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  • [Setting]The Vaults of Horror

    So I was searching around the net and got inspired about contained threats in the first age of exalted. (You more than likely guessed what I was inspired by)
    So I'm just going to let this introduction explain it a bit.

    The Vaults of Horror.

    From before it's earliest days to it's fall and beyond. The Age of the Solars was a place filled with wonder... And horror.
    Weapons that made it's wielder into blood-crazed monsters. Dimensional prisoners. Commanders of immortal legions. Poisons so vile they could extinguish the light of a Solar and worse.
    These are the things that the Vaults of Horror were made to contain.

    A small group of first generation Sidereals, Lunars, Solars and loyal Dragon-blooded was their creators.
    Once the great war was over and the dust had settled.
    These few looked around and saw the dangers that still remained in the world.
    Weapons made to defeat the creators of Creation.
    Now just waiting for the first ambitious chosen to unleash their power upon a new target.
    Great beasts and armies unkillable, unleashed by the now defeated masters of the gods. Roaming, waiting, plotting...
    Through the strongest of oaths and magical pacts the went forth. Their work clear before them...
    To protect their younger peers from the horrors unleashed by the broken and dead gods of the gods... And later on, also from themselves...

    For years uncountable the order of the Vaults searched creation unseen to snatch away that which could threaten it. Which could threaten the chosen. That which would sow chaos and destruction.
    Their ranks were from time to time supplemented by new trustworthy chosen as well as the descendants of the Dragon-blooded soldiers that aided the original members of the order.

    As more and more items and creatures were added to the Vaults so did the need for more of them.
    As such multiple vaults were created, hidden by the construction of other great works... And sometimes the trails of the Vaults were washed away with the blood of the curious...
    When the new vaults stood ready. The Order started to widen their views. Resulting in some questionable additions to the Vaults.

    When the great uprising occurred some of the celestial members sought refuge in some of the lower security vaults...
    Other low security vaults invited fleeing celestials sometimes to contain them others to protect them.
    A few vaults fell to vengeful and murderous Dragon-blooded legions.
    After that the rest of the Vaults closed their doors and went silent.
    The celestials within them willingly leading the legions away from the vaults. Others were slain before being displayed by infiltrating order members to draw away attention from the Vaults.
    Those Vaults that were discovered were destroyed or made unreachable if their contents could not be destroyed...

    When the Contagion hit, not even the Vaults were safe. And the last of the order died at their posts... There are some that returned as ghosts and continue their duty in death.

    With the return of the solars so have memories of the Vaults.
    Despite the efforts of the order the Vaults will remain concealed no longer. What horrors are about to be unleashed upon creation?

    Now that was the introduction to the actual vaults. Let's see what kind of things we could find in the Vaults?
    Also what kind of effect would they have upon the world?
    Whilst there are some things that are doom and gloom the worlds about to be eaten like a shroom.
    I would prefer things that are dangerous but maybe not at a worldbreaking level.

    I hope I make some kind of sense here, but I will try to make some post of different items inside the Vaults and what kind of effect they would have on players as well as the world if they were unleashed.
    I would love feedback and maybe some entries of your own? Also I would love having some help with the actual mechanics and rules on things because I'm not the best at that

    The Five Directional Rune Captains.

    Towards the end of the Great war, some of the worlds Creators thought to make immortal armies of their own to fight the chosen. (they were unable to tell the difference between the solars due to seeing humans as inferior for such a long time that they thought the celestial exalts as immortal rather than incarnations)
    They gathered up five loyal worshipers as well as thousands of humans and bound them with inscriptions of magic to always reform.
    At the peek of their prime, when their captains called them from death.
    The five worshipers were made into beings bound to certain elemental nodes. Always reforming there no matter how they were slain.
    They were truly immortal. Empowered by the rune-like markings upon their bodies, they were able to fight the chosen for some time.
    With great effort and many casualties, the chosen managed to capture the Captains and sever their bond to their warriors. Making it possible to slay them with violence.
    The Five Captains were still Immortal however and could restore the bond if they ever came into contact with the warriors again.
    As such they are kept in separate vaults.

