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Crowdsourcing Dragon-Blooded NPCs - Submissions Thread

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  • Crowdsourcing Dragon-Blooded NPCs - Submissions Thread

    A few of us decided that we'll put together a bunch of Dragon-Blooded NPCs anybody can throw into their game. They will be posted here.

    So, here's how this thread works:

    Anybody can contribute. If you've got an NPC you'd like to post for others to use, put it in here. Submissions may have any level of detail from corebook-style Quick Character stats and nothing else, to a fully detailed breakdown of attributes, abilities and Intimacies plus a backstory, but always include stats and please keep usability in mind first and foremost (a list of 30 Charm names the GM has to manually search for in the book is not very useful). This also includes paring down the list of Charms into something the GM can feasibly absorb after a quick read-through - you probably shouldn't detail more than 3-5 Charms in a single area of competence (such as offensive, defensive, social, et cetera). You may also want to include instructions about using the character (combat tactics for a combatant, general attitude and demeanor for a social character, schemes and secrets for one embroiled in intrigue, and so on).

    There is a process, however. We have two-week periods where we expect submissions written around a specific concept that we're voting on, followed by one week of proposals for the theme of the next two-week period, and another week of voting. During the week of proposals and the week of voting, any NPC can be posted, regardless of concept.

    Note that I have no power to enforce these rules - I'm just going to ask you to be nice and follow it. I'll continue to update the OP so it's always clear what's the current status of the thread. I will also maintain the OP so it contains direct links to the relevant posts, organized by theme.

    Thread status: currently expecting thematic submissions.

    Current theme:
    reasonably competent essence 2 combatant. (Reasonably competent, in this context, stands for "has at least one unenhanced Dex+[combat ability] pool of 7 or higher".)

    Current thematic period ends on Sunday, 2018. 06.10. 24:00 CET.
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    Evocations for the demonic tattoos gained from the Pact with Mara sorcerous initiation || Pyre-Kindler (Soulsteel and Red Jade Grimscythe, Artifact 3) || Tenebrous Descent (Stormcaller's Black Jade Reaver Daiklave cousin, Artifact 5)
    Advice for running the corebook shikari antagonists

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    This is Going to be great. Can u post more Than one submission


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      Originally posted by aluminiumtrioxid View Post
      Submissions may have any level of detail from corebook-style Quick Character stats and nothing else, to a fully detailed breakdown of attributes, abilities and Intimacies plus a backstory, but always include stats and please keep usability in mind first and foremost (a list of 30 Charm names the GM has to manually search for in the book is not very useful). This also includes paring down the list of Charms into something the GM can feasibly absorb after a quick read-through - you probably shouldn't detail more than 3-5 Charms in a single area of competence (such as offensive, defensive, social, et cetera).
      I'm not sure posting charm text for full writeups will be kosher. So while it sucks, list of 30 charms, organized into usage with a blurb about what it does, but not mechanics might be a good compromise?

      I'm excited to participate, I have an oooold NPC I'm going to be remaking for this, the Fire Aspect Martial Artist Tepet Chiba. Although. I'm curious what format others are going to use.

      Raksha are my fae-vorite.

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        Originally posted by light-hero View Post
        Can u post more Than one submission

        You totally can! (You probably shouldn't do it more than once per two weeks, though, because there's more to life than writing up Dragon-Blooded NPCs and you're gonna hate everything by the end of the first month - speaking from experience).

        Originally posted by MoroseMorgan View Post
        I'm not sure posting charm text for full writeups will be kosher. So while it sucks, list of 30 charms, organized into usage with a blurb about what it does, but not mechanics might be a good compromise?

        You probably shouldn't give them 30 Charms in the first place (unless, like, half of them are Excellencies and Ox-Bodies). Try to pare down the list into the most iconic powers, don't fret about Charm prerequisites (or rather, don't fret about having the prerequisites right there on the sheet), and don't be afraid to condense multiple Charm effects into one power (as long as you cost it appropriately).

        You obviously should not post entire sections from the book verbatim, including Charm text, but I'm reasonably sure that a short effect summary is going to be okay. (I was not hit by a lawsuit for posting an antagonist with a handful of Silver-Voiced Nightingale Charms, for example.) Also, keep in mind that a/ you're going to want to plug in exact values in order to avoid having to look them up anyway (so, a power that says "add (Essence) extra damage" will just say "+2 damage" in your writeup), which obscures exact mechanics, and b/ especially with fiddly effects, you're often better off trying to condense the idea of the Charm into something QC-appropriate instead of copypasting three paragraphs out of the book.

