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You're an exalted in Creation. What do you do?

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  • You're an exalted in Creation. What do you do?

    So... I've been at sufficient velocity, and the thing came up about how human rights would be a truly fascinating concept for the people there. Universal rights. Free of charge.

    You're an exalted in Creation. No canon characters. Anywhere. Any type. Essence 1.

    You have full knowledge of the setting. And any edition you choose.

    The question is, what goals would you choose? From marrying that pretty peasant girl, to taking over Creation, to boinking Venus, to playing the games of divinity.

    So... what? Like, how would act, do? And use the power?

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    When you say no canon characters do you mean we can't be them, we don't know where they are or have any real easy access to them, or that none of them exist at all?

    Cause I admit if there are no canon characters my first priority is figuring out if there are now no-man's land because I have no clue what the heck the replacement might result in.


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      Statistically speaking, probably die horribly. That's how a lot of Exalts end up, and most natural Exalts don't have serious trouble with bringing themselves to so much as punch someone who is actively threatening them with a weapon, much less actually, say, kill a Wyld Hunt. I wouldn't make a great Exalt.


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        I'm pretty sure Accelerator means WE can't be canon characters. Otherwise the setting would be all catty-wompus and our knowledge would be useless.

        I've thought of this from the position of being dumped in creation as-is. No exaltation. Also, pre- Divine Revolution. Typically, my first goal is usually to become a sorcerer. Then make as many of my friends as possible, God-Blooded; unique powers and the like. (Who wants to be Uchiha Sauske?) Then build a town around a School-Manse where I can teach sorcery. Prepare for the DR.
        It is a fun thought game. Although this idea is based on there being a Primordial that can bring you to creation. (Autochthon)

        In this case, I'd be a Lunar. I'd gain a bunch of alternate forms. Gain the ability to become Godzilla. (because; Godzilla) Become a sorcerer. Make my friends God-Bloods. Build aforementioned town. If it is in the Age of Sorrows, I'd probably place it near the Dreaming Sea and try to unite the whole area. (against the Realm, obviously)
        Though this could change depending on how I came to be in creation. (more to think on)

        I think I'd go for either edition 2.5 or 3.0(optional). Probably 3.0(optional) just because Lunars look like they may be better and I want the optional Exalted in the world. (what should we call that? 3.0(optional), 3.1?)

        Hi, I'm Smiles With Fangs. I backed Exalted 3rd edition, but I can't make the image I have smaller so here's a kitten

        I made some Liminal Charms here I made some Evocations for Wood Dragon's Claws here I'm working on a splat for the Moonsilver Warriors here


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          As a Water Dragonblooded I'd be tempted to attempt a Subnautica - wander out into the middle of the ocean and build a lonely home on the sea floor. Maybe I'll find some interesting things to work with. Maybe nothing but rock, seaweed and the occasional nosy shark and I'd get bored. Maybe I'd get ganked by a lunar or behemoth; who knows.

          I'd need an awareness charm for perceiving in the deep sea, though, or else stick to shallow waters. Craft, Athletics, Awareness, Stealth, Survival and maybe Brawl and a bit of Medicine. Long-term goal of building really nice things, short-term goals of survival and mapping out my surroundings. Demesnes would be great finds, though maybe not immediately useful, depending on their exact nature and what skills I start with (demesne/manse/geomancy rules when?).

          Larceny's signature water charm would be nice, if kinda far out of my way. A linguistics or socialize charm for speaking clearly underwater could be helpful; I wouldn't be the only intelligent life on the sea floor, after all, even if the region is sparsely populated. Lunars, other Waterblooded and the occasional god or god-blooded come to mind.


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            I write a scroll addressed to Kejak, let him know that I have unauthorized access to a whole bunch of Creation threatening secrets and apparently a Sidereal Exaltation, that I have discovered a serious causality error, and that I request immediate extraction.

            Then I burn it and pray to Nara-O that there's somebody in the bureau with the charms to speak English.

            So I'm making God-Kicking Boot, an Exalted webcomic, now. Updates on Sundays. Full-color, mediocre but slowly improving art. It's a thing.

            The absence of a monument can, in its own way, be something of a monument also.
            -Roger Zelazny


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              Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!


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                It’s interesting to consider how it might work for an Alchemical. How exactly did my soul get to Autochthonia and either get flagged as being Heroic or reincarnated enough times in enough heroic people to qualify?