    Story hook:
    An old man with strange markings has the group join him in exploring a vault full of treasures.

    The Old man is a surviving rune warrior. Being unable to die from age but still aging the ancient man searches for his captain who will immediately restore his immortality upon touching him.
    Being considered as less dangerous by the order after a few millennia due to the warriors being considered dead and dust. The Five Captains are held at a low security vault making it into a exiting dungeon full of traps and (what the players think is) treasure.

    Once the rune warrior has his link restored he immediately kills himself and returns as a powerful warrior immediately freeing his captain.
    Depending on how the players have acted, this might lead to a confrontation with the warrior whilst the captain escapes. (the captain can be anything from Lintha to human to something else).
    The story teller can also chose how the captain will behave. Some of the captains may have had a humane and pleasant treatment during their captivity whilst other had a harsh time.
    Some may be fanatical enemies of the chosen and the gods whilst others may just enjoy the fresh air.
    No matter what they are now new "players" on the board of creation if they are set free.
    One of their goals could be to find the remains of their warriors to restore them.
    Others Might try to set their fellow captains free.

    The blade of Obsession.

    I don't have any fancy words for this one, but think of it as the sinister cousin of beloved Adorei.
    A sentient blade of great power... But great jealousy.
    Gm tips
    Have the sword grant some strong benefits, but also have the sword try to influence the wielder that everyone is against him but the sword.

    Plot hook.
    It is an easy one to start since it's a very fancy looking sword in a run down and mostly destroyed vault with an assortment of treasures ("treasures")
    After at least one session of attunement, the sword makes all other attuned artifact dissonant.
    Reveal this if the player attempts to use the artifacts or after the second session of attunement to the blade.
    After two sessions of Attunement, the blade can no longer be thrown away or given away.
    Attempts to take it results in the on who attempted it suffering damage dice that ignore soak and hardness as the blade lashes out at them.
    Attempts at throwing or leaving the blade behind will make the blade reappear at the attunee's side (in it's scabbard or in their hands) very upset (unless it was an attack).
    The blade will then start to attempt to turn the wielder against anyone and anything they have a positive intimacy towards that isn't the blade.
    Now this works mostly as a subplot but it get's bigger as the wielder will inevitably be unable to resist the poisoned words of the sword.

    If the blade manages to corrupt it's wielder or the sword wielder is slain and the sword is left on the ground then there may be a new super powered serial killer on the loose.

    I may add more of these later but that's it for now.

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    alchemical report
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    Here's some more things from the Vaults.

    These two have the potential to be actual world threats... Couldn't even go one post without making this sort of thing up could you?

    The Bottle of Wonder.

    In times of old there was a being of great power...
    Chaos was it's nature and madness it's domain.
    It's subjects found a place of wrong...
    A place of shape, infested by form.

    For their service the being awarded it's servants with three wishes.

    It engaged the foul stain upon it's pristine chaos.
    The infestation sent armies.
    The being snapped it's fingers and they were no more.
    Heroes of the corruption challenged the being.
    The being clapped and they lay dead upon the floor.
    The protector of the foul order appeared.
    And the being fought.
    Days of combat left both sides tired and the battle was a draw.

    Pushed out of the infestation the being planned it's next attack when a stranger approached.
    A being, shaped, yet chaotic and changing.
    It told the being of a way to defeat the protector of the corruption.
    The being listened.

    Overjoyed the being awarded the shaped chaos with three wishes.

    "for my first wish. I want a cork that can never be remove from the inside. And only once every hundred years!"
    Said the shaped chaos.
    A request as strange as the creature itself thought the being as it created the cork.
    "for my second wish. I wish for a bottle, so strong that not even you could break it!"
    The ever-changing asked.
    A peculiar wish once again. But the being was always true to it's word and created the bottle.
    "for my last wish. I want you to enter the bottle!"
    Clever Luna said as she corked the bottle, silencing the roars of anger from the mighty being.
    Another one of Creations foes had been defeated, for now...

