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2ed: Mortal Attune and Essence Commitment ?

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  • 2ed: Mortal Attune and Essence Commitment ?

    Greetings, I come with a doubt about a very vaguely explained rule.
    Mortals with the Enlightened Essence Blight, are capable of doing everything others with essence can, including attune to artifacts. But, the rule of this blight also says that mortals can only use freely a third of their motes. So my question is, can a mortal spend willpower and attune to an artifact with more than 3 motes ? Is that ever described somewhere, or it wasn't intended like that ?
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    Yeah, I think they can do that.

    I think the WP cost makes most sense if you consider it something you have to pay if you use more than X motes in a scene. That removes any confusing issues that crop up with mote commitments.