                Either way, waking up in the vats with memories from Earth and from previous Autochthonian nations would be a hell of a trip.



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                  Hide. Most probably.

                  Now, assuming Solar, if I had more courage than I do, probably avoid anything that looks like trying to engineer a modern day society, out of general suspicion for large scale social engineering (so proclamations of universal human rights that aren't even well accepted by the mass of WEIRD country 21st centurians, and a bit dubious to apply in a practical sense, backed up by my armies, are out!).

                  Settle for trying to emulate the lives of great moral and intellectual teachers and great artists that lived in pre-20th century, pre-Great Enrichment societies and who moved their societies forward without every taking power in any way. That's Shakespeare, Hokusai, Master Kong, etc. - people who I tend to see as living pretty meaningful lives that ultimately changed how their societies and all humanity sees humanity and the world for the better, in general. Steal and appropriate liberally from actual existing Earth art and intellectual traditions to do so, even 20th century ones.

                  Probably try smuggle a lot of historical economics / cliodynamic insights and some basic classical economics (Smith, Ricardo) into what I do to try and push forward social development on a wide scale (in a creepy psychohistorian kind of way), without actually explicitly trying to reshape society in ways that involve taking power and authority and then coercion or indoctrination.

                  Where I'm interested in spreading inventions, focus on spreading the two "greats" that Creation seems to maybe lack and which are clearly as technically possible in Creation (as crossbows!) - paper (at least in some regions) and the Gutenberg metal moveable type screw printing press (everywhere?). Contributing individually is great, but I'd gamble having the mass of mortals gain more literacy, more ability to express their thoughts and form this culture of applied arts and sciences will do more for human welfare than any single great Exalt. Probably introducing better systems of basic arithmetic, place notation, etc. could do a lot. (Salina thought big on helping mortals, but perhaps let's start small with basic literacy and numeracy and getting most people out of the Malthusian subsistence farmer business, before we think about Solar Sorcery?)

                  Assuming I've got the Exaltation enhanced skills to do this! Eclipse or Twilight are about the only Solar Exalted I'd be close to seeing as reasonably desirable to be.

                  (Other Exalted types, something like the above, but more constrained by the lesser scale of their abilities, and the need to do what keeps happy faction bosses who are orders of magnitude more ruthless and charismatic than I can ever imagine myself.)

                  Generally, invest a lot in defensive and running away skills that keep me from dying despite being a horrible coward. Probably die, nonetheless, from attracting bad attention from every other kind of Exalted that would nevertheless see me as a threat. I'd make a pretty horrible actual kung fu demigod!

                  Hmm.... to be honest now I think about it, a me that would Exaltable in Creation is sufficiently different from me that it's a hard question to answer. Even the above is based on probably an *very* unrealistically idealised version of my self conception and knowledge base, and really more of a "How could someone from Earth best make the Age of Sorrows Creation a better place, if they had the power of a Solar Exalt?", leaning heavily on what is unambiguously possible (and not subject to "Oh, steam power / electricity just doesn't work in Creation I'm afraid!"), rather than anything too linked to my actual knowledge base and skills as a person.


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                    I'd probably want to be a Solar Exalt, though I suppose a Sidereal or possibly even a Lunar would be pretty cool too. If I had full knowledge of the setting, I think my goal would be to cure the Great Curse because that's kind of the root of a whole lot of problems for a whole lot of people. So I'd learn Stealth and Athletics Charms ASAP so I could hopefully avoid getting ganked - if your enemies can't find you or catch you, then they probably can't kill you.

                    After that I'd try to make contact with the Gold Faction and then try to explain to Ayesha Ura what was going on. She's fairly focused on her goals but I think she'd also be able to see the bigger picture and realize how important getting rid of Limit Break would be if she wants to rebuild the First Age or make something better.


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                      So if its me but Exalted (Solar, Lunar, or DB would all be fine), that should include the above average stats to make ir by without too much trouble to start. If i went Lunar I'd probably get lost collecting animal forms for a few years, if Solar or DB, getting a nice posse of friends/flunkies and keeping my little corner of Creation safe would be nice. Probably challenged often, but nice.