    It is unknown how the bottle found its way into the Vaults but it was placed in one of the highest security Vaults available.
    Plot Hook.
    The Vaults of Horror kept most of the information about the different "residents" and items in specialized off site storages to prevent the personal from becoming tempted to use the items.
    Because of this, anyone capable of breaching the Vault containing the Bottle of Wonders would see only a treasure kept behind heavy security.
    If anyone removes the cork, the Great Chaos Lord will immediately appear from the bottle.
    Upon seeing the one that released it, it will offer three wishes to it's savior.
    It will attempt to fulfill these wishes at the best of it's capabilities. (Observe, story tellers may chose to weaken the Chaos Lord due to it's long time of imprisonment).

    "Important side note"
    It will not destroy itself or do anything similarly suicidal, nor will it do something like "sealing itself forever" it will however enter a prison if ordered due to it having a chance to escape either before it's trapped or after!
    "End of side note"

    Once the third wish is fulfilled however, the being will be free and will start to wreck havoc on a story teller regulated level. From setting villages on fire to crashing Yu-Shan into the Blessed Isles.
    Story teller tip.
    You may have the being either throw the bottle and/or cork away and/or taking either one or both of the items with it as it leaves.

    The players now have to attempt to seal this force of destruction with their wits. Force may slow it but should probably be the solution to recapturing the bottle and/or Cork if the being took those.

    Once this creature is loose it will be making pretty huge waves so to say. Use this particular creature with care.
    If you use it, make sure to keep it intelligent but arrogant so that a humble question could potentially topple this mountain of a challenge. (think Anansi style of challenge/solution).

    The Architect.

    Field report on the ######### project. Date: ######
    The gate is stabilized and and the expeditionary force have encountered a group of strange creatures.
    They seem mostly curious about us and almost friendly... If you could get past just how disturbing they look!

    Expeditionary log of ######### of the ###### Gunzosha company
    Date ######
    The Lawgivers told us to grab a couple of those, Faceless, things and bring them back for study.
    Easy for them to say, they're not the ones in this freaky land. It's like it's all organized but chaotic...
    I've been on wyld campaign more normal than this.

    Recorded Message between lawgiver ######## the ####### of #######. Head of the ######### project. Date: ######
    and the expeditionary force.

    Expedition member
    "We need to leave now!"

    "Calm yourself soldier. What is happening?"

    Expedition member
    "There's more Faceless! New ones! These are big! They're tearing us apart!"
    screams and disturbing noises are heard.

    "Soldier? Are you there? What's happening?"


    Expedition member
    "Unconquered sun protect us. It... It's in my head! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!"

    Expedition member?

    Transmission ends.

    "Tell ###### to get ready. She will get to see some action on this trip after all".

    During the final centuries of the solar rule, an attempt was made to breach into another world.
    It was successful.
    A strange world different from Creation was discovered and friendly (if terrifying) natives were found.
    The creature were human sized, their skin, a multitude of changing colors, at first glance, random, but at closer look. There is order to it's changing shades.
    Multiple tentacle-like appendages formed their legs. Four arms with multiple fingers on each hand grew from each shoulder on their mostly humanoid torso.
    A featureless humanoid head covered in bone sat upon their shoulders. A mouth below where a humans chin would be would open to reveal rows of sharp teeth. First seemingly in an attempt to mimic human smiles... Later twisted into a grimace of rage.
    The creatures were called the "Faceless" by the expedition guards.

    The Order of the Vault was swift to place the project under surveillance.
    After a few days some of the natives were captured and brought to creation for study.
    The creatures who had seemed peaceful resisted with unexpected fury, harming several of the expedition members before two of them were slain and the rest became compliant.
    Attempts were made to communicate with them but they would only make strange clicking and hissing noises.
    After some "tests" it was discovered that the creatures could communicate telepathically (the clicking and hissing seemed to be for either intimate discussion or to express fear or danger).

    The "test" left the lawgivers with only a single one of the creatures left.
    A strange observation was discovered.
    The creature was able make a miniature non-functioning replica of the gate through observation alone.
    It's many fingers able to shape the stone like a Solar would shape objects.
    Plans to have the creatures become builders were made. A second expeditionary force was sent when disaster struck.

