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    Hi folks. Collecting some of my projects over the years. I'm primary concentrating on 2E. Constructive comments are encouraged. In any case, hope I don't bore you too much.

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    5 Exalted (2e) Manses

    A project that I've been playing off and on with for years. Some are more developed than others, all are open to comments and suggestions.

    Generous Grotto (Water 1)
    Weaknesses: None
    Powers: Comfort Zone, Well-Flavored Aspect
    A beautiful undersea palace, perfect for lazily floating and enjoying life, great for the young dragonblooded looking to get away from it all. Those chosen by the owner can stay safely for as long as desired, physically Shaped so that they can breath the warm waters. Small schools of colorful fish flutter by, easily caught for a casual snack. A dim blue light radiates from pearls, enough for easy reading but also not too harsh. Relaxation is the key here.
    Notes: Not much to say here, nice summer home for the obscenely privileged.

    Arena of the Amazing Artists (Fire 2)
    Weaknesses: Maintenance 3- weekly performances
    Powers: Central Control, Glorious Halo, Sweet Whispers, Subtle Breath
    Comprised of several tiers of sloped seats and covered with a domed ceiling, allowing from huge spectaculars to smaller intimate settings, depending upon performance needs. The Arena has long been known as a place for cultural shows, far ranging from being flooded and used for displays of naval artistry to smaller bawdy comedies. Events are held at least once per week but often far more often, being negligent in this causes the special effects to degrade, which in turn causes attendance to drop. The director can call upon graphical, auditory and environmental effects to set the right mood and to enhance the experience.
    Note: The Colosseum or the Globe if they had advanced special effects and climate control. People can easily see through the experience but well.. what would be the fun in that? 1960s or 1980s could work depending on overall theme of the game.

    Civilian Habitation Colony 13 (Earth 3)
    Weaknesses: Maintenance 2- social experiments and taboos
    Powers: Immutable, Magical conveniences, Network Node, Provider
    As the Great Contagion burned across the land, millions died and the land itself fell back to Chaos. In a grasp of greed, a series of colonies were created and spaces were sold to those desperate to escape for their lives and those are their loved ones. Some of these shelters were truly built as safe holds for the future; others were social experiments, testing the limits of humanity; still more failed, the Great Contagion already inside before being sealed. For centuries, they have floated, bobbing, through potential, occasionally washing up on the shores of Creation.
    Note: A long time ago, I was playing with the idea of mixing in Earthdawn kaers, dragonblooded and mountainfolk coming back to Creation. More recently, did a deep dive into Fallout videos, fascinated by the sadism of Vault-Tech. To play with themes, Blast from the Past and/or City of Embers work well. Should probably thematically be a lower level (and thus more common) manse, but the combination of provider and immutable drives it to a 3.

    Garden of Heavenly Secrets (Sidereal 4, appears as Wood)
    Weaknesses: Maintenance 4, Fragility 1
    Powers: Bound servitor force, Geomantic subtlety, Provider, Puzzle manse, Subtle breath
    The Garden is a playground for the debauched and jaded to enjoy themselves. It is most definitely not a training ground for a secretive society, for no such organization exists. The hosts and groundskeepers are there for the pleasure of the guests, not to learn secrets from intoxicated slips of the tongue, thought they can be found anywhere and at any time. It is only through the guests enjoying themselves to excess that they are unable to find clear paths through the gardens. Pleasures of the senses and the mind can be found most everywhere, many more potent than can be found elsewhere. From time to time, the inexperienced and foolish may have the occasional accident, some survive to learn the lesson, others.. do not. It is most certainly not the blame of the humble staff that do caution of excess.
    Note: Yeah, I love the White Veil style. I've played around with this one for a while, just could never get the mechanics to work out. Making poisons and disease more dangerous without making them too dangerous is tricky. I like the idea of tying in the Virtues to resistance checks or to figuring out the puzzle, but that hurts Lunars and favors Fair folk too much. The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland is also an inspiration.

    Instrument of Divine Manufacturing (Solar 5, First Age Version)
    Weaknesses: Habitability 1, Maintenance 4
    Powers: Bound servant force, Factory cathedral, Integrated utility artifacts (Hand of the Great Maker, PSV), Living, Regeneration
    In the First Age, artifacts were commonplace, easily made and readily available. The Instrument was part of that golden era, easily creating many potent toys for its Twilight master. No task was to great, no schema too debauched, only the thrill of creation, the game of playing a god, was the motivation. The greatest challenge was in choosing which opportunity to take next.

