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Evocations for Canonical Characters

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    Eagle's Rain (Harmonious Jade's Short Powerbow)
    This has appeared in my game with the PCs retriving it from the body of Golden Shadowed Arrow from a city where arrows fell from empty skies upon tresspassers who acted in violation of its ancient laws, I never nailed down if that effect persisting into the Second Age was the result of sorcery, charms or evocations but the idea of being able to have arrows hanging over people like the sword of damocles fits both a man who wanted to eliminate corruption and an assassin looking for a purpose. I'm seeing effects that are made stronger by the number of arrows hanging over a particular target or the ability to call multiple down at once.

    The Freedom Stone is back, help it to live again.


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      Oh, I think there's a similar Archery Charm Solars have. Hanging Arc Judgement or something like that. The bow could upgrade those to last forever but only fall when conditions are met and such things!