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Exalted 30 Day Art Challenge!

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  • Exalted 30 Day Art Challenge!

    There are so many great Dungeons & Dragons-themed art challenges out there that I decided that Exalted needed one of its own as well! Feel free to interpret these topics as loosely as you like or replace topics that don’t vogue with your favorite edition or subject matter.

    • Tag your art with #ExaltedArtChallenge or Exalted Art Challenge (if spaces are allowed in your tags) as well so others can easily find your work!
    • I’d love to see and share what you all do, so feel free to tag me on Twitter and Tumblr as @theuncrucified !
    Want to help spread this challenge to the interwebs? Share, RT, re-blog, etc. the following links:Many thanks go out to the Exalted Discord server who helped me brainstorm for these topics and the Exalted artists and creators Discord server who helped me refine this further.
    Have fun and make all the cool Exalted things!

    My Exalted Art | My Exalted Fanfiction