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"What does this actually look like?" Ideas for how the mechanics look in game

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  • "What does this actually look like?" Ideas for how the mechanics look in game

    So, while working on an Exalted side project before i get my own game going, I stumbled onto an awkward concept that took me some time to mull over and figure out how to make the odd idea of it work for me logically as the ST for my game. I want others to post anything they had to figure out how to describe to translate mechanics into the game itself. My example consists of the following:

    Craft (Artifact) requires Lore 3, Occult 3, and another Craft at 4 all combined to make an Artifact. But how would anyone learn the low levels of Craft (Artifact) in the first place? What would that training time actually consist of? Well, the answer for me is that it almost entirely consists of the proper handling and use of exotic components and the magical materials. So many of these things are plot level fragile but are so strangely rare that any such items would be worth their own courses of study. I see the lesser of Craft X and Craft Artifact for making an Artifact relying on both the actual skill of the crafter in their original field as well as their ability to apply all of the supernatural ingredients together to forge the weapon/armor/whatever into the right way.

    This could also lead to better options for evocation design or fun failures on projects you don't hit the success rate on. Just like other large scale projects, how you fail becomes for intriguing than what you failed at. If you were only 5 successes from finishing the daiklave, say its done, but the harmony of its orichalcum and soulsteel base makes it rip open little shadowland tears when you pour too much juice into it (as a free evocation power of course)

    So what has anyone else described in game to make sense of Creation or beyond?

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    Mundane withering smash attacks that radically reposition a target without necessarily, strictly needing to touch the target.

    If the attack drops someone on their ass, it was because they parried or dodged sufficiently to avoid real harm, but badly enough that they lost their balance and fell.

    If the attack pushes someone out into the adjacent range band, it was because they they parried or dodged sufficiently to roll with the force of the attack, letting it push them away without serious harm.

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      Originally posted by Cryo-Seraph View Post
      Craft (Artifact) requires Lore 3, Occult 3, and another Craft at 4 all combined to make an Artifact. But how would anyone learn the low levels of Craft (Artifact) in the first place? What would that training time actually consist of?
      Combining the Lore, Occult, and Craft training, by experimenting with magical or exotic materials, and crafting mundane items while imagining how to adapt the techniques, and such. Spending time studying an artefact, recalling seeing one in action, or ruminating on legends surounding a famous one.
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        Well, you can't go very far in Creation without smacking into some kind of ruined wonder. There are even some lands explicitly named for the sheer amount of scavenging that goes on there! You might not be able to find intact artifacts (that haven't been looted) but you might find enough pieces to poke at and extrapolate from.

        If you're lucky, you could find a Lorestone or a Solar Seal'd manual written by your past self. I mean, your First Age incarnation was a genius, right? Possibly with the "paranoid" and "mad" descriptors? It's hardly unthinkable you'd lock away the secrets of your best toys in case somebody offed you.

        You could also arrange to be taught by a supernatural being that knows Craft (Artifact). such as a Shogunate-era ghost. the Haslanti God of Artificial Flight, or Alveua.


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          Volfur's solo story in Ex3 Core is a somewhat extended Join Battle stunt.

          Withering combat is usually similar to watching the A-Team. Could be any show from that era, but I like humming the theme song. Anyway, despite all the gunplay (and/or pumpkin launcher play) nobody winds up dead. Truly dangerous things are going on, but you're OK as long as you can still dodge and run around. When the A-Team has you cornered, the fight is over -- you're crashed! I pity the fool who don't surrender at that point.

          A lot of good-ol' kung fu maps nicely into Exalted, but Master of the Iron Skin stood out to me recently. The Master had a ridiculous amount of soak, and nobody could hurt him, even when they thought they'd found his weak spot. Eventually, the hero and his allies discover the Iron Fist that can penetrate the soak and damage the Master - buying the "Charm" to turn the tide of the next fight. They manage to wither the Master down with Iron Fist attacks, until he can no longer *ahem* conceal his weak spot, then the decisive attack finishes the job. This one also comes with some helpful infographics (in a 1970's kung fu sense) explaining to the audience where his weak points might be - that's totally a Lore stunt to me.

          Check out Momentum Exalted!


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            This one is a little simple. Ammunition check is basically when your character takes that moment to check his supplies. A failure can be realizing his quiver is back in his tent during an ambush, or that that when she reaches for a reload to her firewand that the bandolier is empty.

            Attached to this thought, i know ammunition checks aren't used much on PCs, but it would be a great way to push a trickster type opponent. Larceny powers, specialized gambits, built to force an ammo check, at penalty if well done, to help neutralize what is usually part of the danger of ranged fighting.

            And of course, a great idea for Lunars or the Stealthy of other splats. I would laugh my ass off at a Liminal going Thing from Addam's Family to snatch away some ammo pouch or a handful of arrows