began repopulating the city. The First Age defenses, coupled with a massive army and several Solars ensured no one was too eager to attack us immediately and that gave us time dig in.