    A new type of faceless greeted the expedition.
    Hulking brutes shrugging off sword and axe, boulder-like fists crushing men in their grip.
    A message was sent back to the base in creation. Demanding the return of the captured faceless.
    The project leaders answer was to prepare for battle.

    A bloody battle was fought.
    According to the orders observators. A gargantuan Faceless squeezed through the portal.
    It's power overwhelming, destroying great weapons of war with seemingly little difficulty.
    The portal was closed and the Creature was bisected.
    The remaining faceless were quickly destroyed.
    According to the observators, the faceless forces that remained were struck helpless by grief when the gargantuan one fell.
    The order organized it's largest cleanup yet.
    Remaining expedition personal and local reinforcements were all silenced. Chosen or not.
    The area was turned into wyld and the Faceless captive was brought to the vault for study and the hope for a peaceful solution.
    The creatures ability to mimic the work of others and even improve it made it's guards call it "the Architect".
    Seeming to not need food, attempts were made to speak with it by allowing it to "control" criminals sentenced to death.
    little was gained and with no incursions from the faceless, the Architect was sent to a low security vault.

    Plot hooks.
    so here we have this horrifying creature that is lost in a strange world trying to get home. By any means necessary.

    The players may either find the faceless inside a vault.

    At which point it will immediately attempt to escape when it sees an opportunity. Thinking the players are new guards (if it escapes things will turn out as if it had already escaped depending on if the players track it actively and successfully or not.

    Or it may have already escaped and the players encounter mortals being controlled by the Architect.
    The mortals it controls are forced to work without any food or water. Working until they perish.
    It's also bringing in prisoners, either led there by controlled mortals or by the Architects "Mannequins".
    human sized and larger stone puppets controlled by the Architect which uses them for protection and to bring in new "workers".

    What should be clarified. is that the Architects specie doesn't eat or drink the same way that most mortal creatures in creation does.
    They gain all they need just by breathing and what it needs is in abundance in creation. It doesn't know how humans work.
    So to it the humans are dying from starvation despite being inside an all you can eat buffet.
    The layers action will shape how the future will shape.
    They may kill the architect right then and there ending it and the threat or profit the faceless could have brought.
    They may try to hinder the Faceless and fail which may have the endless creating a portal of their own, seeking revenge for the death of one of their Progenitor Goddesses and the torture and death of so many of their own.
    The players might start the ancient project anew, exploring the home of the faceless.
    Unless the Architect has been allowed to return to it's kind with a friendly attitude towards the players things may get a bit hectic as the faceless see terrible aliens seeking to abduct and torture their kind.
    They might attempt to make up for (possibly previous life) past mistakes and help the Architect complete the portal. Story tellers may make it so the Architect is incapable of completing the portal on it's own forcing it to try and make a deal with the players.

    One interesting secondary plot hook that might be fun to use would be that some time after the Architect has returned home.
    The faceless open multiple portals to creation, warping the earth into the strange grey dirt and stone of their home world, searching for something.
    The players might run into or be approached by the architect once again.
    Depending on the relation it had to the group it may either easily or through some persuasion, reveal that the Gargantuan Faceless in the Vault order report is still alive and kept in a high security vault.
    It is revealed that the Gargantuan Faceless is one of the so called Progenitor Gods/Goddesses of the faceless. One of the mothers of the entire race. And they will stop at nothing to return her home.

    That's a couple of walls of text but hopefully it's entertaining to read. Do give me your thoughts on it.
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      Time for some new things for the Vault.

      These are also kinda high risk "residents"... Man I'm bad at keeping things at a more resonable scale...

      The Mirror of Hearts Darkness.

      When the Unconquered Sun turned his back on the solars in shame, he felled a single tear.
      A late arriving twilight caste saw the disappointed face of the sun and felt an unimaginable shame.
      He took the tear and used it to find a way to rid himself and his peers of the "darkness" lurking in their hearts.
      For how could they have witnessed the sight that he had seen and not felt the same shame as him?
      He worked for centuries and was soon put under light observation by the order.
      Components from the very sun himself was something very dangerous.

      How right they were...

