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Does Exalted 3E have a Jianghu?

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  • glamourweaver
    Why do you think the region of Creation specifically designed to be most free for wandering heroes is the one geographically defined by “Rivers”?

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    Wu-Jian was described as city ruled by different Martial Arts organizations, some were gangs, some monastic brotherhoods, who fought each other for turf and all the other reasons groups of ass kickers fight each other for.

    Does that count?

    EDIT: Relevant Excerpt

    "There is little the satrap can do to police the slums. Magistrates only dare visit the most open
    areas such as the waterfront, and even then they travel in groups. In the rest of the city, the law is
    what the strong and the clever will. Here everything is for sale and anything can be taken.

    Pickpockets and cutpurses roam the seething marketplaces where almost any goods imaginable
    can be found; gangsters draw knives on sharpers in gambling halls; the owners of brothels and
    drug dens roll drunken sailors for pocket change. Abandoned structures host all manner of
    squatters, from beggars and pilgrims to outcaste sorcerers, demon worshippers, spies from the
    Undersea, cannibal mutants, soul-hungry Fair Folk, or even the Anathema.

    The only real organizing forces are the Thirteen Schools, underground martial arts societies
    whose initiates swear mighty oaths to obey their teachers and elders. Some use their school’s
    techniques to protect the downtrodden against thugs and thieves. Others form especially
    dangerous criminal gangs, commanding their territories through violence and intimidation. When
    bands from opposing schools meet, citizens scatter. A master’s feet and fists can crack bricks and
    shatter wood; Wu-Jian’s slums are shabbily built at best, and a large fracas can send entire
    tenements tumbling down."
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