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Does Exalted 3E have a Jianghu?

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    Originally posted by TGUEIROS View Post

    From That Which May Not Be Mentioned.

    I kid, its from one of the leaks.
    Ah. That's a bit of a shame, I just started a campaign in Wu-Jian and thought that maybe there was already a preview from The Realm released that I can use.

    Funny thing is, I have the city run by martial arts dojos, too... but only five instead of thirteen, and in a bit of a standoff against the Peleps satrap and a Guild merchant prince. But I've already resigned myself to contradicting the future canon writeup, so no biggie.


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      Originally posted by Ostarion View Post
      If Exalted does have a Jianghu江湖, who are the principle members, is it the Solars and Lunars? Do the Dragon blooded and Sidereals represent the corrupt government in this interpretation(which would be rather ironic since these two types of Exalted have the most martial arts associations)?
      DBs and Sidereals can be dissidents from their corrupt and hidebound elders, too. In fact, such DBs probably make up the bulk of the people you're referring to.