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  • Artists you want to see in Ex3

    Since I got into Exalted, the art in the books has been very important to help me envision Creation and its inhabitants.

    Throught both editions, there have been artists whose style and design choices have become essential to the game.

    Now Ex3 is has a new art director, and as far as we've been able to see, it seems like she's making a very good job. But still we haven't had confirmation of the artists that will be putting their art in the corebook.

    So which are your Top 3 artists you'd like to see coming back* to work on the new edition?

    *I think we can obviate the participation of Mel Uran, but if you want to add her to your list that's fine.

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    Mel Mel Mel, Mel Mel Uran
    Mel Mel Mel, Mel Mel Uran

    Oh Mel Uran, your Swan's so wan,
    Mel Uraaan
    You got the Chibis and the Teachers
    Pattern Spiders and the Preachers
    Mel Uran, Mel Mel, Mel Mel Uran!


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      My personal choices are artists whose style goes beyond "manga" and brought an outstanding aesthetic to Exalted. Their art was partly responsible for my interest in the game, and I'd simply feel bad if I don't see them in the upcoming books.

      3. Pasi Pitkänen - Man, I'd like to see his art in the artifact section of the book. Not only is he great at drawing metal textures, he's got and incredible imagination and his artifact designs are my favorite. Just take a look at the daiklaves in the Ex1 core, or the Mountainfolk artifacts in Scroll of Fallen Races.

      2. Leanne Buckley - Her drawings in Scavenger Sons and Ruins of Rathess are some of my favorite. Her style is both beautiful and unconventional. The facial expression of her characters is very conveying, specially the eyes. I'd love to see her interpretation of Strawmaiden Janest or the five solar sigs. I'd be very pleased to see her draw some ruin/Manse scenes in Ex3.

      1. Sophie Campbell - For me, Exalted would've been a bad amerimanga game without Sophie Campbell's art. It were her lines which drew my attention to the game the most. She has an uncommon talent for bringing elements from aboriginal cultures when most artists kept stuck with kimonos and chinese garbs. Her art helps to represent the cultural diversity in Creation. Her exploration of human body modification is also very interesting (and hard for some people to get apparently). Her understanding of how the human figure, both female and male is so variable is a blessing in a book in which "beautiful people" are expected to be the norm. Sophie Campbell is also fantastic at creating monsters, and is responsible for some of the coolest demon depictions in Exalted.
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        All right, in some semblance of seriousness.

        I'd like to see Kiyo, I really like her demon-related artwork, and her Ligier remains the one I think of when considering the character. (If they can get her to stop drawing heart panties on otherwise badass warriors then we will be extra golden.)

        Also Adam Warren, whose cover for the Roll of Glorious Divinity remains one of my favorite covers of all time. So yeah it might come as no surprise that RoGD was my favorite series, artistically.


        Mel Mel Mel, Mel Mel Uran...


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          UDON, mostly because I like their clean linear-art and an overabundance of lantern jaw. The Storytelling comic in Manual:Lunar is the only sketchy-style piece that I like due to how dynamic and fluid the panel was.

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            1) Andrew Hepworth.*
            2) Eric Allan Nelson.
            3) Ross Campbell.

            * See Oadenol's Codex page 97.

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              I'd like to see me, personally.

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                Exalted has worked with Imaginary Friends Studio before, though not with the specific artist I have in mind, but I would love if they could get even a single cover done by Stanley Lau (aka Artgerm). He is bad a varying the facial expressions, but his work is simply gorgeous.

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                  Ross Campbell, if forbidden from drawing people; Guy Davis, if forbidden from drawing living things; Saana Lappalainen, if forbidden from drawing Ligier with extra arms.


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                    Originally posted by The MG View Post
                    Ross Campbell, if forbidden from drawing people;
                    I actually like the way he draws people.


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                      I don't really like Ross Campbell's work. In terms of artists coming back Mel Uran for sure, in terms of new artists I'd love to see work on the setting, Wayne Reynolds would be awesome for Exalted I think, and not too unlikely, Matt Cavotta would also be great to see working on Exalted stuff but that's very unlikely I think as he's generally a wizards guy. And talking about wizards guys, Tony Di'Terlizzi's Planescape art would always have fitted parts of Exalted to a T, I thought.


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                        I'd like to see Adam Warren do a comic.

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                          Edit: Also to answer the question I would love to see Nate Simpson the artist/writer of that one awesome issue of Non-Player do some Exalted illustrations!

                          What I would really like to see is some enforced consistency in the art across the Exalted line. Something that really bugs me in a book is when the quality of art varies wildly from page to page. I think it is important to define "Is our art going to be pencil sketches, black and white ink, of full colour?" and then stick to that decision. Exalted isn't the worst perpetrator of this by far, but I would say that D&D 4e and Pathfinder have both done a better job of defining a expected level of art quality in their product line compared to Exalted. I have no problem with different artists contributing different styles of artwork to exalted, but I would argue that when you have one illustration done in sketchy pencils and the other fully inked and coloured this is less a difference in style and more a difference in quality and polish. Essentially what I would like to see is a in house art style/quality defined for Exalted, perhaps using the work of one of Exalted's major art contributors as a base point.
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                            The likliehood of it ever happening is slim at best, but I would LOVE to see Yoshitaka Amano's take on the world of Creation and the beings that populate it. Only amazing things could come of such a union.

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                              Just 3 is impossible.

                              Mel is obvious, Kiyo, Ross Campbell, Sam Liu is pretty busy these days but his stuff for 1st edition was amazing, Tazio Bettin(previously known as Sunamori), Adam Warren, Nunchaku on DA would be a welcome addition in my opinion, PaleLonginus's Wyld Shaping Technique illustration is still my favorite out of charms, whoever did Jade on the 1st edition core, whoever did Arada on Aspect Book: Air, whoever did Deled on the 1st edition DB splat, Leanne Buckley for sure, Hyung Tae Kim for all the haters, bah and a lot of others, still not done.

                              Our buddy Gonzo AKA Bersagliere on deviantart (if you were not aware) needs to get in there, Django-red did some cool stuff, Markovah over on DA did a pretty bad ass Fehim for the board game, Christopher Stevens is on a whole 'nother level these days, Amonthor has some crazy line art.... and lastly I'd like to get to an acceptable level before the edition is over and contribute as well.

                              There are more but this is quite enough for now.

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