        Evocations for the demonic tattoos gained from the Pact with Mara sorcerous initiation || Pyre-Kindler (Soulsteel and Red Jade Grimscythe, Artifact 3) || Tenebrous Descent (Stormcaller's Black Jade Reaver Daiklave cousin, Artifact 5)
        Advice for running the corebook shikari antagonists


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          Yeah, I was referencing and echoing your hyperbole from your post with the 30 charms bit, I'm not even sure 30 charms is possible at chargen, or staying under the essence 2 cap.

          Just wanted to be clear.

          Raksha are my fae-vorite.

          Reincarnation of magnificentmomo.


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            I'm pretty sure you can get 30 charms under the essence 2 cap. 15 from chargen, 4 from bonus points (4/5 bp per, 18 bp). Essence 3 requires 150 xp, which is at a maximum 18 charms. Dragon xp can get up to 15 charms (martial arts charms are still charms), for a total of 15+4+18+15 = 52.
            Some of those should be excellencies, upgrades, ox-bodies, xp/bp that was spent on non-charm things like abilities and attributes, so there probably won't be 30 charms you'd write on a QC sheet.
            Also, these are NPCs, they don't follow PC rules for xp generation/essence raising.
            A different question is whether there are 30 combat charms at essence 2 or less in the book. If you allow for multiple combat abilities there certainly are, but 1 combat ability would require several secondary combat abilities. It would be a very disorganized character.
            Core+WFHW QC dragon blooded have between 4-21 charms, with essence 2 characters at 6-8. Depends a bit on what you count.

            Anyway, my entry (with 11 written charms, and an implied 5+ excellencies, 1 ox-body, a few unmentioned prerequisites, etc):
            Overview: Silver-Voiced Nightingale Stylist, blends combat+social in the way SVN does.

            Sesus Tyrel
            Aspect: Fire
            Essence: 2; Willpower: 6; Join Battle: 6 dice (+3 for 3m)
            Personal: 13, Peripheral: 27

            Health Levels: −0/−1x3/−2x3/−4/Incap
            Actions: Song and Dance: 11 dice (+3 successes for 6m); Read Intentions: 9 dice (+5 for 5m); Senses: 7 dice (+3 for 3m); Social Influence 8 dice (+4 for 4m); Resist Disease/Poison 6 dice
            Appearance 4, Resolve 4 (+3 for 6m), Guile 4 (+2 for 4m)

            Withering Attack (Unarmed): 15 dice (+6 for 6m, Damage 9)
            Withering Attack (Kiai): 15 dice at close range, 14 dice at short range(+6 for 6m, Damage 9)
            Decisive Attack (Unarmed or Kiai) 11 dice (+6 for 6m, bashing)
            Attack (Grapple): 11 dice (+6 for 6m, 8 dice to control [+6 for 6m])
            Combat Movement: 10 dice (+3 successes for 6m)
            Evasion 6 (+3 for 6m), Parry 6 (+3 for 6m)
            Soak/Hardness: 8/4 (jade chain shirt)

            Defining Tie – House Sesus (Loyalty)
            Defining Tie – My Sworn Kin (Loyalty)
            Defining Principle – My station means I may enjoy myself.
            Major Tie – House Cynis (Respect)
            Major Principle – I am proud of my skills at battle and song.
            Major Principle – Non-dragon-blooded aren't really people.
            Minor Principle – The Immaculate Order, more the bits about privileges than duties.

            Excellency Bonuses
            Performance: Ignore the penalty for multiple targets.
            Martial Arts: Reroll 6s on damage.
            Dodge: Ignore environmental penalties to defense.

            Offensive Charms
            Voice of the Night Bird (-; Permanent; Permanent: Tyrel is able to make kiais, forceful waves of sound that strike her enemies like physical blows. These attacks can be flurried with performance actions without the usual penalty.
            Silver-Voiced Nightingale Form (8m; Simple; Scene-Long; Form): Add +5 withering damage to kiais, and +1 evasion. Gain 3i whenever an enemy spends willpower to resist Tyrel’s social influence. Enter reflexively by beating an enemy's resolve with social influence.
            Flashing Blade Harmony (4m; Reflexive; Instant; Dual): Activate this when an ally in short range makes an attack. They gain double 10s on a decisive damage roll, or double 9s on a withering damage roll. If Tyrel makes a kiai against that target this round, she gains +1 post-soak damage (stacks for multiple uses of Flashing Blade Harmony) and double 10s or 9s on the damage roll as appropriate.
            Inspiring Battle Hymn (5m; Reflexive; Instant: Tyrel and all allies who can hear her reroll all 1s on their join battle rolls. For the duration of the fight, all of them gain +1 resolve against threats, supernatural fear, and similar effects.