      After months of no activity or even sightings of the Twilight Caste, some of his circle members went to his lab to look for him.
      They never returned...

      The order dispatched a recovery team and found what had happened.
      No sooner had they managed to break into the lab before two black suns attacked them.
      With some difficulty the team managed to overpower and capture the two individuals.
      Deeper inside the lab the two solars that had entered the lab earlier were found dead.
      One by normal violence, the other half eaten.

      A third individual was found which attempted to "protect" the recovery team in a forceful but nonlethal way.
      It treated as a threat once it attempted to "wall in" individuals.

      A large black mirror was found deeper inside as well as notes on it's purpose.
      A mirror made to allow the user to face their own darkness and defeat it...
      Having no effect on the Dragon-Blooded, it was judged that solars were to stay away from it at all cost.
      During transport, an incident involving a lunar occurred, resulting in a fourth "dark reflection".
      During the more thorough searches, the twilight caste was found inside a newly made wall inside the lab, having starved to death.

      The black mirror is to be handled by Dragon-Blooded members only.
      The four "reflections" are to be destroyed.

      Plot and mechanics.
      The Mirror of Hearts Darkness is an artifact that manifests the great curse as a destructive and harmful reflection of the one that stares into it.

      If a solar or lunar stares into the mirror a (for simplicity's sake abyssal for solars, chimeric for lunars) version of themselves appear that personifies their great curse.
      The dark reflection acts as if under the effect of the viewers great curse but in a even more destructive way and with a irremovable intimacy to destroy their "host/reflectee".
      During the time that the dark reflection is active, the ones with active reflections does still gain limit, but can only break if they are in the presence of their dark reflection which will also cause them to gain double their normal limit and it costs even more to be in control during their limit break.

      The reflections are not mindless (except possibly the berserker...) and will try to make the characters limit break as often as they can whilst still being manifestations of the curse.
      (A compassionate reflection that will break down at cruelty won't go and torture people, but will instead cry literal rivers or wail so loud that it makes peoples heads explode).
      Whenever a character limit breaks, their dark reflection gains a stronger hold on them, making them even more powerful.

      However to defeat them the players needs to face their dark reflections and overcome them. Become greater and grow beyond the "ugly, evil and dark" that lingers inside them.
      A berserker reflection can never be defeated with violence. Instead it can be defeated by the character putting away her weapon and talking things out, ignoring the taunts and threats of the berserker until it is but a powerless voice.

      I'm bad at explaining what I mean but I hope it makes sense.

      For plot the story teller can chose to have the four old reflection still remain at large, less powerful than before since their hosts are gone and they are essentially separated from the curse but they are still powerful threats that need to be contained somehow.
      Alternatively it can be 100% focus on the players dark reflections and them trying to figure out how to handle each of their reflections.
      (make sure that they have their own unique experience since it would be quite lame if two with the same limit break ends up doing the exact same thing).
      Alternatively, the dark reflections may dissipate after some time after their "host" has died.

      If the player are victorious, they may end up free of the dark curse having overcome their own darkness.
      Or they just gain less limit than before.
      Alternatively you can have the great curse be completely removed from their exaltation if they win.

      Now what would happen if they fail...
      Well now there's a crazy mirror of them or one of their fallen comrades running around causing havoc upon the world and they should probably deal with that before the world turns against the solars and lunars once again.

      Now I'd love to see some examples of what the curse would do to destroy their "host" and what would be needed to do in order to defeat them.

      The Varcolac, the Moon-Eater.

      One of the Vaults residents which actually haven't been put inside a vault per say....

      During the Primordial war, some of the Titans looked upon the Lunars and saw them as just as great if not even greater threat to them than the solars.
      They saw Luna as the vile temptress that turned their sister against them.
      If this clever god was to be removed it needed to be turned from hunter...

      Into prey!

      The Titans went to work and created the great monster Varcolac, the Moon-Eater...
      The Wolf with a Thousand Eyes and Ten Thousand Rows of Teeth...
      The Nightmare Moon...
      The Constant Ever-Changing...
      The Moons Shadow...