                      I do know with in world knowledge, i would go very heavy on defenses of every sort. Just too much out there that can kill you


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                        I'd go for a No-Moon Lunar and, after getting Sorcery from the person who tattooed me, I'd prolly go and try to start a sanitary movement somewhere or find a city that had one and then go work as a craftsman and creator of minor wonders, while I experimented with seeing which parts of my engineering background actually made sense in Creation. Most of the "Minor Life Improvement" artifacts are rank 2 or 3 and similar "Life Improvement" Workings should be on the terrestrial scale, so, as long as I can get my hands on Jade through my business, it shouldn't be too hard to build a big Winterbreath Jar, Thousand Comforts Lounge, summon some elementals for housework and air conditioning/heating, and so on.

                        Starting a printing company would be a good idea too, because I'm going to get hungry for books. I know the Realm has wood block printing, so it shouldn't be too hard to upgrade that to full moveable type printing. Well, or summon some Cannibal Bureaucrat Demons to take dictation and serve as living printing presses, though feeding them might be an issue (since they eat books and paperwork).

                        I suppose a Twilight Solar would work too, but I like shapeshifting and, if I screw up and a Wyld Hunt comes after me, I think it's easier for a Lunar to escape them. If they have any prior warning.



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                          Creation is an extremely dangerous place. If it looks anything like 2e mechanics, I look to get my ability to defend myself cheaply and reliably up quickly. If 3e... I both have more leeway there, and less surety, which means I probably go for the second step directly: oddly, a social build with a secondary in crafts/sciences. I then seek somewhere on the hinterlands, away from Realm and Immaculate influence, and help the folks there build up against the dangers of being isolated humans in the middle of Nowhere, Creation. And seek to gain allies. Not mind-slaves, not ridiculously loyal followers spreading my will...just people who know and trust me, and who would not care if it came out that I was "Anathema." This will be crucial to developing my defenses against eventual Immaculate discovery and Wyld Hunts.

                          From there, my goal would be development of tech that mortals could use and maintain, as well as creature comforts for myself. I do want wealth and power, but I want it to its build. My predillections probably attract a Twilight Exaltation, though I wouldn't turn down any and Eclipse is one of my favorite.

                          I probably work to drive up my Integrity, too, because I could always use more of a work ethic.


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                            I assume that "being an Exalt" also means I have the body and mind of someone who WOULD Exalt. Otherwise I'm a clueless rube wandering about with godlike power until the Wyld Hunt smokes me,

                            But, those conditions met? Bureaucracy Supernal Eclipse, please. I don't even have to show up to end slavery and stop wars, I just have to know which organization is doing what kind of evil (which I do - I have full knowledge of the setting) and throw Foul Air of Argument and Indolent Official Charm at 'em until they can't.

                            My other hobbies include Occult, Presence, Awareness, Investigation and Lore. My control spell is Infallible Messenger, but I also have Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares, and Demon of the First Circle.

                            I'm unfucking this world from the comfort of my hidden First Age manse under Charioscuro (because again, full knowledge of the setting). Step one is informing The Guild that supernatural sabotage will continue until their morals improve.

                            I don't need to establish a Creation-spanning organization devoted to feeding the hungry, educating the ignorant and giving charity to the destitute, I just need to reform and guide the one that's already there.


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                              Originally posted by Wise Old Guru View Post
                              I write a scroll addressed to Kejak, let him know that I have unauthorized access to a whole bunch of Creation threatening secrets and apparently a Sidereal Exaltation, that I have discovered a serious causality error, and that I request immediate extraction.

                              Then I burn it and pray to Nara-O that there's somebody in the bureau with the charms to speak English.
                              If you Exalt as a Sidereal, they'll come to collect you, since they'll have been tracking you for long before your actual moment of exaltation (although that brings up the issue that it's not really possible to be an Isekai Sidereal barring some weird shenanigans, since you were born outside of fate and therefore can't be fated to Exalt from birth - IIRC Autochthonians can never be Sidereals, for similar reasons, while Lunars and Solars can start appearing there as soon as the seal is open. Of course, if someone was writing rules for Exalted Isekai stories they'd probably come up with a loophole to allow Sidereals somehow.)

                              But regardless, yes, my first step would probably be to direct prayers to several deities trying to inform them of important things I know about the setting (the Great Curse, the Infernal Exalted, the crisis in Autochthonia and the potential that it will contact Creation soon, etc.)