            Defensive Charms
            Flickering Candle Meditation (1m, 1i; Reflexive; Instant; Fire, Uniform, Perilous): Tyrel may ignore a number of penalties on her evasion equal to 2 or the number of 1s on the enemy’s attack roll, whichever is less.
            Virtuous Negation Defense (4m; Reflexive; Instant; Uniform, Woof): Activate this when an ally in close range is attacked. Tyrel interposes her Evasion against that attack as though with a Defend Other Action. Protecting Sword Kin only costs 2m. In Wood Aura, this may be used once per round to reflexively move towards and protect an ally in short range who is attacked.

            Mobility Charms
            Petal-Strewn Pevane (2m, 1i; Supplemental; Instant; Wood, Balanced, Perilous): Tyrel gains +5 on a combat movement roll, and may ignore flurry penalties with a per action. In Wood Aura, this adds a non-Charm success to the roll, and allows Tyrel to ignore the usual penalties for moving through difficult terrain.

            Social Charms
            Terrifying Battle Shriek (4m; Simple; Instant: Tyrel makes an intimidate roll against a single target (use Song pool of 11 dice). If she hit them with a kiai on this turn, they count as having a Minor Tie of fear towards her if it was withering, or Major if it was decisive. If the intimidate action is successful, they must take a movement action on their next turn to move away or hide. Despite being a simple charm, this may be flurried with other action.
            Haunting Heart-Rending Melody (1m,1wp; Simple; Instant: Tyrel makes an inspire roll against all enemies to inspire them with sorrow, regret, despair or a similar emotion (use Song pool of 11 dice). This roll ignores the usual penalty for multiple targets. All enemies who yield to these emotions take a -3 penalty to their Defense against her kiais. Once an enemy pays willpower to resist, they are immune for the rest of the scene. Despite being a simple charm, this may be flurried with other action.
            Soul-Stirring Performance (3m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Wood,): Tyrel makes an inspire roll (use Song pool of 11 dice) with 2 non-charm dice. A character whose resolve is beaten must enter a Decision Point to resist, calling on an Intimacy of any intensity that opposes the emotion the performance conveys.
            Sweeten-the-Tap Method (5m,1wp; Simple; Instant; Wood/Fire): Everyone who drinks alcohol Tyrel supplies at a party counts as having a minor positive tie of her choice towards the other partygoers, and suffers a -1 penalty to their guile. If any guest botches a social action, the tie towards them inverts into a negative tie for all partygoers who witnessed the offense.

            Combat Tactics
            Most turns, you should flurry social influence with something, hoping to either influence your enemy’s behavior or gain initiative/drain their willpower. Your main attack is your kiai, which can be flurried with social influence without penalty. You have low overwhelming, but the form charm gives good raw damage, so generally try to target someone with low soak, leaving high-soak enemies for allies with higher overwhelming. Kia's reach to short range and you have a good combat movement pool, so you can do a good job picking your target.
            If you want to move, Petal-Strewn Pevane very efficiently gives bonus dice and removes the flurry penalty. If you are primarily fighting close-combat specialists, try disengaging to buy time/distance (remember Kiai’s reach to short range) while continuing social influence.
            The social influence can be Terrifying Battle Shriek or Haunting Heart-Rending Melody for the additional penalties they add to the influence. Alternatively, just use ordinary, non-charm social influence – targeting all enemies generally gives more chance to force someone to spend willpower, and the performance excellency lets you ignore the penalty.
            Defensively, you have few options - the form charm gives a passive boost to evasion, Flickering Candle Meditation ignores penalties to evasion, and you can use an excellency to boost evasion or parry. Your Defense and Soak aren't good enough that you should use Virtuous Negation Defense routinely, only if there's some special reason to (an ally near crash, or about to make a decisive attack, or suffering from heavy onslaught penalties, or the attack is unblockable or undodgeable).
            As a non-immaculate martial artist, aura isn’t very important to you. Wood aura is nice for the bonuses to Petal-Strewn Pevane and Virtuous Negation Defense, but not necessary. It can be entered using Petal-Strewn Pevane or the Performance Excellency easily, and only Flickering Candle Meditation or going to bonfire anima will force you out of it.
            Soul-Stirring Performance and Sweeten-the-Tap Method mostly aren't useful in combat, but are useful if you find you need to use Tyrel in a social encounter.


