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    Originally posted by BadassOverlord View Post
    I had a Dawn caste melee-supernal player get his ass whooped not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES by the same Wood-aspect veteran shikari. The last of these instances was fatal. After a while the party, made up entirely of Solars, was terrified of this guy and that made me so happy.

    I'm on a phone right now but I might write a full post with the whole story later if people are interested.
    yes please


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      In 2e, my circle had an essence 4 Solar Hero Dawn caste get his butt whooped by a starting level Fire Aspect DB magistrate.

      Long story short, as a wise McNinja once observed, they can't punch you if you're on fire.


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        Originally posted by Fiikragg View Post

        yes please
        You asked for it, so huge post incoming.

        So the party of Solars were all chilling one late afternoon at a bazaar in Chiaroscuro when FOOM! a huge pillar of silver light appeared out of nowhere. They rushed over to find a surprisingly well-prepared Wyld Hunt (a Fire Aspect with a skycutter, an Air Aspect spearwoman and a large, fully armored Wood Aspect) setting upon a newly exalted Lunar; just a teenage boy. The Fire Aspect (who was kind of a psycho and didn't care about collateral damage) set fire to a large swathe of the street, cutting off the anathema's retreat, while the lead shikari (the aformentioned veteran Wood Aspect wearing green jade full plate) lead a battlegroup of soldiers to close in and finish the deal.

        The Dawn player decided to heroically leap over the flames to engage the shikari in close combat. The Wood Aspect calmly grabbed him, lifted him over his head, and tossed him into the fire (crashing him in the process and going to 20+ initiative). The Dawn lost a few health levels to the fire, got to his feet and rushed back towards him to try again. The Dragon-Blooded grappled him again, lifted him overhead and broke his spine over his knee, Bane style. The Dawn's player had to take a crippling injury to survive, and was only saved from certain death-by-dragon by the Eclipse jumping in and pulling a Johnny Cage nut-shot enhanced with Flexing the Emerald Claw, crashing the DB and breaking the grapple, and then the Twilight walking calmly through the blaze (immune to fire 'cause sorcery), punting him away with their huge-ass artifact hammer, tossing the still-screaming Dawn over his shoulder and hightailing it out of there.

        Few sessions later, the party is hiding out in the Twilight's manse out in the desert (the Dawn got his spine fixed in like a day, hurray for Solar medicine charms). They decide that they want to go to the Tri-Khan's palace to talk to him, but they know from the Eclipse's scouting that there are wanted posters with their faces on them and that they are expected (since they fought in a public place with animas flaring all over the place). The Eclipse offers to Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise all of them up and everyone agrees except the Dawn, partly because he's Lawful Stupid and partly because he doesn't like the Eclipse touching him (that's what she gets for being a demon-worshipping Black Claw stylist sorceress). So they all head into the city, the Dawn undisguised and with his orichalcum chainmail and daiklave in full display. People start noticing him straight away and clearing the streets, rushing into their homes and closing the blinders western showdown style. The rest of the party can recognize trouble coming and skedaddle.

        Not a few minutes later the shikari shows up alongside 3/4 of the city guard: rows of spearmen cordoning off the street on either side and archers and fusiliers on every available square inch of rooftop. The Dawn walks cockily up to the stage and shouts out a challenge to the shikari to fight him one on one. The Wood Aspect spends one willpower point and says 'lol nope' before ordering the archers and fusiliers to light him up. This is immediately followed up by the two groups of spearmen slamming him from either side and engaging him so he can't move. ONLY THEN does the Dragon-Blooded jump in and proceed to beat him to a pulp. It takes until he's at -4 before the rest of the players manage to convince him that maybe he should start running. Embracing the better part of valor, he breaks out of the mosh pit of soldiers and Monkey Leaps to safety.

        There followed a solid 30 minutes of Charlie Chaplin-esque chasing through the city streets, one man weighed down by heavy armor and the other by half his organs hanging out. He finally managed to get away by heading into the haunted ruins beneath Chioaroscuro, where the shikari got swamped by hungry ghosts long enough for the Solar to lose him. Whereupon he collapsed from his injuries but was rescued and nursed back to health by the Lunar they'd saved earlier and the undead friends he made while hiding down there.

        The third encounter happened a long time later. The two Eclipse castes have been working to turn public opinion against the Realm and struck a deal with the Tri-Khan to help him remove the Realm's presence in the Chiaroscuro so they can fully secede and become independent. The Black Claw Eclipse in particular has been working at romancing and converting the Air Aspect (who wasn't all that into the 'murdering children 'cause they're the antichrist' part) by having the Zenith deliver her love letters back and forth. They also had managed to capture the crazy Fire Aspect on a previous skirmish. They were getting ready to move onto the final stage of their plan when they received a challenge from the Wyld Hunt leader: the Air Aspect had been discovered and arrested for consorting with anathema. He proposed a duel with the each of the prisoners presented as collateral. Of course, the party agreed to let the Dawn be their champion.

        So the party walked into the city, all shiny and gold and Presence Charms, and the people actually cheered for them, although those who did got beat up by the Realm-loyal soldiers. They met with the Dragon-Blooded posse in that huge molten gold expanse that exists in the middle of Chiaroscuro and faced off, and hundreds of people were there watching, including the Tri.Khan himself.
        The Wood Aspect shikari and the Dawn caste Solar squared off and exchanged some pre-battle banter before starting.

        To be fair, it was a much closer match than either one before; the Dawn even managed to crash the Dragon-Blooded at one point. The latter however kept summoning poisonous clouds of anima and grappling him so he couldn't just walk out of them; by the end of it the Solar had so much poison in his system (like 12 rounds) he was starting to turn purple. At one point the Solar borked his Decisive attack, and the shikari seized the chance, Initiative-Shifted and grappled him and like that it was over. The Solar was grappled, poisoned, mote-tapped and only had like three health levels left (don't forget Resistance and Ox-Bodies people please). That's when the Night caste, who was watching from the sidelines, decided to throw a poisoned dagger from stealth AT HER CIRLCEMATE. In front of the entirety of the city of Chiaroscuro, the sanctioned duel ended with the Solar toppling forwards and falling face-first to the floor, a dagger clearly protruding from the back of his skull. The Eclipse stepped forward and cried foul and the people fucking rioted. The Realm soldiers tried to hold them back and restore order but Performance Charms were too strong, everything went to Malfeas in a handbasket and the Wood Aspect shikari was left standing squarely in the middle of that shitshow. The circle convinced him to save whatever face he had left by just trading their prisoners and letting them leave with their fallen mate's body.

        They rescued the Eclipse's Air Aspect waifu and rode off into the sunset in a solemn procession flanked by grieving people, until they reached the desert. The Zenith cremated the Dawn and scattered his ashes in the wind. The Night never told anyone.

        Thus ended the tale of Kando the Shining, the most stupid Dawn in the entire southern direction.

        The Badass Shikari would eventually be brought down in the final battle to liberate Chiaroscuro by the concentrated efforts of the entire circle (including the replacement Dawn), but not before killing the Night caste by ripping out her throat with his bare hands.

        In loving memory of Ledaal Garel; holy warrior, mentor, and scary motherfucker.
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