      And thus, the beast was released. It's gargantuan jaws swallowing the moon from the sky before hunting for it's goddess.
      The beast untiring, unrelenting, with eyes from which none can hide and a presence that makes even the bravest cower in fear.
      The beast almost accomplished it's mission when the Unconquered Sun arrived.
      His radiance blinding the beast and with his spear, he opened the beasts belly, returning the moon to it's place in the sky.
      The beast was driven away...
      Deep under ground...
      It lurks, recovering from it's wounds...
      It's black blood tainting anything it touches...
      The big bad wolf will awaken once more...

      The Varcolac was discovered by mountain folk miners during the first age.
      The miners disturbed the beasts slumber for a moment causing it to open one of it's eyes driving the miners insane, drinking the ever-flowing blood of the beast.
      The exalted were soon contacted by the mountain folk calling for aid as never before seen dark brood suddenly attacked them in great numbers.
      Unaffiliated Exalts also joined the fray and the dark brood were driven back.
      Following the monsters into the darkness, the mountain folk and their exalted allies were soon face to horror with the Great beast itself.
      Many died and few escaped unaffected.
      The monster was brought to the attention of the deliberative and was therefore also brought to the orders attention.
      With some swift and cunning political moves by members of the order, the deliberative decided to form a group to be the monsters jailers.
      (By "mere" chance all of them happened to be members of the order).
      The Beasts lair was made hidden and every entrance was fortified. Stationed by an army of automatons and golems the Varcolac was now inside one of the most secure prisons of the first age.
      After multiple incidents of the monster stirring if a lunar was anywhere close to it (within miles of it).
      And more than one lunar going insane upon beholding the monster.
      Lunars were no longer allowed to be present anywhere near the beasts lair.

      The beast was considered to be a threat no longer by many an exalted. Even by many of the members of the Order.
      Those that guarded it were not of the same mind.
      Daily they had to drive away corrupted dark brood drawn to the blood that tainted them.
      Many of those that guarded the beast were soon infected by the beasts thoughts, their dreams haunted by it's whispers.
      At the day of the usurpation, a message was received by the mountain folk from the beasts prison.

      "the beast has awakened. It hungers for the flesh of the children of the moon..."
      "Sun save us, for the Nightmare Moon is rising..."

      This was the last message anyone heard from the beasts prison.
      The Mountain Folk of the hold that received the message tried to contact the deliberative. But it was no more.
      Before they could warn their brethren, they were overrun by brood of the Constant Ever-Changing.
      The beast faded into memory...

      Surprisingly, many of the untainted dark brood are fighting the tainted hordes of the Varcolac, keeping them at bay.
      However, the Varcolac have gifted some of it's more powerful servants with some of it's own eye's and teeth.
      These shape changing creatures are able to fight the exalted and are particularly devastating against the chosen of luna.


      The players will most likely have their first encounter with the Nightmare Moon through it's minions.
      Constantly hunting Lunars to feed to the Wolf with a Thousand Eyes and Ten Thousand Rows of Teeth.
      Lunar characters will feel uneasy when one of the Moons Shadow's minions are close.
      The Servants of the Moon-Eater are capable of shape-shifting but not in the "clean" way that the Lunars can.
      Whilst a Lunar shape-shifts like a werewolf so to say, the Varcolacs eye's and fangs shape-shift like the THING.

      There are two types of "chosen" minions, the Fangs and the Eyes.

      The Fangs are the warriors and tend to be primarily gifted in the art of inflicting violence whilst being able to receive it as well.

      The Eyes tend to be far more intelligent, manipulating and hunting the best hunters in creation.
      Leading them into the arms of the Fangs.

      If the players manage to destroy the minions of the Moon-Eater, they may gain the attention of the Great Beast itself.
      This can escalate into a greater conflict between the players and the Nightmare Moon and it's minions.

      Alternatively the players may become aware of the presence of the Constant Ever-Changing and must manage to convince the unconquered sun and Yu-Shan that the threat is real.

      Should they ever reach the Moon-Eater it will attempt to devour any Lunars present but may act nonchalant and arrogant towards other exalted.
      It may attempt to corrupt the players as well, driving them insane if it succeeds.

