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Speculating on the content of "Lunars: Fangs at the Gate"

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  • Relentless Lunar Fury is a fundamental archetype for Lunars in combat(not the 2e version, Ex3 reuses the name and it deals with regeneration and raging). Regeneration has explicitly been called out as something Lunars do better than Solars. So you might have to deal with disappointment in some regard.

    Mind you, could be completely wrong. We won't have the manuscript until next year. But from what we've been told so far this is the case.


    • At Robert's urging, I'm trying to watch The Five Venoms on Netflix.

      Apologies, but I'm finding it boring. I don't think it aged well.

      Halfway through and neither the Lizard nor the Scorpion have fought anyone, and the scrappy kid has only intervened in one fight. The one fight that the real martial artists have had so far.

      It was almost like the kid used White Veil Style to tip the scales of the fight in the Toad's favor without anyone seeming to notice he'd rushed right into the middle of the duel. The Toad and Centipede dismissed him just as quickly as the police.

      He uses a staff, and I wonder if he could be interpreted to be using Laughing Monster Style. That was the Staff Grace-based shaping style of the raksha, and its purpose was to turn two other characters against each other.

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