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    Originally posted by Lukkychukky View Post
    All of this is literal gold. I am definitely only focusing on the things they are interested in. I've gotten used to that running Chronicles of Darkness and Pathfinder as much as I have.

    I had a question about Spirits: what exactly does it mean by Spirits? Does this include gods? It's a little unclear to me.

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by this? Sounds really cool.

    What do you mean by tease out certain gods? Like, reference ones which don't exist anymore?!
    Spirits covers Gods, Elementals, Ghosts and Demons. All of which should be targets for Occult Charms the Sorceror could lick up. Gods are the best focus for the religious plot, but any of the others could get used in a twist, with or against them.

    (Still working on this quote function via phone use)
    The Sidereals are a mysterious Exalt type that live in Heaven and are built to be the puppetmasters for a plot. Their powers play with Fate and make things feel like it was always in their order of events even if they just got there.
    So make them your Fantasy Men in Black, and keep them mysterious. Have Gods only refer to them as 'them' or 'the bureau'. Only slip information in dying breaths. Those who speak of them disappear (or worse get forgotten by all around them). They helped invent the Martial Arts of the IP, and that power is what helps the IP control Gods and other spirits.

    Old or forgotten gods could be used as information sources and allies if they used to be more popular when solars ruled. Buried cities have buried city gods, weird weather or animals almost wiped out. Or have it be ghosts or demons pretending to be gods


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      My recommendation is, whatever happens just roll with it. It will turn into a tragic burning mess fairly quickly, but there is a lot of learning experience to be had from that, and this is Exalted whatever you end up with can be used.

      So basically, go with the flow and be prepared to sandbox.