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Monday Meeting 27/8/2018: Storytellers Vault and Hundred Devils

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    Originally posted by Gonzo View Post
    So... Do webcomics count as Exalted supplementary material?
    The link on the previous page did mention graphic novels.

    Simple Exigent Guidelines, a work in progress


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      Oh man, I love Odara’s origin story so much, not just as an example of the kinds of things a god might want an Exigence for but as an example of the kinds of the things the Sun will give an Exigence for. I can just imagine him telling Ash on the Wind “I know that feel, here you go.”


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        Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post

        Well we can see what the rules say when they post them. If there’s something that seems unfair or illogical we might be able to appeal it or something?
        I guess so. It's just that I'm reminded of 2013 when the raport between Onyx Path and this community was nowhere near as strong as it is now.

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          Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
          a Pirate captain who is the Chosen of a Volcano God. I think her crew have already been detailed.
          Can I just point out how good the roleplaying hints are on this one? The contents are nothing special, but the focus of it, the way it emphasizes how characters can interact with and get Odara to work with them is extremely useful. A major step forward in presentation, compared to earlier entries in the series.

          Evocations for the demonic tattoos gained from the Pact with Mara sorcerous initiation || Pyre-Kindler (Soulsteel and Red Jade Grimscythe, Artifact 3) || Tenebrous Descent (Stormcaller's Black Jade Reaver Daiklave cousin, Artifact 5)
          Advice for running the corebook shikari antagonists


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            Originally posted by Lioness View Post
            That's roughly my source of trepidation on this, that major decisions are going to be made by people who don't know what they're talking about.
            The Storytellers Vault is generally overseen by two people: Shane DeFreest on the White Wolf side, and Matt McElroy on the DriveThruRPG side.

            Matt, of course, is also Onyx Path's operations director. He may not thoroughly understand the ins and outs of Exalted the way many of you do, but as one of our major game lines, he at least understands it at about the same level as I do. I can't speak for Shane, but I wouldn't be worried insofar as Matt's concerned.

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              That's reassuring, thank you.

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                Originally posted by Sandact6 View Post

                Keyword being freely.

                I don't think he ever intended to get a profit from it.
                Definitely. It becomes a completely different thing to distribute it for money, which is not what I will do at all.

                (Honestly, I just want a better hosting solution.)


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                  Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
                  I don't believe that would be kosher, as the general Storyteller's Vault guidelines prohibit posting materials that aren't your intellectual property (and given that RO may want to put Nocturnals up there himself for not-free).
                  Normally I would absolutely agree with you, but he basically turned ownership of the project over to me. (i.e. "main editor"), with the caveat that it is only to be freely distributed. Still, I'm going to try getting in contact with him.

                  Edit: Also, I keep calling him "Remnant Oasis" when it's really "Reminiscent Oasis"
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                    Originally posted by The Hug Ninja View Post
                    The link on the previous page did mention graphic novels.
                    Wow! Sounds intersting, but I wouldn't dare to monetize my current webcomic, as it doesn't have enough quality in it and have been advancing at a glacial pace lately. However, I'm about to lose my current income source and have been contemplating the idea of producing a better webcomic or graphic stuff/supplement (like illustrating some of the cool stuff that has been mentioned in text but has not recieved a graphic interpretation) in the future. :S

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                      I hope this turns as successful as DM's Guild, which ended up having some products with insane quality. I suggest people that are interested in publicing stuff pay a visit there even if they do not play D&D and take a look for reference.


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                        I think I might make some Blood and Salt style setting books, maybe with a monster or martial art or artifact or three. Making settings and hearing how other people have incorporated them into their games has been one of my favorite parts of the whole forum white elephant thing.

                        So I'm making God-Kicking Boot, an Exalted webcomic, now. Updates on Sundays. Full-color, mediocre but slowly improving art. It's a thing.

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                          I'm looking to contribute some Adventure Modules. Depending on what my options are I'm thinking less Daughter of Nexus and more optional locations with a major plot attached to them that will work better if the players don't know what's going on in advance.

                          Think Swar is actually an Unshaped Raksha not a lost city, Gethamane with Vodak being asleep under it or the fire-blossom trees turning Chaya into a Purge movie only since they're not going to be in a location book that players are going to read while making their characters they'll be a more Storyteller friendly resource.
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                            I’m actually doing some brainstorming on a Heist Adventure myself. Largely because they tend to have a single objective that could be approached in many ways, so lots of different groups can attempt it.

                            ...Actually, creating a dedicated “Creating Adventures for Exalted” thread might be worthwhile.

                            Edit: and done!

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                              I would prefer multiple more slender books because if I'm using them as a GM, I've got them at the table, and another big hardback is a pain to use