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Charm Ideas for Heirs to the Shogunate?

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    - A high-end Earth Sail charm to allow a ship to sail on solid ground for a scene or so; and a similar Water Sail charm to turn your ship into a submarine.

    - A Craft charm that enhances making an artifact, as long as you're being helped by other DB crafters - DBs should really have more stuff where they get better working with one another.

    - A bit more of elemental variants in certain trees with different-element capstones. Like, maybe one or two more Water charms in melee, cause otherwise its other few high-Essence Water charms are gonna be harder to use appropriately.


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      I do see some really sweet ideas here. Thanks for the brain power, everyone.

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        Either that or a War Charm that’s actually useful to Realm legionnaires below dragonlord rank.


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          Originally posted by Baaldam View Post
          - A charm to call out or shape elementals straight from one's aura, quickening or upgrading one's summoning options, or limited summoning for those with no Sorcery.
          Have you considered how the Occult Charm Dragon Sorceror Puissance interacts with the spell to Summon Elementals?

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          Yeah, that's the OTHER image of "rock surfing" I have in mind, besides Taliyah's.

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