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Strange thought about Dragon-blooded and Progenitive Essence

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    so... DB monks are charged for maximum nut. Oh gods hilarious

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      Originally posted by Simon Darkstep View Post
      Nunsploitation is almost worth allowing PE in my game. Almost.
      But if you ban progenitive essence then no one’s kids will Exalt.


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        Originally posted by Sith_Happens View Post

        But if you ban progenitive essence then no one’s kids will Exalt.
        I admit I don't even see the conflict between one concept and the story Simon's telling, but I admit, it does an admirable job of putting a stop to DB baby factory farming before it starts.

        I also admit that I agree with the "most monks are outcaste, so it's not an objectively sound plan... but there is certainly porn that rolls with the idea in the Realm."


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          A little necromancy because I have little interest in making this a new topic.

          I think Progenive Essence suffers from being a relatively new concept that people have not really had chance to play around with yet, so its easier to reject outright than work around. Also from a storytelling perspective I can see why people might want an unethical way of creating a lot more Dragon-Blooded without advocating it.

          The Dragon-Blooded 'breeding farm' suffers from the fact that its not a particularly clever plan in the grand scheme of things, particularly when its success is somewhat rooted in the notion that nobody has really thought of it before.


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            Well we have some early scratching around the concept of Progenive Essence before it was named such. Most notably Tepet Leseral (Exalted: the Dragon-Blooded pg 117) who was pushing her body beyond its normal capacity to have children until she died of old age at 102. If the civil war wasn't so imminent I could see House Tepet looking into trying to recreate her 'success' in order to replenish their numbers.

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