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    Originally posted by Elfive View Post
    That'a about the only thing that would work though, so unless the dragonbloods have gods or bound demons scanning for anathema you're good.
    Less that DBs "have gods… scanning for Anathema," more that a person who looks or acts funny might draw the attention of an immaterial spirit, especially if their actions falls under his purview. The Immaculate Order's presence on the Isle is strong enough for even a god to pay lip service to it, especially if they might give him a festival day this year if he helps them catch some Anathema.

    I particularly would keep an eye out for PCs committing any murders; Bloody Hands are so much fun.
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      Alright so last session my players worked it out. They sent just the eclipse into Yu Shan while the rest of the PCs bunkered down in House Tepet.

      The PC in the north called on his warstrider to break through the barbarians sent to stop him from the Bull of the North and fled into Llinowan where he met with Queen Arkasi and agreed to help defend Llinowan against Halta and the Bull.

      The Eclipse PC found the loom and realized it was unstealable. He did spy on some sidereals and discovered the existence of the bronze faction before escaping yu shan.

      The other PCs worked with house Tepet to try and get another expedition to go North and Stop the Bull in Llinowan.

      No one got murdered and no one flared anima so they stayed mostly under the radar.

      I have three weeks until next session and it will be after six months of downtime. The players have regrouped in Llinowan and are preparing to face off against the Bull of the North as he faces llinowan. Meanwhile House Tepet has persuaded houes Peleps to send a legion with their legion in a last ditch effort to stop the Bull after the Bull did so much damage to the Imperial City slums. However A wyld Hunt has been put together to find the PCs and the sidereals believe they are in the north, so a wyld hunt has attached itself to the expedition to the north.

      My plans for next session will probably be a big battle with the bull. The Realm forces will arrive sometime during the battle which might even the odds. However the players will find themselves the target of a wyld hunt from those who are ostenibly their allies.

      Right now I am doing tallies of the forces for each army. I need to stat up the Bull's circle for 3e.