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              Okay, I'll have to put Charm summaries and tactics up later, but here she is:

              Cheerful Squirrel – Wood Dragon Stylist
              Description: A well-muscled woman with a shaven head and eyes of a warm brown colour shot through with vibrant green. She wears straw sandals and humble linen robes. She leans on a bow-stave of purple amaranth wood reinforced with green jade. She has a kindly smile for most people, and is patient with those whose education in the Immaculate Texts is lacking. When faced with flagrant injustice or open heresy from those who should know better, her demeanour is hard and fierce. She has an especial hatred for the anathema that goes beyond religious zeal – the grievance is personal for her.
              Background: Sesus Sashi escaped House Sesus into the Cloister of Wisdom as soon as she possibly could and took the name Cheerful Squirrel. The house's mercenary and dishonest attitude didn't sit right with her personal ethics, but in the Immaculate Order, she felt like she could do some good.
              During her training, she fell in love with a god-blooded trainee called Shimmering Boughs. Both devoted adherents to the Order and its prescripts, they never consummated their relationship, but had a passionate affair of the heart. Several times she considered abandoning her training to be with her love, but shame at her weakness kept her from voicing her desires.
              The day Shimmering Boughs was taken by an anathema spirit, it felt like Squirrel's heart had been cut out of her chest. The way the monster pleaded, insisting it was still Shimmer, how it knew exactly what to say, how to twist her heartstrings with its stolen voice, both unsettled and enraged Cheerful Squirrel. The Order commended her for doing what had to be done. Secretly, Squirrel has always wondered if her impious thoughts somehow doomed Shimmering Boughs. It goes against doctrine, it isn't rational, and yet her heart keeps telling her it's her fault Shimmer is gone.
              The Order has a faithful, capable monk in Cheerful Squirrel, but her elders say she isn't enlightened enough for all its teachings. She accepts this as proof of her secret guilt. In truth, her elders fear how she would react if she found out the truth about the anathema. Would she still accept that Shimmering Boughs had to die because of what she had become, and the madness that awaited her?
              Aspect: Wood Origin: Cloister of Wisdom Anima: Swirling, fragrant, white blossoms.
              Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4, Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3
              Abilities: Archery 4, Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Brawl 2, Craft Horticulture 2, Craft Woodcarving 2, Dodge 3, Integrity 4 (Faith), Investigation 1, Linguistics 2, Lore 2 (The Immaculate Texts), MA – Wood Dragon Style 4, Medicine 3 (Treat Wounds), Occult 3, Performance 3 (Preaching), Presence 2 (Soothing), Resistance 4, Ride 1, Socialise 1, Stealth 2, Survival 3, War 2,
              Merits: Artifact 3 (Spring Abides: Powerbow 5m), Backing 3 (Immaculate Order), Influence 1, Language 2 (Native: High Realm. Others: Low Realm, Dragontongue), Martial Artist 4, Mentor 2 (Emerald Quill, Sifu), Resources 2
              Intimacies: Defining - “The Immaculate Order is the true faith, and harmony and justice flow from adhering to its teachings.”; “It is my duty to be a force for good in the world.”; Major - "Heresy and corruption cannot be allowed to put down roots, or they will grow like weeds."; “Did my spiritual weakness doom Shimmering Boughs?”; Shimmering Boughs' Memory (a confusion of Guilt, Love, and Unprocessed Grief); Anathema (Fierce Hatred); Minor – Travel (Enjoyment); The Common Folk (Protectiveness)
              Willpower: 6 Essence: 2 Personal: 13 Peripheral: 26/31 Committed: 5
              Resolve: 4 Guile: 2 Join Battle: 6 Evade: 4
              Soak: 7 (3 Chain Shirt, Concealable) Hardness: 0
              Health: -0,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-4, I
              Unarmed: 12 dice (8 Decisive), Damage 10 (Ovw 1), Parry 4, Bashing, MA, Grappling, Natural
              Spring Abides (Staff): 11 dice (8 Decisive), Damage 15 (Ovw 4), Parry 5, Bashing, MA, Reaching
              Spring Abides (Bow): 7/13/11/9/7 dice (8 Decisive), Damage 15 (Ovw 4), Lethal, Archery (Long)
              Anima Effects: For 5m, become immune to mundane plant-based poisons, and double 9s on all rolls to resist other poisons and diseases for a scene. Free at bonfire.
              For 3m, ignore 1pt of penalty to Evasion or 2pts of penalty to movement for an instant.
              Anyone exposed to her anima flux is exposed to a poison Damage 2i/round, Duration (Essence + Stamina) rounds, -1 penalty.
              Offensive Charms:
              Unobstructed Hunter's Aim:
              Become the Hammer:
              *Eyes of the Wood Dragon:
              *Soul-Marking Style:
              Defensive Charms:
              See: Become the Hammer
              Venom-Expulsion Method:
              *Wood Dragon Vitality:
              *Mind-Over-Body Meditation:
              *Wood Dragon Form:
              Utility Charms:
              Harvest of the Hunter:
              Precision Observation Method:
              Social Charms:
              Granite Curtain of Serenity:
              Situational Charms:
              Spirit-Detecting Mirror:
              Spirit-Grounding Shout:
              Beast-Taming Aspect:
              Ration-Enhancing Method:
              Master Healer Meditation:
              Wound-Closing Technique:
              Nature's Healing Bounty:

