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Primitive Charms of the First Age

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  • Primitive Charms of the First Age

    Taken from the discussion of the Gem of Immortality in the First Age in Second Edition here

    Originally posted by Stephen Lea Sheppard View Post
    (See also: “The Solar Charm set has reached its utter peak of efficiency through years of new Charm development throughout the First Age” getting effectively retconned as soon as people realized it meant Primordial War game Solars would need a shittier set.)
    Originally posted by Aquillion View Post
    That would have been hilarious, though! Immunity to Some Things Technique. Two Shadows Evasion. Hill-Crossing Leap Technique. Ready in Three Directions Stance.
    I figured it might be fun to run with it and figure out more names for less-than-fully-optimized Charms from the time of the Primordial War. Here is what I got for Solar Melee (I'm using third Edition as a base, but feel free to use whatever you want):

    Pretty Good Strike
    Cinder and Pebbles Strike
    One Weapon, One Blow and a Graze
    Lily Blossom Technique
    Dipping Albatross Defense
    Fence Stance
    Altercation Lion Stance
    Guard-Bending Technique
    Sunbeam Counterattack
    Shout for the Blade
    Summoning the Steel
    Rising Sun Hack
    Dragonfly Blade
    Iron Turbulence Attack
    Fivefold Fence Stance
    Wordly Guardian Defense
    Hail-Breaking Practice
    Calm or Ready Focus
    Firm Guardian Posture
    Ready in Three Directions Stance
    Notable Solar Saber
    Stone Raptor Technique
    Duststorm-Wind Attack
    Edge of Late Afternoon Sunlight
    Foe-Cutting Focus
    Peckish Tiger Technique
    Hard-to-Beat Fury of the Dawn
    Almost flawless Strike Discipline
    Shinning Edge of Dawn
    Heated Blow
    Over-and-Kind-of-at-an-Angle Method
    Long-Lived Blade Triumphant
    Wreath of Radiance
    Unblunted Light of Judgement Stance
    Bright Solar Bolt
    Sky Sword Flash
    Semi-Circle of Bright Reaving
    Protection of Celestial Joy

    Well, some of them ended up not very funny, feel free to offer alternatives if you want.
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    As Fast As Self Technique
    Even Wreath (Against a Guy Stance)
    Armed or Ready Discipline
    Blade-Receiving Body Technique
    One with One Force


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      Mostly Flawless Brush Discipline
      Wyld-Inconveniencing Prana
      Assailable Guardian Defence
      Adequate Friend Approach
      Countenance of Sizeable Wrath
      Battle Annoyance Focus
      Caracal Warrior Training Technique

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        Wyld-Decorating Art

        The predecessor to Wyld-Shaping Technique, from before they knew how to make it less like the Wyld


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          Wyld Cauldron Apprenticeship

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            Boyfriend Seducing Demon Dance.

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              Hundred Courtesan Ways
              Decent Knowledge of Small Manners
              Listener-Amusing Argument
              Adequate Battle Knowledge Prana
              Kitten-Warrior Training Technique
              Reschedule the Apocalypse
              Watchman’s Fallible Eye
              Blurry Statue Spirit
              Unimpeachable Discourse Technique


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                Demon-Irritating Yelp

                The adorjan charm created when Adrian's fetich was first injured in the final battle.

                Followed by such charms as
                Tenfold Breeze Hand
                Jogging to Tomorrow
                Manslaughter is Bread
                Slightly Impeded Mediocrity of Exertion
                About As Fast As Sight
                Mean, Irksome Sounds
                Ineloquence in Charades

                Turns out fetich-death birthed yozi don't actually have very powerful charms or personalities by default.
                Over the course of the first age, her akuma flanderized her into something legitimately threatening and crazy.


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                  One Time, a Horse Glided Approach

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                    Sprain-Rectifying Method
                    Sniffle-Dabbing Incitation
                    Hand-Washing Meditation
                    Reasonable Diagnosis Technique
                    Hayfever-Curing Touch
                    Wound-Inflicting Strike
                    Touch of Take Two Asprin and Call Me in the Morning
                    Mostness-Restoring Meditation
                    Master Barber Meditation
                    Healer's Erring Hands
                    Perfect Celestial Nurse Practioner


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                      Call the moderately faithful steel
                      Pretty good solar saber

                      (Not sure if this is weaker or antithesis) Frequently assaulted guardian stance.


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                        War God Roommate
                        Gang of Bronze Preparation
                        Spirit Outlining Glance
                        Ghost Licking Technique
                        Rudeness-Establishing Outburst
                        Durability of Sapling Meditation
                        Bronze Flakes Concentration
                        Flint Skin Technique


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                          Slightly Wiser Arrow
                          Disoncerning Apparition of Adequacy
                          Princely Glowing Presence
                          Housecat's Scary Symmetry
                          Not-Clumsy Pigeon Stance
                          Sight Without Eyeglasses


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                            Placing Stride Discipline
                            Dropped Platter Attack Prana
                            Glorious Solar Tableware
                            Green Swabber Method
                            Flotsam-Clinging Stamina


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                              Craftsman needs some tools.
                              Wyld Scaffolding Technique
                              Countenence of Wrath
                              Notable Captain's Signature.