    The Forge (Solar 3, Second Age Version)
    Weaknesses: Habitability 2, Hearth -1
    Powers: Bound Servant Force, Living, Regeneration, Workshop Manse
    Hidden deep in the Southern wilds works the greatest living daiklave forger (dragonblooded). Each one is a work of art, as near to perfection as can be found. They are highly sought after and held as family treasures. Yet, he knows that no matter how devoted he is to his craft, that his workplace is but a faint glimmer of what it once was. No matter the hardship of working in the blazing bonfire, the constant stinging vapors, the constant blaze of his elemental assistants, he is not worthy of being the true master of this place. He is but a safekeeper, until that time comes and his heart may truly see the potential of one worthy of this place.

    Note: A two for one here, I really like the idea of a personal goal in a campaign to restore this place to its former glory and the horrible danger that represents. Of course, master katana crafters were an inspiration, but it really originated with Piandao from Avatar.

    If you got this far, thank you! I'd love to hear what people think.


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      Brilliant Sapphire, Chosen of Serenity
      The Disney Princess! Okay, okay, maybe more like Bell(e)dandy!

      Original by Nardack, recolour by MicMicMickis

      Motivation: *breaks into a musical number while the villagers look at her oddly, the word job can be heard frequently with longing*

      Str 2, Dex 3, Sta 2
      Cha 4, Man 3, App 4
      Per 3, Int 4, Wits 2

      Resistance (F) 3 , Ride (F) 3, Survival 2,
      Dodge (C) 1, Linguistics (C) 2, Performance (C) 4, Socialize (C) 4
      Archery (F) 2, Presence 4
      Investigation (F) 3, Lore 3, Occult 2, Stealth 1
      Awareness 2, Bureaucracy 2, Integrity 3, Martial Arts 2, Medicine 2

      BGs: Acquaintances- a stall manager and friends 2, Ally- Mountain folk 1, Ally- 'Tramp' Lunar 1, Artifact- short power bow 2, Backing- Gold 1, Celestial Manse 1, Connections- Bureau of Humanity 1, Connections- 100 Kingdoms 2, Connections- Outlaws 1, Familiar- a small fluffy dog 2, Familiar- an above it all cat 2, Salary 1

      Virtues: Compassion 5, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 2
      Willpower 8, Essence 2 (Personal 12, Peripheral 27)

      Colleges: Ewer 2, Pillar 2, Ship's Wheel 1, Treasure Trove 1, Rising Smoke 1

      Optimistic Security Practice- opponents w/ Essence below her Compassion (5) need to spend Willpower to attack
      Ordained Bridle of Mercy- cast a lasso to find a short term animal companion
      Breaking the Wild Mortal- cast a lasso to find a short term human companion
      Adopting the Untamed Face- can communicate with a single animal
      First Performance Excellency- Yes, you can sing. We all know it. Stop. Please stop. Can buy more dice
      Second Socialize Excellency- Can buy successes
      Heart-Brightening Presentation Style- pay a surcharge to use any Excellency with social abilities
      Perfection of Life- Can perform to bless them with the feeling that they are where they should be.
      Song of Spirit Persuasion- sing to make friends with spirits
      Generalized Ammunition Technique- can turn anything into an arrow, like roses
      Auspicious Prospects for Serenity- tell whom fate wishes to have joy, and how to achieve it
      Compassion Essence Replenishment- act compassionate to regain fuel

      Overall, a fun little attempt to make a Disney princess style Sidereal.


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        The first age manse looks a little feeble to be a first age solar manse. In 2ed with the invisible fortress, it was made clear that the first age solars had construction magics much more powerful and thus could make extremely powerful manses, the invisible fortress, a 5 dot solar manse, had more than 50 points in features ( a manse designed by many solars included Kal Bax who was one of the best manse designers ) . So, with first age manses, you can really go all out.


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          Thank you for taking a look.

          I had been thinking of the invisible fortress as a legendary manse but you're right, the same rules don't quite apply. I've been giving some thought on how to expand on that idea. I think that it's certainly specialized enough so now I need to look at ways of widening the concept. Maybe more in the way of user experience and tricks to improve the overall look and feel of the manse.

          One of the nice things about the deeper concept of the manse is that I'm not just designing it for the First Age, I'm also taking a look at what the ruins look like in the Second.