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                Considering the lack of answers, I've been considering retroffiting one of my E3 antagonists to post here. Would you mind a 24h extension on the deadline?


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                  Originally posted by Sagara View Post
                  Considering the lack of answers, I've been considering retroffiting one of my E3 antagonists to post here. Would you mind a 24h extension on the deadline?

                  Not at all, I'll need that to put up my submission as well!

                  (Writing a Cult of the Violet Fang member with new mechanics kinda runs into the problem of having to thumb through the entire Charmset for examples to gauge power levels, which is... slightly more time-consuming than I expected.)
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                  Evocations for the demonic tattoos gained from the Pact with Mara sorcerous initiation || Pyre-Kindler (Soulsteel and Red Jade Grimscythe, Artifact 3) || Tenebrous Descent (Stormcaller's Black Jade Reaver Daiklave cousin, Artifact 5)
                  Advice for running the corebook shikari antagonists


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                    All right, let's get this party started!

                    Allow me to introduce Bai Hu of the West, born Amilar Taleda (and thus born in the East). Taleda was a man born with an unending and unhealthy hunger - he wanted secrets. Big secrets. While he had the intellect to become a great savant, he cared neither for research nor archeology - his calling was in pilfering the most well-protected secrets from their owners. And so Lookshy found use in his Exaltation - he would become a spy for the Legion. But they made a critical mistake - Taleda had no loyalties but to his precious secrets and little self-preservation

                    And so he was found out by the person that would change his life. "You are wasting your skills digging petty little lies. I know your heart and what you desire. Follow me, and I will give you the Ultimate Secret to find. The greatest challenge of your life." That day, Taleda dissapeared, and Bai Hu joined his Brotherhood - four Dragon-Blooded in total, using fake names emulating the Direction of their Aspect.

                    Essence: 2; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 7 (+3 for 3m)
                    Personal Motes: 13; Peripheral Motes: 24 (31 without investments)
                    Health Levels: -0/-1x3/-2x3/-4/Incap.
                    Actions: Bureaucracy: 6 dice (+3 for 3m) Case Scene: 7 dice (+2 sucesses for 4m); Code Breaking: 7 dice (+2 sucesses for 4m); Lore: 9 dice (+3 sucesses for 6m) (Themes: Eastern Bureaucracies, Eastern Politics, Security, Guards and patrols, Eastern History); Senses: 5 dice (+2 for 2m); Stealth: 11 dice (+3 sucesses for 6m)
                    Appearance 2, Resolve 2, Guile 3

                    Attack (Unarmed): 12 dice (+5 for 5m; damage: 9)
                    Attack (Grapple): 8 dice (+5 for 5m; 7 dice to control, +5 for 5m)
                    Combat Movement: 5 dice
                    Evasion 3, Parry 5 (+2 for 4m)
                    Soak/Hardness 6/0 (Mail shirt)

                    Artifacts: Lookshy had provided Bai Hu with a Dragonfly's Ranging Eye, allowing him to move his viewpoint to any point he can see within 30 yards. He has kept it since going AWOL, and his mysterious backer has seen fit to grant him a Belt of Shadow Walking, granting him three dice to his Stealth pool (already factored in), and also allowing him to turn immaterial for 10 motes (Perception+Awareness vs difficulty 3 to spot him if there are no shadows present)

                    Backing: His mysterious ally and its organisation has a vested interest in his success, and is more than willing to provide support.

