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    Okay, so this has been bugging me. The different anima effects for the DB aspects almost don't all fall into the same frameworks. They each have three abilities but only two aspects follow the same pattern. All five aspects have an ability for five motes, four have a three mote power, three have a modification to their anima flux, two have a once a day, and one has a constant ability.

    5 Motes or Bonfire Anima 3 Motes Once per Day Anima Flux Constant
    Air Reflexive Movement Leap, no fall damage 1pt penalty on projectile attacks against character Add Principle's strength to a Mental or Social action
    Earth 1 turn +(Essence or 3) Soak, +1 hardness, +1 against smash & grapple Ignore 1pt penalty from wounds/poison/crippling for a single tick knocked prone or flung one range band away
    Fire Scene: Immune mundane Heat Hazards, Hardness 2, Essence Soak on fire attacks Add Intimacy's strength to a roll when acting to uphold emotional intimacy (Essence or 3) damage
    Water Movement treats water as solid, ignore penalty on rush/disengage from difficult terrain 1 non-charm success to disengage, withdraw, resist grapple Breathe Water, no penalty to underwater action
    Wood Double 9s resisting disease and poison (Immune plant-based poisons) Ignore 1pt penalty to Evasion, (Essence)pt penalty to movement Poison: Dam 2i/round, Dur (Essence+Stamina) rounds, and a −1 penalty

    So I have been trying to figure out how to fill in the gaps so all aspects have an ability for each category, without breaking anything.

    First step would be a Fire 3 mote ability, since it has the most examples to match, I'm thinking about copying from Water to keep balance and since Fire is highly aggressive, making it 1 non-charm success on a Rush or to oppose a Disengage.

    Next up would be Anima Fluxes. Water, I am thinking, would drag at a person, providing resistance and weighing them down or making them slip. Mechanically that would be a penalty to movement actions. Air would have winds that cause the victim to squint and their eyes water, penalizing their Perception/Awareness and maybe their attacks, but that might be too powerful compared to the others.

    The Once per Day effects are based on Intimacies so following that pattern: Earth would be Principles benefiting Physical Actions. Wood would be positive Ties benefiting nurturing actions like Medicine, teaching with Lore, certain Inspire actions. Water has me stumped though.

    Finally there are the Constant abilities, which our one example seems to be about surviving and functioning in that elemental environment, but that is also how I would describe the Fire 5 mote ability, so again I am a bit stumped. These are also the abilities that are most difficult to keep balanced as they are free and always on. Earth might work as non-charm dice/successes or an effectively higher strength for feats of strength when dealing with earth and stone? That would help them with mining, cave-ins, and monolithic architecture.

    What does everyone else think? How would you fill in the holes in the chart?

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    Okay but why though? Solars' anima effects follow even less of a pattern, unless you've already given those this treatment too.


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      I would keep the amount of anima abilities each Aspect has the same, I'd just change them slightly for Air and Water. Honestly, 5 different anima abilities for each aspect would be way too many to balance and remember all the time.

      Air's one point penalty on projectile attacks against a character is a bit underwhelming to be honest. I'd probably change it with something to improve the anima flux. Maybe imposing a visual penalty to characters who were hurt by it or something? Not 100% sure on it since a number of Air Aspects will probably want to stay dim most of the time and wont want to go bonfire, but it'd put them slightly more in line with the others.

      Water's three mote non-charm success on disengages, withdraws and escaping grapples is pretty good, but it could be changed into something for the anima - maybe a penalty to movement rolls? But asides from that, i think Water's fine.


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        Originally posted by Sith_Happens View Post
        Okay but why though? Solars' anima effects follow even less of a pattern, unless you've already given those this treatment too.
        Well basically it is because I have some slight OCD tendencies.

        Solars lack a pattern, just abilities that suit their themes and that is fine. DBs have a broken pattern, so I feel the need to fix it.

        I doubt I will ever be running a DB game, so it is mostly a moot point, but if I did, I think I would have the players pick three off the list, and maybe give them the other two at essence 4 and 5.


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          Originally posted by Sequal View Post
          Well basically it is because I have some slight OCD tendencies.
          OCD is a real psychological disorder. The word you're looking for is fastidious.

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            A person may have manageable OCD, or slight OCD tendencies.


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              Originally posted by Ekorren View Post
              OCD is a real psychological disorder. The word you're looking for is fastidious.
              Yes, I am well aware of this. You may note that I didn't say that I was OCD, or make any jokes about it. It is a serious, life-defining issue for people who do have it.


              1. very critical; hard to please
              2. excessively particular about details
              3. exceedingly delicate; easily disgusted

              Nope, that's not quite it.


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                People can have "OCD tendencies" without "having" OCD. It's not either/or, it's a spectrum - "having" OCD just means your obsessive-compulsive tendencies are so strong that they become a serious obstacle to living a normal life.

                I'd be more concerned with people who use the word "OCD" to mean "Obsessed with order/cleanliness" instead of the real meaning of "Can't stop thinking about things that bother you until you do something about it (sometimes having to do so quite excessively even when that makes no sense and provides no additional benefit, like washing your hands for 5 minutes straight every time you go to the bathroom)"

                Sequal, it would be better to say you have "obsessive-compulsive tendencies" instead of "OCD tendencies." Everyone has obsessive-compulsive tendencies to a greater or lesser degree, it's only when it becomes life-altering that it becomes OCD.