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The new God of War game is giving me some serious Exalted vibes at points.

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  • The new God of War game is giving me some serious Exalted vibes at points.

    I was watching a Let's Play of it and while I didn't really think that at first, the first boss fight (this is about 25-30 minutes in for those worried about spoilers) is just...

    Look at that, and tell me isn't two Brawl Supernal Dawns going at it. I haven't seen anything of this level since in the game, but I have a feeling it'll get Exalted as fuck again later.

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    Kratos does have kind of a nice Exalt vibe when you take the whole story into play. I mean you have the first three games which was him just butchering anyone who wronged him or was within a wide berth of the route he needed to go to get to someone who had wronged him. Now he's an elder who'd been learning other things and works nicely as a mentor to try and prevent the next from following his apocolyptic footsteps.

    From a narrative point I've actually enjoyed this one more than the original series. It does help that it isn't a reboot like I'd feared it was going to be.


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      Kratos is now, and always shall be, Best Abyssal Dusk Caste. Although I'd put him with Supernal Athletics rather than Brawl; his most defining characteristic really is his just *idiotic* moments of strength. But... he's put a lot of charms in a lot of combat skills. (And the Stranger is a good example of Supernal Resistance Solar. "I feel NOTHING!")

      Now he's just very 'renegade Abyssal trying to escape the Black Exaltation' rather than 'Abyssal indulging in wanton violence cause violence is fun (and also vengeance or something)'

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        Given his whole "rage against any and all gods" deal, I would actually place Kratos as more of a Slayer Infernal. As much as I disliked Infernals in 2e, I can't deny that Kratos is a very effective portrayal of that boundless, bordering on soplipistic fury of Malfeas. No thought to consequences, or what may come after, or even it's effects on himself. There is only the rage. And his character in the new game seeking to contain and control the anger, while also trying, with mixed success, to become a new, more responsible, and better kind of god outside the mores of Asgard and Olympus is very Devil Tiger.


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          I consider it only a matter of time before somebody does up the Leviathan Axe as a jade grimcleaver.

          If I was more confident in my ability to write effective but well-balanced Evocations, that somebody would be me

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