                    Allies: Bai Hu is but one of four Sworn Siblings. It's highly likely that at least one of his Siblings will be close by, most likely Koryu of the Center, the apostate Immaculate, or Zhu Ke of the South, the blind duelist.

                    Offensive Charms
                    Hammering Wave Technique
                    Water Dragon's Coils
                    Currents Sweep to Sea

                    Defensive Charms
                    Blade-Deflecting Palm

                    Social Charms
                    Finding the Water's Dephts
                    Water-Stained Ledger
                    Wind-Carried Words Technique
                    Enigma-Reading Eye
                    Voices on the Wind

                    Stealth Charms
                    Flowing Shadow Stance

                    Tips and tricks
                    Bai Hu will have a hard time dealing with combat-focused opponents, but his two main weaknesses are high Awareness and groups. As such, his tactics mostly revolve around either misdirection or coordination. Alone, he'll abuse his Stealth to divide an enemy group and overwhelm each of them, typically by going from ambush to grapples, giving him the early edge with a withering followed by a decisive to get wound penalties rolling. He's likely to re-stealth for the psych factor.

                    When in a group, he uses the same approach, but tries to find a fragile target to take down. His information gathering skills often allow him to find an emotionally valuable target to hold at bay and force the opposition to stand down.

                    And this is probably the most important part about Bai Hu: he doesn't pop up in white rooms. When you meet him, you either got lucky and caught him snooping, or he's done with his snooping and knows your buttons, a fact he's unlikely to keep secret, manoeuvering others to do the heavy lifting in a fight.

                    Still, Bai Hu is more than a little smug, and he could throw all caution to the wind if he feels he has the edge, sticking to straight fistfight while taunting his opponent.

                    A final note, Bai Hu is VERY likely to be much more dangerous at Essence 3, with access to Swift-Striking Tide and Become the Wave to coordinate with allies, and Zone of Silence Stance for quiet takedowns. Ink-Black Ocean Dephts becomes his favorite non-combat trick, destroying crucial intelligence inside enemies' lairs.


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                      Here is my own creation!


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                        Posting a second character, this time a battle-sorcerer

                        Nine Whispers

                        Nine Whispers was born a peasant in the Blessed Isle. When she Exalted and was offered the choice of the Coin or the Razor, she chose the Coin. At Pasiap’s Stair, she discovered and was trained in her talent for sorcery, and now serves as a battle-sorcerer in a legion.

