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    Originally posted by WarDragon View Post
    I am firmly of the opinion that Regent Fokuf is actually an Eclipse caste trying to subtly reform the Realm by making minute changes to laws and playing his would-be puppeteers against each other. He is almost completely incompetent at fighting, relying primarily on his camouflage of Obfuscating Stupidity, but does have First Age memories of a Celestial Martial Art that lets one be somewhat effective while making all onlookers mistake the user for a very lucky coward. He is aided and abetted by his Sidereal minder, who is nominally Bronze but really just wants to keep Creation from self-destructing, and keeps various eyes off him.
    I've given this some thought, and while I'm not a huge fan of WarDragon's idea, it is surprisingly buildable in the new edition, as I'll demonstrate in this thread.

    Tepet Fulvous Fokuf, Eclipse Caste
    There was once a boy called Fulvous; a patrician in the Imperial City, he worked as a clerk in the business offices of an especially wicked Dragon-Blooded scion, to whom corruption was as water to a fish. Under him, Fulvous learned quickly to be two-faced.
    One momentous evening, he broke into a rival Dynast's office and set fire to a number of documents prior to an audit to take place the next day by the Thousand Scales; these documents were not damning evidence, but by setting fire to them, it made it look as though the Dynast had something to hide. It would have led to much approval and praise from Fulvous' boss, save that the Unconquered Sun chose that moment to reward his daring.
    Fulvous escaped the scene with the aid of a Gold Faction Sidereal, who led him far from the eyes of the Wyld Hunt. From there he was quietly taught more about the nature of his Exaltation and of his power. Fulvous was uncomfortable with his handler, however, never quite feeling that he could trust him; one morning, he slipped away.
    Fulvous returned to the Blessed Isle, quietly slipping into the life of a vacationing Tepet Dynast, one who would never return to the Blessed Isle, and has since been raised into prominence as regent for the Empire in the Empress' absence.

    Essence 2, Willpower 5

    Defining Principle: I won't let these spoiled Dynast assholes pull this empire apart!
    Defining Principle: No one can know who I really am.
    Defining Tie: Sifu (Love)
    ​Major Principle: The Scarlet Dynasty can, [I]must[I] be improved on.
    Major Tie: Exalted (Cynical Mistrust)

    Strength 1, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
    Charisma 3, Manipulation 5, Appearance 1
    Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 5

    Awareness •••
    (F) Brawl •
    (C) Bureaucracy •••••
    Dodge ••• (Unarmored)
    (F) Integrity ••• (Dynasts)
    (F) Investigation ••
    (C) Larceny •••
    (C) Linguistics •
    Lore (Dynastic Education) ••
    (F) Martial Arts (Black Claw Style) •••••
    (C) Presence •••
    (F) Resistance •• (Endurance)
    Ride •
    (S) Socialize ••••• (Playing the Fool)
    (F) Stealth ••

    Allies (Sidereal) •••••: Fokuf has convinced a Sidereal from the Bronze Faction that he's better than an empty throne. We'll see if he turns out to be right.
    Influence (The Scarlet Dynasty) •••••: Fokuf may not be Empress, but he's the next best thing.
    Backing (The Scarlet Dynasty) ••••: See above.
    Resources •••••: As Regent of the most powerful empire in Creation, Fokuf commands a not-insignificant amount of wealth.

    Black Claw Style
    Open Palm Caress
    Torn Lotus Defense
    Flexing the Emerald Claw
    Black Claw Form
    Doe Eyes Defense

    Deft Official's Way
    Speed the Wheels
    Indolent Official Charm

    Stubborn Boar Defense

    Watchman's Infallible Eye

    Seasoned Criminal Method
    Spurious Presence

    Harmonious Presence Meditation
    Listener-Swaying Argument

    Motive-Discerning Technique
    Shadow Over Day
    Guided Thoughts Meditation
    Easily-Discarded Presence Method
    Penumbra Self Meditation
    Inverted Ego Mask

    Dice Pools
    Withering Attack (Unarmed): Accuracy 13, Damage 8
    Decisive Attack (Unarmed): Accuracy 9
    Join Battle: 8
    Rush: 4
    Disengage: 7
    Soak: 2 (Unarmored)
    Parry 5, Evasion 4

    Health Levels
    -0 [ ]
    -1 [ ][ ]
    -2 [ ][ ]
    -4 [ ]
    -I [ ]

    Resolve 4, Guile 8 (via Guarded Thoughts Meditation)

    Bonus Points
    3 BP to raise Presence 0->3
    4 BP to raise MA 1->5
    3 BP to raise Bur 2->5
    2 BP to raise Soc 3->5
    1 BP to raise Lar 1->2
    5 BP to buy Allies 5
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    I kinda like this idea. I imagine he may begin requesting Wyld Hunts bring back certain Anathema alive for him to "interrogate"

    How is he throwing off the Sidereals though?


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      Originally posted by vampire hunter D View Post
      How is he throwing off the Sidereals though?
      His Sidereal ally is covering for him.


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        Oh, didnt read all of it. Sorry


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          (When your trolling game is on point.)