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1001 Things You Don't Want To Hear From Fair Folk

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  • 1001 Things You Don't Want To Hear From Fair Folk

    1. "Let me offer you a deal."
    2. "I'm bored."
    3. "Incidentally, did you know that someone forged a Cup Grace for you - and still owns it?"
    4. "What do you want?"

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    5. "You fascinate me."


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      6. Hello, I'm a Fair Folk.


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        7. "you would look prettier that way"


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          8. "Tell me how that makes you feel"
          9. "It's me or the Guild."
          10. "Do I look like her? I made sure to keep her alive long enough to learn how to imitate her."

          The Fae are great monstrosities in Exalted.

          Incentive is not permission or justification.


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            11. You wont need eyes to see what I want to show you.

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              Originally posted by FMA245 View Post
              4. What do you want?
              4a. "Who are you?"
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                12. Hey, faeblood, wanna know how you can shake off that prison of shape and actualize your wyld nature?

                First, they appeal to you with an offer of ceasing to be something as categorically inferior even to other enlightened mortals (2e perspective) as a faeblood.
                Then, they eat your soul, because it technically fulfills the conditions of their question.


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                  13. "Damn I'm hungry. Got something to eat?"
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                    13. You don't know me, but I swore an oath to your previous incarnation that...

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                    The absence of a monument can, in its own way, be something of a monument also.
                    -Roger Zelazny


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                      14. Hmmmm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm

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                        15. "Oh, you're that one's spouse. They're so much fun!"

                        16. "New guests! Oh, it's wonderful when new people saunter into my little slice of the Wyld, especially when they don't realize it..."

                        I'm feeling bluuuueeeee~


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                          17. Do you remember that promise you made to the bees when you were a child?

                          18. Will you drink the Tears of Joy with me, or do you dare refuse my hospitality?

                          19. What do you think of our gift to your Creation, the Elemental Pole of Giant Scorpion?

                          20. If it’s a challenging tome you seek, perhaps you’d be interested in...this? (Reveals copy of Graceful Wicked Masques)


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                            21. Ohh shit, I'm out of motes
                            22. Okay, but it'll take a lot of essence
                            23. Hello gorgeous


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                              24. Let me tell you a story...