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Exercise in Plot Ideas: Describe a popular movie in terms of a Exalted campaign idea

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    Originally posted by Blackwell View Post
    Between campaigns, the Storyteller and the one powergamer in the group decide to run a one-shot solo adventure to stretch out the DB combat charms. Needing just enough setting and plot to add stunts to their whiteroom, they settle on a Fire Outcaste assassin, retired to a villa in the threshold, when suddenly some local mobster types rob the place and kill his dog.
    John Wick, I believe?

    Currently Playing: A large, mixed splat game of CofD. As: Seth; Inept shaman, Wildlife studies major, Recently changed Irraka. Probably the most fun I've had putting my own character through so much.


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      A travelling family of merchants arrives accidentally to a Raksha Freehold. The parents are cursed, and the daughter is forced to become a slave and a servant for her new Lady, a powerful and respected Raksha, whose Freehold is a popular pleasure and trading center, visited even by gods and free demons. The girl works against the Raksha, with enmity/alliance of a powerful Elemental who also became a slave of the Fae. Finally, through cleverness, she frees herself, her parents, and the rest of the Freehold.

      It was a pretty cool solo mini-campaign.


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        Spirited Away