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What if the Usurpation Banished all Exalted?

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    What do people think of a scenario in which the end of the Exalted (and bare survival of the world after major Fae attack?) creates even more of a "magic goes away" scenario? Terrestrial gods widely go more subtle and into the background, Celestials cloister themselves in Yu-Shan (with machinations to generate worship being more indirect), and most of humanity forgets or disbelieves that most of this stuff ever existed.

    Might still need an overriding political tension... Perhaps unification of the Blessed Isle, and ensuing expansionism, only happened in the last couple centuries, and they're starting to rub up against more established, but conderate, powers in the River Province and Southeast, threatening devastating war?

    Hmm, that kind of requires weapons sufficient to be devastating... recent excavation of some powerful First Age Artifice? Maybe such archaeology is what uncovers the Celestial Exalted? The Dragon Blooded... perhaps societies that had uncovered old records and believed in their knowledge orchestrated the matchmaking of Dragon Blooded descendants over the course of decades to revitalise some bloodlines enough for Exalted to spring up.

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