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Neverwhere, the Lost Jacket (Artifact 5) (PEACH)

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  • Neverwhere, the Lost Jacket (Artifact 5) (PEACH)

    Neverwhere, the Lost Jacket (Artifact 5)

    Starmetal and Moonsilver laced artifact Buff Jacket.

    Made from skin taken from Lamas, the Sphinx that is the Riddle, 7+7i th soul of Oramus, and lined on the inside with a network of wards crafted from Starmetal and Moonsilver wire, the jacket was supposed to protect its wearer on an exploratory journey into the Realms Beyond, where Oramus holds sway.

    All that returned was the jacket and a thought-record journal that held a description of the traveler’s descent into madness.

    Attunement: 4m
    Type: Light (+5 Soak, Hardness 4, Mobility Penalty −0)
    Tags: Concealable (this jacket looks much like other Buff Jackets on the outside)
    Hearthstone slot(s): 1
    Era: Dreams of the First Age

    Evocations of the Jacket
    On attunement, reduce the difficulty of rolls to resist environmental damage or other, stranger effects induced by the environment, such as the twisting, warping nature of the Wyld, by 1. Pockets in the jacket are also arbitrarily deep, but sometimes contain weird or disturbing things in addition to what you put in.

    Protection of the Moon and Stars
    Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 1
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Scene
    Prerequisites: None
    For the remainder of the scene, the wearer may apply Neverwhere’s full Hardness rating against Environmental Hazards that do bashing damage or half of that against lethal Environmental Hazards.
    Resonant: No matter how strange the environment, the wearer may always breathe. Also, if in an environment that would normally kill the wearer in short order, she may activate this charm reflexively for five rounds of complete safe action at the cost of damaging Neverwhere and disabling the use of this charm until a repair artifact action is taken.

    Shining Footstep Advance
    Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 1
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisites: None
    This jacket, having been bathed in the strange energies from the beyond, can allow the wearer to tap into them to some degree. The most basic effect is a momentary lessening of the pull of gravity, granting the user the ability to run faster and jump higher. This grants double 9s on an athletics or dodge roll involving running or jumping.
    Using this charm in a scene causes residue from the strange energies to collect in the footsteps of the wearer, outlining them in a strangely beautiful iridescent color. These shining footsteps remain clear for 15 minutes or so, and increase the difficulty of all of her stealth rolls by 1 and grant an additional 2 non-charm dice to any attempt to track her, while the footprints last.

    Shimmering Wildflower Tread
    Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Scene
    Prerequisites: Shining Footstep Advance
    Drawing more energy through the jacket, the wearer can creates their own personal gravity. For the rest of the scene, she can walk on any surface as though it was ground, regardless of orientation, allowing her reflexive movement action to apply to travel along walls and ceilings.
    The continual channeling of strange energies into the area around the user causes otherworldly plants to spring up around her, if she remains in one place for too long. While this charm is active, if she doesn’t move around, either moving between range bands or moving inside of one, the riot of strange blossoms around her causes that spot to count as difficult terrain. All flowers quickly run to seed and then fall into dust about five minutes after they spring into being.
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  • Simon Darkstep
    Designing Evocations is most assuredly not my strong point, so commit a mote to [Grain of Salt Consideration] and read on!

    Why the downsides to Shining Footstep Advance and Shimmering Wildflower Tread ?

    Would the shimmer or otherworldly plants be useful for further Evocations?

    What sorts of environments would damage Neverwhere? More like poison gas, or more like lava?

    I'd also be interested in Evocations pulling things from the pockets.

    Very cool, though! It reminds me of a magic item I'd created in a different setting, that looked like nothing special but had enchantments for safety and escape.

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