                        Aspect: Air
                        Essence: 2; Willpower: 9; Join Battle: 7 dice (+4 for 4m)
                        Personal: 13, Peripheral: 22
                        Health Levels: −0/−1x3/−2x3/−4/Incap
                        Actions: Shape Sorcery 11(+6 for 6m), Senses 9 (+4 for 4m), Resist Poison/Disease/Environmental Hazards 8 dice (+2 sux for 4m)
                        Appearance 2, Resolve 4 (+2 for 4m), Guile 3 (+2 for 4m)
                        Withering Attack (Jade Wrackstaff) 12 dice (+5 for 5m, 14/4)
                        Withering Attack (Shield) 10 dice (+4 for 4m, 9/1)
                        Decisive Attack (Jade Wrackstaff) 9 dice (+5 for 5m, bashing)
                        Combat Movement: 5 dice (+3 for 3m)
                        Evasion 0, Parry 6 (+3 for 6m)
                        Soak/Hardness: 17/6 (Mortal Articulated Plate, Invulnerable Skin of Bronze)
                        Whispers generally is defended by a team of summoned elementals, normally size 1 or 2 depending on whether subtlety or intimidation is demanded. From the core, use Greenmaws, or use Garda Birds with their essence 4 charms removed, and their mote pool reduced by 10 (actually, if they’re a battle group you probably can just use garda birds straight. I don’t think their charms are useable as battlegroups to begin with.)
                        Excellency Bonuses
                        Occult: Each 10 rerolls a non-1 failed die.
                        Resistance: Rerolls 6s.
                        Shaping Ritual: When Whispers takes a shape sorcery action within medium range of flames, she gains an extra 2sm while diminishing the flames, or by stealing 2m from a fire elemental (only if the shape sorcery roll exceeds their resolve). To fuel Flight of the Brilliant Raptor, this does not diminish flames or cost the elemental motes. Once per scene, Flight of the Brilliant Raptor does not cost willpower.
                        Flight of the Brilliant Raptor (12sm, 1wp; Instant; Control spell): Roll 11 dice (+6 for 6m) as a decisive attack against a target at long range (extreme for an additional 5sm), with base damage equal to (initiative + temporary willpower), resetting to base initiative if it hits. As long as it deals at least 3 damage, it ignites a bonfire (damage 4L/round, difficulty 5) around the target out to short range that burns for the rest of the scene.
                        Mists of Eventide (7sm, 2wp; 3 rounds): Pick a point within medium range. Everyone, including allies, within short range of that point who breathes or has their skin exposed to the mist rolls against a poison with Damage 3i/round, duration 6 rounds, and a -3 penalty. This is repeated each round they are exposed to the mist. People crashes while suffering from this don’t take damage, instead falling asleep for a day. This can only be used once per scene, unless someone affected by the mist is crashed.
                        Virtuous Guardian of Flame (12sm, 2wp; One Day): Create a sword of flame which protects Whispers as with a defend other action. It has a parry of 6, and 12 dice to notice hidden threat. Wooden weapons or projectiles parried by it are destroyed, and parrying unarmed attacks inflicts a die of lethal damage on the attacker, ignoring hardness. As long as it can attempt to parry an attack, she gains 2 soak against the attack. The sword has soak 7, hardness 2, and 7 -0 health levels. When Whispers join’s battle, the sword has initiative equal to hers, which only acts as a buffer against withering attack. If it is crashes, the spell is suppressed for a scene.
                        Invulnerable Skin of Bronze (20sm, 1wp; One Day): Whispers’ skin turns into bronze. Gain +6 soak, and 6 hardness (already included in stats), and become immune to contact poisons. Also gain the charms Brazen Aegis Rebuke, Invincible God-Metal Flash, and Sorcerer’s Impervious Mantle
                        Defensive Charms
                        Brazen Aegis Rebuke (3m, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Counterattack, Decisive-Only): After being hit by an attack in close combat, make an unblockable, undodgeable disarm gambit.
                        Invincible God-Metal Flash (10, 2a or 3a; Reflexive; Instant; Decisive-Only): Reduce the raw damage of a decisive attack by 7, and end Invulnerable Skin of Bronze (Soak/Hardness are reduced to 5/0, lose access to its charms)
                        Sorcerer’s Impervious Mantle (4m; Reflexive; Instant; Withering-Only): Reduce the minimum damage of a withering attack by 1.
                        (Element) Protection Technique (5m; Reflexive; One Scene; Dual): Choose an element. Whispers gains +3 soak against attacks made using that element, and subtracts 4 from the damage of appropriate environmental hazards.
                        Flame Warden Stance (3m, 2i; Simple; One Scene; Fire, Perilous): Whispers takes a defend other action that extends its benefit for one scene. This is suppressed but not ended if the ward moves out of short range. In Fire Aura, each time Whispers parries an attack against the ward she gains a bonus die to her next attack roll.
                        Situational Effects
                        Infallible Messenger (5sm, 2wp; Until Message is delivered): A cherub visible only to its intended recipient carries a 5-minute message. The cherub takes an hour to fly hundreds of miles and a day to cross Creation, stopped only by the boundaries to other realms. This can convey social influence, as long as it isn't charm-enhanced.
                        Summon Elemental (Ritual, 2wp; Instant): This is a 4-hour ritual usable once per day. Create an Essence 1-3 Elemental, rolling 11 dice (+6 for 6m) to bind it. If successful, it is bound either to be loyal for a year and a day, or to a task for as long as that task lasts. On a failed binding roll, or the end of the binding, the elemental dissipates into nothingness.
                        Spirit-Detecting Mirror Technique (4m; Reflexive; One Scene; Air, Balanced): Whispers can see reflections of dematerialized characters in the surface of a mirror or other reflective surface she is touching. This reduces the penalty on actions targeting the dematerialized character from -3 to -1. Generally, this will be her shield, which is kept polished for this purpose.
                        Spirit-Grounding Shout (3m; Supplemental; Instant; Air, Balanced, Uniform): A supplemented attack, made with any ability may target a dematerialized character. Without a way to see the character, this attack takes a -3 penalty, usually lowered by Spirit-Detecting Mirror Technique to -1. The cost of this charm is lowered by one every time Whispers uses it, cumulative until reset by going a round without attacking the same character.

