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The Exigent of Thorn's City-Father [PEACH]

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  • The Exigent of Thorn's City-Father [PEACH]

    Soooo, my campaign's going full hog right now, and one of the prominent NPCs is a local rebel leader, with ties to the royal family. Thing is, I'm planning a heist inside the Autocrat's Palace, and it occured to me that it would be a perfect opportunity to reveal the fate of the City-Father of Thorns on the one hand, and to confirm the NPC's importance on the other - deep inside the Palace's catacombs, the City-Father still lives, despite being constantly tortured for over five years. A Sidereal has seen to it that the raiding party will have, locked in a lacquered box, what the City-Father had requested during the invasion - an Exigence.

    Near death, and unable to serve his city any more, the proud and noble god refuses to wither and die a husk of his former divinity, and thus empowers and grants the Exigence to this NPC with his dying breath, to topple the Mask and bring the pride and beauty of the city back. So, without further ado, and for your evaluation, allow me to introduce in QC format:


    Essence: 1, Willpower: 6, Join Battle: 5
    Personal Essence: 12, Peripheral Essence: 27
    Health Levels: -0/-1x2/-2x2/-4/Incap.

    Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4, Charisma 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3, Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 4

    Abilities: Awareness 2, Integrity 3 (Immaculate Faith), Linguistics 2, Melee 4 (Shields), Performance 2, Presence 3 (Thorn's pride), Resistance2, Lore 2, Socialize 2 (Military protocol), War 4 (Guerilla tactics)

    Attack (Sword and shield): 11 dice (+2 for 2m, +5 for 5m; damage 12)
    Combat Movement: 4 dice
    Evasion 2, Parry 5 (+1 for 2m, +3 for 6m)
    Soak/Hardness: 9/0 (Reinforced Buff jacket)

    Pellah is amongst the weaker Architects, and can thus only add up to (Ability+Specialty) dice to an action with her Excellency. However, is she stunts the Excellency in a way that exploits or promotes the past or present pride of Thorns, she can reduce her Excellency's cost by one mote, to a minimum of zero. Raising static values works similarly—([Ability+Specialty]/ 2, round down) is her limit, but a stunt reduces its total cost by one mote.

    Defensive Charms
    The Swiftest Duelists (3m; Reflexive; Until next turn): Thorns produced some of the greatest duelist in the Scavenger Lands, masters of impeccable fencing. Each time she blocks an attack, she gains +1 Parry until her next turn. This bonus resets if Pellah is hit by an attack, or defends using an Ability other than Melee. She may also spend 4 motes whenever she blocks an close range attack to create a Melee counterattack that occurs after the opponent’s attack result, but before damage has been rolled. This attack functions as a regular decisive attack, does not count as the Exalt’s combat action and cannot be used in response to another counterattack.
    (Writer's comment: You're going to see a great many near-ripoffs from both the Solar and DB charmset. This one is basically Solar Counterattack riding on Flame-Borne Interception. The latter felt weak enough to use, and I forced SC to ride on FBI in order to nerf it a bit via the hefty cost of keeping the entire thing up.)

    Thornguard's Dedication (3m; Reflexive; Until next turn): The last remnant of Pellah's original carrer as a Thornguard before the invasion, this Charm lets her dedicate her power to those she swore to save. Pellah can declare a Reflexive Defend Other action to protect a person in close range that is either affiliated with Thorns or has an positive Intimacy towards Thorns or herself. This Charm last until either her next turn begins, or when she and her target are no longer in close range.
    (WC: Watered-down War Lion Stance, shorter, and with a caveat on targets, meant to combine with Swiftest Duelists for swift counters)

    Social Charms
    Unrivaled beauty (5m, 1w; Simple; One scene): Thorns was the most beautiful city in the East, and it takes but a moment to let that beauty shine through. Pellah takes a minute to dust herself and realigns her clothes. For the rest of the scene, she receives a +1 bonus to Appeance, to a maximum of 5. She also receives an automatic success to all Instills roll to create an Intimacy of awe, inferiority or deference towards her.
    (I capped her Appearence to avoid shenanigans like Awakened Carnal Demiurge. There's also a strong undertone of hubris instead of carnality, the original fatal flaw of the city)

    Channeling the People's Pride (5m; Supplemental, Instant): The pride of Pellah's people is not dead yet. She may use this Charm when Persuading an individual with a positive Intimacy towards Thorns or herself. If she succeeds, the target gains the ability to channel the Intimacy once while acting towards the completion of the Persuaded task, gaining (Intimacy's strengh) non-charm dice. An individual may not have more than one instance of this ability active, and may not benefit from it again unless the task is completed.
    (This one's a bit trickier. It's a fairly hefty bonus to a single roll, on-demand, but it feels like it has enough caveats to not get abused.)

    Miscelaneous Charms
    The Greatest Artisants (5m, 1w; Simple; Instant): Thorns was famous for creating the greatest works of art and craftmanship. An item crafted in the city she touches permanently becomes of exceptional quality. If the item is a weapon, it will use the stats of an artifact weapon of the same type when she wields it during the same scene. Afterwards, it will remain an item of exceptional craftsmanship.
    (Another extra boost to combat, with interesting ramifications in other domains)

    Memories of Glory (7m, 1w; Simple; One scene): The memories of past glorie still sing in the stones of the city. While inside Thorns, Pellah can focus on a specific time or broad type of event (violence, romance, conspiracy,...) The specified time, or the most recent appropriate event replays itself in her mind in a haze of stony memories. People and events are visible as general outlines (she can see the difference between combat and murder, but cannot see the difference between friends or lovers kissing, and can never see distinctive marks of the people involved)
    (A VERY nerfed version of the Celestial Spell Shadow of the Ancient Past. Good to pick up a bit of intel, but needs legwork to make good use of.)

    Aaaaaaand here we are! A former guard, turned rebel leader, turned heart of a once-proud city, with Charms focused on defensive combat, excellence in style, beauty and leadership and quite a bit of hubris and nostalgia thrown in.
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    This is neat though the main thing I'd do differently is rather than have them solely as a representation of the Thorns-that-was and weak because of it I'd let them draw power from the new Thorns at a price.

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      I was thinking about a maybe-corruption thing... No rush on that part though, but I'll figure something.