      One end goal when facing this villan is to damage it enough that it has to bury itself underground once again.
      Another would be to find a way to bind it under the world once and for all.

      Should the beast recover and rise once again, it will inevitably repeat it's previous actions.
      Devouring the moon from the sky making it possible to summon any type of demon all year round.
      This makes the Moon-Eater into a possible ally of the infernals and a possible plot hook for infernal games.
      Many of the Fair Folk would love to see the Nightmare Moon return for that would mean the deity of one of their most hated enemies would be removed from equation.
      One of the Previous entries of the Vaults of Horror would indeed love to see the clever god that trapped it inside a bottle punished and would be more than willing to assist it's minions in their moon hunts.

      If the Varcolac manages to fulfill it's purpose...
      Well now we have a big bad wolf with no purpose and a world full of morsels...

      I hope that these two are at least somewhat interesting for y'all and I hope that the next entry might be added a bit faster than these two were...

      Anyhow , Enjoy!

      I'm making the Tales of Exalts webcomic
      alchemical report
      the fall


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        Here's some new stuff for the Vault.
        (considering the theme it's fitting that this get's necro'd)

        The Black Blade of the First Lotus Emperor.

        In a dark era seldom spoken of in the records of the first age.
        The Rotten Lotus Rebellion began.
        Despite the Necromancer Kings previously unseen power catching the chosen of-guard, causing much devastation.
        It was the thirteen emperors of the dead that halted the advance of the chosen.
        Above them all was the First Lotus Emperor.
        No blade would pierce his skin, no poison course his veins, no sorcerous fire scorch his flesh.
        But even worse... Was his black sword!
        Forged from black iron, infused with countless raging, hateful souls.
        It dripped with a black liquid which brought death to any who was cut by it.
        despite the efforts of the greatest healers none wounded by the black blade could be saved.
        For it's Venom was pure spite and hatred!
        The battles raged back and forth for an era before a solar armed with a sword that was rumored to have been forged by the unconquered sun appeared.
        The hero challenged the First Emperor.
        The sword protected the Hero from the Black Blades venom.
        And after a fierce battle the hero managed to strike the First Emperor, breaking the tip of his sword in the Emperors chest.
        At the sight of his own blood, the Emperor doubted his immortality for the first time.
        With the blessed blade broken, the hero started to succumb to the venom, but the Emperor was swarmed by dragon blooded warriors and sorcerers of all circles.
        Seemingly slaying the fearsome emperor.

        The order of the Vault swiftly collected the Black Sword and hid it away so no one would wield the deadly blade again. Or worse, try to recreate it!

        The Black Blade of the First Lotus Emperor is held in one of the Max Security Vaults of the order.
        Should players get their hands on it, it's deadlines is far inferior to when it was wielded by the First Emperor due to it's attunement and loyalty to the First Emperor.
        Should someone get their hands on it and bring it back to the world, there would be someone with a very dangerous weapon that slowly drains their life away.

        The First Lotus Emperor.