                        Combat Tactics
                        Before the fight, cast Invulnerable Skin of Bronze and Virtuous Guardian of Flame.
                        Try to start the fight surrounded by flames. Best case you can light the building on fire before the fight. Middling case you fight near enough lanterns and torches to fuel at least one spell, or near a fire elemental. Worst case you have to set the building on fire during the fight.
                        Attack people with a wrackstaff, using Flight of the Brilliant Raptor and Mists of Eventide to deal with grouped and distant enemies (and also just as attacks. +9 decisive damage is good). Try to avoid hitting allies with them, but you yourself can survive in them fairly well (Hold your breath and use Invulnerable Skin of Bronze to survive in Mists of Eventide, use Fire Protection Technique to survive in the bonfire created by FotBR). Try to stay at high temporary willpower to keep Flight of the Brilliant Raptor strong. If the enemy stays at range, or you have
                        If you have a poorly armored ally, try to protect them with Flame Warden Stance. Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, plus heavy armor, high stamina, and a good parry make you well equipped to take hit. Depending on how you rule chain Defend Other works Virtuous Guardian of Flame is also improving your defense. (Personally, I’d have it protect you from direct attacks, but not influence what happens when you try to protect the ward).
                        You should generally stay in Fire aura – the melee excellency or Flame Warden Stance will let you enter this, FWS benefits from it, and only an off-element (Element) Protection Technique forces you out of it


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                          So I know this is kinda late but I was on vacation all last week with no computer. I may add some more to her later but here are the basic stats:
                          Overview: Master of Wolves and Archer

                          Essence: 2; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 8 dice (+4 for 4m)
                          Personal: 13, Peripheral: 31 (27)
                          Health Levels: 0/−1x6/−2x6/−4/Incap
                          Actions: Animal Mastery: 9 dice (+3 successes for 6m) Read Intentions: 7 dice; Senses: 9 dice (+5 for 5m or +2 successes for 4m); Social Influence 6 dice; Resist Disease/Poison 7 dice (+2 success for 4m); Tracking: 8 dice (+2 successes for 4m); Stealth: 8 dice (+2 successes for 4m)
                          Appearance 3, Resolve 3 (+1 for 2m), Guile 1

                          Withering Attack (Unarmed): 10 dice (Damage 10)
                          Withering Attack (Longbow): 8 dice at close range, 14 dice at short range, 12 dice at medium range, 10 dice at long range (+6 for 6m, Damage 12)
                          Decisive Attack (Longbow) 10 dice (+6 for 6m, lethal)
                          Combat Movement: 8 dice (+2 successes for 4m)
                          Evasion 5 (+3 for 6m), Parry 3
                          Soak/Hardness: 8/4 (jade chain shirt, 4m attunement)

                          Defining Tie – Family (Loyalty)
                          Defining Principle – Service to the Realm will spare my people suffering
                          Major Tie – House Sesus (Fear)
                          Major Tie – Wolves (Love)
                          Minor Principle – The spirits of our ancestors give us guidance and strength.

                          Excellency Bonuses
                          Archery: ignore one point of penalty from visual obstruction such as poor lighting or smoke.
                          Athletics: rolls an additional non-Charm die for every 10
                          Resistance: Reroll 6's until they fail to appear.
                          Integrity: ignore a single point of penalty from wounds, deprivation, or poison
                          Dodge: Ignore environmental penalties to defense.

                          Offensive Charms:
                          Death from Nowhere
                          Arrow Thorn Technique
                          Life-Swelling Sap Strike
                          Spring Follows Winter
                          Defensive Charms:
                          Arbor Sentinal Technique: Archery
                          Flickering Candle Meditation: Dodge
                          Hopping Firecracker Evasion: Dodge
                          Virtuous Negation Defense: Dodge
                          Elemental Tide Endurance:Resistance
                          Mobility Charms:
                          Supple Viridian Scales:Resistance
                          Verdant Dragon's Footsteps: Athletics
                          Survival Charms:
                          Beast-Taming Aspect
                          Animal Empathy Technique
                          Mother of Beasts Mastery
                          Notes: Daneka is accompanied by 3 Wolf familiars (Ex3 pg. 562) with all latent abilities unlocked.

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                            Awesome job everybody! I'm terribly sorry for the delay - I will update the OP with your entries and figure out which thread to gather the next period's vote suggestions in by Monday. I may or may not also put up my own submission (but I'll be honest, he doesn't really seem to do the thing I want him to do, in which case I may end up scrapping the backstory and just plopping down a stat block).

                            Evocations for the demonic tattoos gained from the Pact with Mara sorcerous initiation || Pyre-Kindler (Soulsteel and Red Jade Grimscythe, Artifact 3) || Tenebrous Descent (Stormcaller's Black Jade Reaver Daiklave cousin, Artifact 5)
                            Advice for running the corebook shikari antagonists