        Creations first Necromancer.
        Born on a continent now lost to the wyld, the story of the First Lotus Emperor began.
        A great warrior and scholar. He fought to unit the many warring kingdoms.
        After a particularly gruesome battle the emperor found a way into the underworld.
        Alone and lost he Wandered the labyrinth.
        Unable to permanently defeat his foes, he trapped the defeated specters within himself, growing larger and stronger as he continued.
        at some point his sword was broken and he had to withdraw.
        As faith would have it, he ran into the ghosts of loyal subjects that told him that his kingdom had turned upon itself without him.
        He also learned of the suffering the ghosts endured at the hands of the wicked specters of the labyrinth.
        Learning this he asked the ghosts to forge him a new blade.
        Whilst he longed to return to the world of the living to aid his people.
        He also felt a responsibility for those that had died in service to him.
        Knowing that the only way to stop the specters from attacking his dead subject was to reach the source of the problem.
        The center of the Labyrinth.
        It is not known how long the emperor fought his way through the Labyrinth slaying specters and Hekatonkhires.
        Sealing his defeated foes withing himself and his sword.
        Once he reached the center of the Labyrinth his blade so full of specters that their malice was leaking from it like a lethal venom.
        In the Labyrinths center he claimed the secrets of the dead titans, learning the sorcery of the underworld.
        Armed with this new power he shook the labyrinth with his mighty voice claiming that any specter that harms his people living or dead would be laid low by him.
        Strengthened by the faith of his dead subjects and wielding the power of the underworlds gods, he returned to the lands of the living.
        There he reunited his kingdom, conquering the continent and forming the Lotus Empire.
        A few years later he withdrew and studied the powers he had gained and traveled to the underworld to spend time with the loyal ghosts that helped him.
        His successors soon joined him. Teaching each of them some of the secrets of the underworld.
        Then one day strangers with glowing marks on their foreheads found the continent and swiftly conquered it.
        The homeland of the strangers put a cruel group of powerful champions of their chief god to rule the continent.
        Eternally lusting for power, one of the strangers breached the sanctum of the Lotus Emperors.
        Outraged the First Emperor slew the Stranger and left the sanctum for the first time in centuries.
        Seeing a land unfamiliar, strangers enslaving his people and forcing them to worship unknown gods the emperor unleashed previously unseen necromancy.
        Armies of old rose from their mausoleums and engaged the strangers.
        The Rotten Lotus Rebellion had begun.
        Swiftly was the kings of the empire gathered and taught the arts of necromancy.
        Champions centuries dead were made living once more in decayed bodies powered by the Necromancy of the thirteen Emperors.
        The strangers summoned demons and gods to fight the Emperors and the emperor slew the demons and banished all gods from his continent.
        In his land it was the humans that ruled, not gods or their puppets.
        Great forges was erected in the underworld and the ghosts of the strangers were turned into arms and armor for the Draugr champions of the Lotus Empire.
        The First Emperor fought the chosen armies.
        With the secrets of the underworld he had obtained true immortality.
        Until one faithful day a Cursed sword made by the chief god of the stranger pierced the Emperors chest making him doubt his immortality.
        Like cowards the enemy swarmed the First Emperor and laid him low. Without him, the immortality of the other emperors faded and were soon slain.
        The body of the first emperor was never recovered and the continent was devastated beyond repair.
        The half ghost population were taken to the homeland of the strangers as oddities and slaves.
        Artifacts of mighty champions were stolen and used by the unworthy hands of the foes.
        Not even the honored ghosts where spared as the strangers stole the secrets of soulsteel from them.
        But even though a thousand blades cut him and ten thousand curses were laid upon him.
        The First Emperor is not dead.
        As long as the cursed blade remains in his chest he will sleep, but one day he will return.

        The First Lotus Emperor is held at a separate high security vault from his sword and was kept under constant watch.
        The order of the vault saw him as a threat even when dead.
        In the modern age the vault has cracked and most of it's content have been destroyed or stolen by the seventh legion centuries ago.
        Should the players meet the first emperor they will most likely learn of him from the solar perspective which paints him up as a inhuman monster with enslaved ghosts
        and a terrorized population that was liberated by the chosen.
        If the emperor awakens then he will not instantly try to kill everyone he sees.
        He will try to return to his home, but when he learns of it's fate he will be furious, most likely believing the solars destroyed it.
        At this point he will try to reclaim his black blade.
        Later on he will try to form a new empire.
        Abyssals and necromancers can learn powerful necromancy from him if they earn his favour.
        He can turn into a rival to the Realm and the Deathlords as many of the Deathlords were present during the Rotten Lotus Rebellion.
        Whilst he is no crazed murderous monster, he is no saint. He is a tyrant and expects to be obeyed but he doesn't walk around eating babies and kicking puppies.
        He could be seen as somewhere between lawful neutral and lawful evil.
        He may turn into a foe of the players if they get in his way though.
        And with his immortality, the only way to truly beat him would be to strike him down with the blessed sword once more.

        I will soon add two more entries relating to these two, but to avoid exhausting y'all, this is what you get for now.

        I'm making the Tales of Exalts webcomic
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